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Battlestar Galactica Recap:”Unfinished Business”

December 2, 2006 by  

To: Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly
Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars
Michael Scofield & Sara Tancredi
Drs. House, Cameron & Cuddy, et al


Re: An Important Lesson

Dear favorite TV non-couples,
You have all wasted months (and some even years) playing this will they/won’t they game with your love lives. The misunderstandings, hurt feelings, stubbornness and failure to take action has left you scarred and afraid of love. To that end I ask – no demand – that you take the time to watch this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica. You might learn a thing or two from Starbuck and Apollo about dealing with pent up sexual frustration in a real and honest manner. As an added bonus for the ladies, Lee is shirtless and sweaty most of the episode – and if that doesn’t spur you to want to jump your man, I don’t know what will.

Hope to see you in happy coupledom soon.



P.S. Logan, if you choose to follow the way of Lee and Kara, please be careful. Veronica could probably kick your ass.

P.S.S. GMMR doesn’t condone violence of any kind (unless of course it will bring you that much close to smooching – then I’m all for it.)

Title: “Unfinished Business”
Original Airdate: 12/1/06

Previously, half of the Galactica crew moved to New Caprica while the other half stayed. There once was a romance between Apollo and Self Destruct Starbuck so naturally they ran off and married other folks. Then Starbuck told Anders to leave.

41,422. This episode cuts a million times between Galactica and New Caprica, so for clarity I’m going to break it down by plot line. The point of the episode is Adama arranged a boxing tournament for the crew to get out their frustrations, so while they fight, they flashback to the memories that are eating them up inside.

The Appetizer.
On New Caprica, eight months before the Cylon occupation, Baltar has a ground breaking ceremony and a bash to follow. Roslin joins Adama in some flirty banter about her cabin home she plans on building. Some time later, after ditching Gaeta, Roslin and Adama have a drink together with more flirty banter about the countryside. If she can love him with the ‘stache then no Cylons can stop their space love. A little liquor and a little later, Roslin and Adama snuggle under the stars!

The Side Dish. The Chief asks permission to leave Galactica so he and Cally can raise their child with fresh air. Originally Adama turns him down, but his snuggle time with Roslin seems to change his mind. He lets them leave. In present time, Adama hasn’t forgiven himself for letting members of the crew get separated. He decides to remind them the passion of fighting and remembering who they are fighting, so he jumps in the boxing ring and calls the Chief to spar. Everyone in the crowd is concerned except Starbuck. The Chief doesn’t take it seriously and Adama’s first blow knocks him to the ground. Adama taunts him to the point of unleashing the crazy Chief’s fists of fury. He starts wailing on Adama and almost knocks him out. He pulls the old man off the ground. The crowd goes silent for Adama’s speech about how he let his guard down with New Caprica and it won’t happen again.

The crowd starts to disperse as a bloody and battered Adama leaves. The fight is over for everyone but Starbuck.

The Main Course. When we open, Tigh referees a match between Helo and Apollo. But Apollo’s so busy daydreaming, he gets TKOed for a cut above his eye. Starbuck takes Hot Dog out in less than a minute and the only one who’s surprised is Hot Dog. Adding insult to injury, Kara taunts Apollo for losing. Finally her provoking pushes him to punch her in face free of charge. They decide to take their differences out in the ring.

The crowd returns to watch them beat the ever-lovin’ snot out of each other. Starbuck takes a couple of easy shots while running her mouth. Finally Apollo lands one to her nose, getting it nice and bloody. She drops the joking and gets angry. She goes street fighter on him. Anders joins Dualla on the side and remarks that they are trying to kill each other. Apollo knocks her down and she counters with a roundhouse kick. Every punch represents heartache, betrayal, and oddly, love.

See, back on New Caprica, after Anders passes out from drinking at the party, Apollo and Kara go for a midnight stroll through the country. She shows him a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, the site of a future house. He can’t believe she’s going to give up flying. She says the good part of flying is over since the war is over. Apollo asks for the tour of the “future life of Kara Anders”. She gives him a weird look and responds that she’s not getting married. He asks what the point of being with Anders is then. If not him, then how does she want to live? They dance around the subject of their love using vague generalizations. Finally, he walks up to her and kisses her. But wait, there’s more! After their long awaited romp, Kara asks “Now what?” Apollo says they have to accept it and tell Dualla and Anders how they feel. To prove he means it, he stands stark naked in the desert and screams at the top of his lungs “My name is Lee Adama and I love Kara Thrace.” Kara joins him in the screaming “Kara Thrace loves Lee Adama.” This is sooo not how I expected to hear those words. The morning sunlight wakes an happy and hungover Lee. He walks back to camp but his smile disappears as Adama tells him that Kara got married this morning! Apollo can’t believe his ears and looks nauseous. Mr. and Mrs. Anders approach him. Starbuck stares at him from behind her walls as Sam gleefully recounts how Kara woke him up, proposed, and dragged him down to the river to get hitched. Apollo walks away and kisses Dualla.

Back in the boxing ring, the two are so tired they can barely swing. A montage of their moments together flashes in between punches. It’s one pop song short of being a YouTube shipper vid. Their fight ends as they hug each other in the ring. As blood, sweat and tears drops from their faces, they whisper that they missed each other.

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8 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Recap:”Unfinished Business””

  1. Brittney on December 2nd, 2006 8:47 pm

    LOL I loved the little message at the beginning! I could not agree more. If only every episode could end in Pam beating up Jim and then they ‘hug it out, bitch’! 😉

  2. Jo on December 2nd, 2006 9:14 pm

    hahaha GMMR. I *love* how they used their night together as a catalyst for this whole year and their problems.

  3. Jim Mosby on December 2nd, 2006 9:42 pm

    I don’t watch BSG, but, I loved your letter at the beginning hehe.

  4. demondoll on December 3rd, 2006 2:01 pm

    Your letter is hysterical! Thanks for the great recap.

  5. GMMR on December 3rd, 2006 2:03 pm

    Well you have to thank Jo for the GREAT recap. I just felt the need to open with the letter 🙂

  6. Carli on December 3rd, 2006 5:43 pm

    That note at the beginning was hilarious. I LOVED this episode! Then again, I’m a huge K/L fan 🙂 And Lee/Helo in the ring was just HOT!

  7. carly on December 3rd, 2006 9:07 pm

    Okay so I don’t even watch this show but the words “pent up sexual frustration” make me want to start! The reason I started watching The Office was because I saw the season 3 promo of Jim and Pam and was instantly hooked. I might have to start watching BSG now too =]

  8. kari on December 4th, 2006 3:39 am

    I’ve never watched BSG before, but reading this recap made me check it out. NOO!!! I don’t need to be hooked on another show. I thought there was only room in my heart for Jim and Pam, but I could definitely see me watching more BSG. Damn you!