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What to Watch Tonight: Veronica Mars & The Loop

March 15, 2006 by  

So much TV and so little time. I’m lucky to have multiple TiVos so I don’t have to ever miss any of my favorite shows, but I know some of you don’t have that luxury. Lucky for you I’m here to give you a heads up as to what you should be watching. Tonight your eyes should be tuned into Veronica Mars and The Loop.

Veronica Mars Cast

Veronica Mars (UPN, 9pm est)
Veronica Mars is finally back tonight with a brand new episode. In tonight’s ep, “Versatile Toppings”, Veronica is on the case as someone tries to blackmail the closted gay students of Neptune High. Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach guest stars.

Little background on the title of tonight’s show that I picked up during my visit to the set of Veronica Mars. Versatile Toppings is actually an inside joke (although not anymore) between creator Rob Thomas and Executive Producer Dan Etheridge. Dan had used the phrase ‘neogitable top’ but for some reason Rob kept using the phrase ‘versatile top’. As this ep developed and Rob realized that the story would involve both the gay students of Neptune High and pizza delivery guys Versatile Toppings just seem to fit.

Check out a few pics from tonight’s episode (Photos courtest of UPN/Warner Bros)

Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell & Kristin Cavallari K Bell & K Cavs K Bell & K Cavs 2

I’m hoping to fill your day with more Veronica Mars goodies in anticpation of a fresh new ep. And if my “real job” cooperates I will be able to bring you the long awaited interview with Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). I talked to Jason last night, and yes, you should be extremely jealous. He was so cool and easy to talk to, which was nice since I was a bundle of nerves waiting for my phone to ring. The interview went great so make sure you check back later for more on my conversation with Jason.

The Loop Cast

The Loop (Fox, 9:30pm est)

Speaking of conversations with hot men, I also chatted it up last night with Bret Harrison, star of the new Fox comedy The Loop. Like Jason, Bret was really funny and very cool to talk with. We talked about his new show, his upcoming movie projects, touring with his band, and his famous ex-roommate who will be guesting on his new show. I’ll do my very best to recap my call with Bret today too.

What you need to know is that The Loop premieres tonight at 9:30pm on Fox. It’s on right after American Idol, so if you’re already on that station then you should just stay there. And don’t worry about this new show going up against Veronica Mars and Lost, starting on March 16th, the show will be moving to Thursday nights between That 70’s Show and The OC. I’ve seen a bit of the premiere episode and it looks pretty damn funny. I’m looking forward to it.

Oh and in case you’re wondering…Lost is a repeat tonight, so that’s one less show you have to worry about watchin.


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