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Veronica Mars Season Finale Recap & Pics

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Cassidy Casablancas


Before we get to the lofty recap, which I will admit is a bit self indulgent, I just have to say that I was blown away by the episode.  I watched it three times before going to bed at 3am this morning.  I know some of you were underwhelmed, but I’m just not there with you.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect enough for me.  It was a blast to watch, and I’m not sure I could ask for more than that from my TV.

Here we go….

The Veronica Mars Season 2 Finale.  The anticipation is killing me.  I had a lofty goal of doing a He Said, She Said blog along with my boy DuckyxDale, but then we realized that since we essentially share a brain, it wouldn’t be an interesting read for y’all.  So I kind of took on the task of a full recap of the site, and Ducky really broke down our assessment of the show.   Definitely head over to to find out what was really going on while we were watching.

Oh, and he had it right on the money about the incessant use of the PAUSE button.  We couldn’t get through one scene without stopping to yell, scream, analyze and throw things at the TV.  It was the most fun I have EVER had watching Veronica Mars!!!  And kind of sweet since Ducky and I became BFF’s after first meeting on the set of Veronica Mars in San Diego.  Memories…like the corners of my mind….

Ok, on to the recap.  You might want to get some caffeine in ya, I really gave my keyboard a work out on this one.




 Aaron EchollsWe open up on a joyous Aaron Echolls savoring his acquittal from the Lilly Kane murder trial. Hoards of his adoring fans cheer on their man.   Veronica and Keith aren’t in the rah rah mood, and just walk away – disgusted by the hooplah.

Keith tells Veronica that it’s over, and they can’t let Lilly’s murder or their hatred for Aaron consume their lives anymore.  Agreed.  Let Lilly lie in wake.  Let’s bury Lilly Kane once and for all.

Veronica reveals that Meg’s dad offers $20M for the capture of Woody, or was that $20k?  Either way, I don’t think the Mannings have that kind of money on Duncan’s head, and he kidnapped the child of their dead daughter.  Why did you love Lucky, Mr. Manning?  Did you just want him around so you could stick him in a closet too?

In a rather pointless storyline (sorry), Jackie has left for Paris, without even a goodbye to Wallace.  Ok, these two just got back together a few weeks ago, and now we are supposed to buy that she was too broken up to say goodbye to him.  Here’s hoping that Wallace gets a legit storyline of his own next year. 

Ah, Vinnie “Private eyes, I’m watching you” Van Lowe and his Players Only jacket is once again trying to partner up with Keith. Doesn’t he try this at least a few times a year?  And doesn’t Keith always shoot his smarmy ass down?  Well, not if Vinnie has all of Woody’s personal files, including his financial and medical records.  Um, does one usually keep their medical records in their house?  Hmmm.  Daddy and daughter Mars plow through the “Woody Goodman this is you life” files, and among other things discover that the Woodster has the clap or chlamydia, or both?  Are they the same?  I can’t say that I’m an expert in the area, well not like Veronica is. Just the mere mention of the dreaded “C” word, and an all too knowing look finds its way to Veronica face.

Can I just say that we haven’t yet heard “A long time ago…we used to be friends”, and Ducky and I have paused the show at least 4 times already.  Looks like there will be no cliffhangers for us, because at this rate, we won’t be done watching this season’s finale until Septemeber.

Ducky, who has remained a spoiler virgin so far, is starting to speculate as to who the culprit may be, and he’s slowly starting to freak at the thought of Beaver being involved. I am trying not to give anything, but Ducky…you are so right on the money brother!!

Veronica MarsThe blurred screen and bright lights tell us that Veronica is having another of those pesky dream sequences.  At least it’s not as bad as the dream sequences from “I am God”.  As Ducky put it, in “I am God” it was like they just rubbed vaseline on the lens and said Action…ha!

In Roni’s dream, a sober Lianne wakes her precious daughter from a peaceful sleep.  It’s graduation day Veronica, rise and shine!!  And since this is a dream, I haven’t raped you of your college fun, or stole the $50k in reward money that was for your college tuition. Mother of the year…hell, I think I should have some little kids singing my praises in a cheesy Mother’s Day commercial.

We just had the alterna-prom, and now it seems we have Veronica’s alterna-life.  In Veronica’s not so perfect world, Lilly is still alive (although still a slut),  Lianne is back and happily married to Sheriff Mars, Duncan is not a felon on the run, and Logan and Roni are more in love than ever.  And it seems that Veronica’s perfect world and mine collide because Dick Casablancas is going commando under the cap and gown.  Now that’s what I call a little pomp and circumstance.  Down side to Veronica’s alterna-life as an ’09er, she’s a gullible ditz who was passed over at Stanford and Hearst for San Diego State, and she never met her BFF Wallace.

Can I just say that as of now, the rest of the Veronica Martians know who blew up the bus, and Ducky and I have just reached the opening credits.  The power of the pause button.

Mars Investigations use their skill set to track down Woody Goodman who is hiding out at some rich guy’s camp in Reno.  Keith is heading out to get him…right after Veronica’s graduation.

The Neptune High Gymnasium is the home of the Class of 2006 graduation.  Ever notice that almost every interior shot of NHS features the doors of the AUDITORIUM?  Don’t ya think the ceremony would have been held there, rather than the gym?  Ah, these are the things that we are supposed to ignore. 

Anyway, all of my favorites are present and accounted for, and in green caps and gowns.  I think the Neptune High Pirates should force all graduating Seniors to wear an eye patch for the ceremony, but that’s just me.

During the ceremony, Mac tells Veronica that her and the Beav got a hotel room for the night, and she asks Veronica for sex advice.  I’m sure Mac’s parents, or rather Madison’s parents would be so proud.

Veronica Mars  - WeevilLooks like Weevil’s sweet grandma is about to get her wish…to see her Eli graduate from HS. Or will she???  Just as the latter half of the alphabet stands to receive their diplomas, dick comes in and arrests Weevil for the murder of Thumper.  Oh sorry, not Dick, the other dick…Lamb.  You may look fine without a shirt Lamb, but you are a son of a bitch.  To take a kid out of his HS graduation ceremonies, just as they were reaching the “N”s, now that is just cruel.

No one but Veronica seems to have even noticed Weevil’s arrest.  The ceremony continues, and we get to see our girl receive her diploma, and a rousing cheer from her enthusiastic father, and her classmates.  I was half expecting Veronica to take the mic and declare “You like me, you really like me.” But alas, she was taken back and humbled by her warm reception from her once cold as ice classmates.  I was getting a little teary at Keith’s raucous applause for his baby girl.  But I held it together in front of Ducky.  Never let ’em see you cry, that’s my motto.

No post-graduation celebrations for Keith and Veronica.  He’s off to catch Woody, but hopefully not his chlamydia.  But first Keith surprises Veronica with a pony, and by a pony I mean a trip to visit the Big Apple. Dick surprises Veronica with a slap on the ass and invite to an ’09er graduation bash.  How far you’ve come Veronica Mars…how far you’ve come.  Oh and I can just say that I love Sal the wardrobe guy for breaking out another classic t-shirt for Dick. “Kiss me, I’m RICH”.  Perfect, and yes I will.

Also taking off right after graduation was Wallace, who has booked himself a flight to Paris to see Jackie. I hope you didn’t spend too much on that flight, because Jackie ain’t there.  Seems her glamorous life in Paris will have to wait until she is done with her shift at her mother’s diner, in Brooklyn.  Veronica uses her super sleuthing to track down Jackie in NYC, and then insists that she meet Wallace during his 4 hour layover at JFK.

Ok, I’m going out of sequence here, but I’m just going to cut to the rest of the Wallace/Jackie scenes.  So basically, Jackie fesses up to Wallace that she was the product of a one night stand.  Her mother is a waitress and not a model.  Oh, and Jackie has a 2 year old son that is being raised by her mother.  What?!  Having done a little growing up while in Neptune, Jackie realizes that she has to stay in NYC and take care of her son.  But Wallace’s place is in California, and she wants him to live his life there.  Au revoir Jackie Cook.  Just as I was starting to like you, you leave us for good.  And that , my friends, is the end of Wallace and Jackie.

Back in Neptune, CA, mischievous father and son duo, Aaron & Logan Echolls exchange non-pleasantries in the lobby of the Neptune Grand.  Daddy’s out of jail and holding the purse strings again.  I’m thinking that the $115k that Lynn left Logan in her will is all but gone.  I mean, he has been living in a penthouse suite for the better half of a year. Logan isn’t thrilled at the prospect of being under the rule of his abusive father again. 

Just outside of Reno, Woody Goodman is just outside of his pants.  Let me just say that I’ll be fine if I never see Steve Guttenberg in his boxers and wife beater ever again.  Woody is just about to take a piss when Keith busts in.  The best part of the scene is when Woody picks up a deer head off the wall and throws it at Keith, ha.  Ducky swears that this is the very deer head we saw the prop guy making while we were on set.  I must have missed that because I was way too busy looking feverishly for Jason Dohring.

Anywho, Keith once again captures the bad guy and he and Woody board Woody’s plane back to Neptune.  Note to Veronica, your dad is going to get a $20k reward for capturing this Chester, don’t let mommy dearest near your place.  Seriously, I’ve been out of college 8 years now and my student loans are still kicking my ass.  Trust me, you need the money. Don’t let that bitch of a mother near your purse.

Veronica is still trying to figure out who Woody’s third victim was.  She heads to Woody’s Burgers to check out all the old Little League team photos.  She thinks she’s found her man in one “Derek Applegate”, that is until her eyes land on a note at the bottom of the photo: “Not pictured: Cassidy Casablancas”. Veronica gets that “oh shit” look in her eyes, and her world comes crashing down around her. She knows who blew up the bus.  Noooo….I was hoping all the Beaver talk was a foiler.  I even used my recent birthday wish on it.  Ah, who am I kidding, I used my birthday wish on a threesome with Krasinski and Dohring, but still, I don’t want Cassidy to be a bad guy.  He’s too adorable for words.

I think that the moment that Veronica sees Cassidy’s name, UPN should have put a disclaimer up saying that pregnant women and those with heart conditions should stop watching, because dude, the next 20 minutes were a non-stop, action packed thrill ride (oh, how I try to be quotable).

Veronica runs like the Dickens out of Woody’s, pulls out her trusty sidekick and tries with no luck to warn Mac.  Damn you Mac…answer your phone.  Knowing that they are at the party at the Grand, Veronica races over there.  She’s looking all around but no Mac or Beav in site.  She starts to tell Logan that she knows it was Cassidy who crashed the bus, but Dick walks over and she shuts up.  And once again, Dick Casablancas offers up one of the best exchanges of the night:

Veronica: “Where’s your brother?
Dick: “I think he took Ghost World up to his room. They’re probably up there making loooove. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Or both. At the same time. They’re both, like, 12th level dorks.”

Veronica runs out and tries again, with no luck, to call Mac’s hotel room from the front desk. She jumps in the elevator only to be greeted by Aaron Echolls.  And to make sure we know once and for all that it was in fact Aaron that offed Lilly, he confesses his sins to Veronica…again.  Ok, he did it, now can we move on?  I’m worried about Mac.

Unable to reach Mac by cell, Veronica tries to text message her.  She basically writes that she needs to get away from the Beav because he is a killer.  Too bad the message was intercepted by Big Bad Beaver before Mac could get to it.  Our little Cassidy grabs a gun, which he apparently carries around 24/7 (WTF???), but not before he text messages Veronica telling her to meet “Mac” on the roof of the hotel. 

Cassidy CasablancasOnce up there, Veronica in confronted by Beaver and his gun.  She demands to know where Mac is.  Beaver implies that Mac is in a better place…noooo!!!  Veronica tells Cassidy that she knows of his evil deeds related to the bus crash.  She takes the next 5 minutes to explain all of Beaver’s wrong doings.  Basically, Peter and Marcos were planning on outing Uncle BadTouch (‘the outing of all outings’), and they wanted Beaver to help to bring him down, but Beaver didn’t want to be found out like that, so he rigged the bus to explode to keep Peter and Marcos quiet. Hart Hansen’s appearance last week was to remind us that he worked with Beaver on those short films back in the day, and that Beaver was in charge of the explosives.  Explosives he learned about from his father’s mechanic, Curly.  Curly figured out it was Beaver who crashed the bus. Knowing this, Beaver manipulated the PCHers into thinking Curly killed Felix, and when they were done beating him, Beaver ran him over and pushed him off the cliff and into the ocean, but note before he wrote Veronica’s name on Curly’s hand, essentially throwing suspicion her way.

Veronica also realizes that, holy shit, Beaver raped her during Shelley Pomeroy’s party and that’s how she got the chlamydia.  Woody gave it to Beaver, and he passed it on to her.  Now this was another moment that I let Rob Thomas and crew slide.  Are we supposed to believe that 8-10 years after being infected, Beaver still had the disease active in his system?  Had he never taken any antibiotics during that time? Because a simple antibiotic can cure chlamydia.  Anyway, I’ll let it go because it was a damn fine plot twist that brought us right back into season one. And I loved it.

Beaver takes this all in, and although I was hoping against hope that he would tell Veronica that she had it all wrong, he doesn’t.  He blew up the bus, and he raped her.  But he’s ready to make sure that she never has the chance to tell anyone else.  But she already has…she has told Daddy Mars.  Beaver says that he’s not too worried about that either since he rigged Woody’s plane with a bomb, the same plane Keith was bringing Woody back on.  Oh sh*t!!!  With one touch of a button on his cell, he could blow up the plane.  Beaver, being the generous soul that he is, gives Veronica 55 seconds to call her Dad and say goodbye.  She couldn’t get through, and Beaver blows up the plane, which is visible from the rooftop of the Grand.  OH. MY. GOD.  Tell me that they didn’t just kill of Keith Mars.  Seriously? Seriously? 

Quick commercial break…this gives Ducky and I enough time to grab a Xanax or 5.  This is crazy.  So much has gone down in the past 10 minutes.  I can’t even breathe!!! Ok and I have to say that I thought Kyle Gallner acted the shit out of this scene.  I didn’t think I would be able to buy a bad ass Beaver, but I did buy it.  He had the look in his eyes that made me believe he was indeed this psychopath.  Well played.

Veronica Mars Season Finale - Not PicturedWe are back on the roof again, and Veronica is brought to her knees with grief over her father’s murder.  Not wanting to get her DNA on him, Beaver suggests that Veronica jump to her death, you know, it will be cleaner that way.  He uses her taser on her to prompt her along. Veronica has the presence of mind to text Logan, and inform him that she’s on the roof. Bummed that she wouldn’t oblige to suicide, Beaver is seconds away from shooting her when the knight in shining armor known as Logan Echolls comes to her rescue.  He and Beaver wrestle to the ground, but it’s Veronica that comes up with the gun.  She tells Logan to get out of the way because she is going to kill Beaver.  Logan tries to stop her by telling her she’s not a killer.  But Kristen Bell comes back with a killer moment and screams “he killed my father”.  Brilliant!!!  Brilliant!!  She also tells Logan that Beaver crashed the bus, and that he raped her.  Whoa, the rape really hit home for Logan.  Beaver got in on with Veronica before he did.  Now he’s pissed.  Logan manages to take the gun from Veronica.  I thought for sure he was going to turn around and kill Beaver himself, but no, he just takes Veronica into him arms and comforts her.  Yeah, I had to watch that scene about 15 times.  Jason Dohring…leave that wife of yours and marry me…please?! 

Veronica and Logan look up to see Beaver on the ledge of the hotel. Logan yells “Beaver, don’t”, and Beaver delivers the best line of the night, nay the season “My name is Cassidy!!!”.  With those 4 words, you kind of got all the pain and torment that brought Cassidy to commit these horrible acts.  And with an understated grace,Cassidy steps back, off the roof of the hotel, and to his death.  Bye bye Bea…uh, Cassidy.  You will be missed.

Logan and VeronicaThe look on Logan’s face when Cassidy jumped was haunting.  Was this what it was like for his mother when she jumped to her death?  Did he just watch his best friends little brother commit suicide?  Bravo Jason Dohring, bravo!!!  

The look on Logan’s face when Cassidy jumped was haunting.  Was this what it was like for his mother when she jumped to her death?  Did he just watch his best friends little brother commit suicide?  Bravo Jason Dohring, bravo!!!

Veronica and Logan hold each other but just for a moment because Veronica remembers Mac.  They rush to her hotel room to find Mac, alive (thank god) but wrapped in only a sheet.  Cassidy left her all alone in the hotel room, and he took all her stuff…even her clothes.

Downstairs in the hotel, Aaron Echolls has just banged Slutty McSlut, Kendall Casablancas. So that’s two lovers that Aaron and his son have shared.  In the immortal words of Summer Roberts, “Ew”!  As Kendall leaves the room, probably to go bang someone else, Aaron settles in to admire himself on TV.  I hope you looked good Aaron Echolls, because your vanity and bad deeds are about to cost you your life.  Bang…bang…that would be the sound of two bullets entering Aaron Echolls, courtesy of Clarence Weidman’s gun.  Hot dang…bye Aaron, it was not so nice knowing ya!Duncan KaneThe camera pulls back on a beach, which we are supposed to believe is in Austrailia, but any good TV watcher knows that the lifeguard stand in the background is clearly that of Marissa Cooper’s rage and despair.  We do see a cute little baby, and her Daddy…Duncan.  Duncan’s phone rings…

Duncan: CW?
Clarence: It’s a done deal.

Duncan Kane, I didn’t know you had it in you.  Killing off your sister’s murderer…poetic justice. Oh, and that was Duncan’s last scene on Veronica Mars.  Raise that baby well.

Yeah, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought this was a great little Easter egg.  I know feel confident that The CW has given the thumbs up to Season 3, but they aren’t at liberty to make that public until the upfronts next week.  Nice job Rob Thomas and team….nice job.

Veronica & Logan
Later that night, we see Veronica asleep on Logan’s lap, in a scene reminiscent to that in the first episode of this season when Veronica was taking care of Logan after he was beaten by the PCHers.  God I LoVe these two together.  Their onscreen chemistry is insane.

Veronica Mars Season Finale Not PicturedDuring the night, Veronica has another dream.  This time she is a little girl, and father is putting on a puppet show.  Once again she is awakened by the smell of bacon.  She rushes to the kitchen to hopefully see her father, but no, it’s Logan cooking her breakfast.  He takes her in his arms and comforts her, telling her that he’s so sorry.  Sigh. But wait, what’s that we hear?  The voice of Keith Mars?!  He’s not dead!!  He’s not dead!!  As it turns out, Lamb called and ordered him out of the plane before it took off.  He drove back from Reno.  Yay…Keith is alive, Logan is cooking breakfast for Veronica and all is right with the world.  Well almost.  Just as Keith remarks that he was surprised to see Logan on the couch, but glad he wasn’t in Veronica’s bed, Logan leaves…no goodbye, he just leaves.

Sluttly McSlut has just learned that she will get nothing from Cassidy’s insurance policy because he committed suicide.  However, the Phoenix Land Trust is in her name, and that deal has made her $8M richer.  Kendall with money of her own?  Jesus.

We catch up with Daddy and daughter Mars about a week later.  They are headed to NYC for their graduation get away.  Veronica tells Keith that she is going to let Logan drive her to the airport because they need to “talk”.  Since Logan is referring to himself as Little Orphan Annie,Veronica thinks that maybe he’s not taking the news of his father’s murder well.  Keith and Veronica agree to meet at the airport.

Logan arrives with the smile that just melted my heart.  They head out of Mars Investigations, but they don’t make it two steps before Logan grabs his lady and kisses her to his heart’s content.  Aw, Logan and Veronica are back together.  She tells him that she will only be gone a week, but that’s too long for Logan.  Again, aw!!!  Their moment of bliss is shattered when Sluttly McSlut arrives at the door.  The three exchange pleasantries and move on. 

Kendall arrives in Keith’s office wanting his help.  He tells her that she should check back in a week because he’s off on vacation.  But Kendall then slams a briefcase on Keith’s desk, the contents of which get his attention…so much so that Keith stands up his own daughter at the airport.

Fade out…..

After this much writing, I can’t imagine you want to hear anymore from me, and I really don’t feel like saying much more, but I will say this…..

Yes, there were holes and unanswered questions.  The Veronica Mars writers aren’t the best at continuity and payoff, but I will forgive them because this episode kicked a whole lot of ass.

I’m a LoVer…I can’t help it.  I adore Logan and Veronica together.  Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring are amazing actors, and I’m not just saying this because they are on one of my favorite shows.  Their acting could hold up against any of the recent Emmy award winners.  I’d love to see some kind of recognition for their work.

I felt the last two scenes (with Kendall and the briefcase, and Veronica at the airport) were a little forced.  A bit of an afterthought if you will.  I didn’t need a cliffhanger Rob, especially a lame one.

I will miss you terribly Kyle Gallner.  You are adorable.  Long live Cassidy Casablancas and his murderous ways.

I will also miss you Veronica Mars…as the song goes…see you in September

Shout out to VM-Caps for the screencaps of last night’s episode.  Check out thier site for the best Veronica Mars screecaps around.

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8 Responses to “Veronica Mars Season Finale Recap & Pics”

  1. Mary on May 10th, 2006 6:54 pm

    Hey, great recap! I couldn’t agree with you more about the weight behind the line “my name is Cassidy!” This show blows my mind on a regular basis.

  2. Liz on May 10th, 2006 8:17 pm

    I haven’t finished reading the whole commentary yet, but I just wanted to point out that the Mannings and the public thought that Woody had caused the bus crash and therefore killed all those kids (which included Meg), so the Mannings offered the 20 thousand dollar bounty on Woody’s head because they thought he was responsible for killing Meg.

  3. tiff on May 11th, 2006 8:22 am

    great recap! I had to avoid all recaps/commentary until I watched it last night. SO WORTH IT!!!

  4. Mandy on May 11th, 2006 9:51 am

    Great recap and wonderful episode. I had to watch it several times to take it all in. I’m just a little confussed about one thing. Why did Mr. Manning bail Lucky out of jail? They have no connection, do they? That scene the other week made me believe that Mr. Manning blew up the bus to cover Meg’s pregnancy. I never thought it was Beaver because he seemed so sweet and innocent. I guess Rob fulled me again! I’m SO happy LoVe is back together. I hope they don’t rip them apart too early next year. Let them be happy for awhile!!!!

  5. GMMR on May 11th, 2006 9:54 am

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked the recap. Regarding the Mannings bounty on Woody, another reader reminded me that it was less about Lucky, and more about the fact that they thought Woody blew up the bus and hence killed Meg.

    Yeah, I would LoVe to see LoVe have a little fun!!

  6. Mandy on May 11th, 2006 3:59 pm

    The bounty made sense to me, but why would he bail Lucky out of jail? I can’t wait until season 2 comes out on DVD. I have my friends hooked by season 1, but they haven’t seen season 2 yet. I passed around my season 1 to my friends and I’m going to let them borrow season 2 to catch up. I told them they have to watch season 3 when it’s on TV because they need ratings!!!

  7. Mike on May 11th, 2006 9:36 pm

    “Yes, there were holes and unanswered questions. The Veronica Mars writers aren’t the best at continuity and payoff, but I will forgive them because this episode kicked a whole lot of ass.”

    I have to disagree about the writing staff. I don’t think there were necessarily a lot of holes, and they seem to be very cognizant of the continuity. You want bad writers and plot holes and forgotten continuity, try watching Smallville. They have a whole mythology that’s been around for 50 years and they still mess things up.

    But this was one of the best episodes of VM ever.

    (Hope Duncan doesn’t try to fly back to LA on Oceanic Airlines though…)

  8. Emma on October 29th, 2009 6:58 am

    About how long the Chlamydia stayed in Beaver’s system – I don’t think it was 8-10 years. Remember, Beaver is a year younger than the rest of the cast, marking him 17 this episode. Shelley Pomroy’s party was about 2 years ago, so he was 15 when he gave it to Veronica. I don’t know what ages one actually plays Little League, to wikipedia: they say ages 7-12. So he had it at least 3 years, I think that’s believable.

    *overly justifying*