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The Office Recap: Phyllis and Bob’s Wedding

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WARNING! This post contains spoilers for last night’s episode of The Office. This post and subsequent comments may contain spoilers for upcoming episodes as well, but I have asked that all be marked according with a SPOILER ALERT warning so those who want to avoid spoilers can.

So last night was the big wedding. Phyllis Lapin is now Phyllis Vance, Vance Refrigeration. And what a wedding she had. First let’s get down to the business at hand.

The first deleted scene is up at, so o check it out.

There are some new wedding pics available at Here’s a few of my favorites.

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Halpert Jim and the girl that will never be Pam (aka Karen) Kelly and Ryan Scrantonicity 4-eva…ROCK ON Phyllis Vance, Vance Refrigeration

So are you ready for my random thoughts on last night’s episode? I hope you are comfortable because I’ve gone a bit crazy with the rambling. There’s a lot to talk about, and it’s posts like this one which blatantly point out that I’m no writer…HA!

From Michael’s antics, to my favorite moments, and of course the Jim and Pam saga, well there is a lot to cover. Let’s get on with it.

Oh Michael. What shall we do with you?
I’m not really sure where to start, so I might as well get the horror that is Michael Gary Scott out of the way. The way I see it, we had a few episodes as of late where Michael was acting like a semi-normal human being. Between the whole Andy thing, getting together with Jan, and bringing back Dwight – Michael was at least tolerable. But last night. Oh sweet heavens. I think the writers were aching to bring back cringe worthy Michael and they did it with gusto. For me it was borderline ridiculous (and not in a good way). It just seems implausible that someone could be so very clueless that they would act like that in public. But then again, it’s Michael Scott and anything is possible.

Best /Worst Michael moments:

  • “Phyllis, did you break wind?” (I could have really done without this long and pointless scene – it was just uncomfortable. And there was sooo much Michael in this ep, they could have lost it and been better for it)
  • Michael pushing Phyllis’s father back into the wheelchair after he tried to stand and walk his daughter down the aisle (This is bullsh*t)
  • Announcing the bride and groom before the vows were over
  • Michaels’s many toasts and the fact that he kept reintroducing himself each time

Signing the Guest Book…
So my favorite moments of last night? In no particular order…

– The cold open with Jim using Pavlov’s technique on Dwight…BRILLIANT (but they could have used the cold opening time to have more wedding scenes, no?). And I said during last night’s chat, I go a little Pavlovian myself when I hear the theme song to this show. But I don’t crave Altoids, I just grin from ear to ear.

– Evey single moment with Dwight and Angela. I think these two are perfect for each other. And I think that Dwight secretly can’t wait to reveal his lady love to all. The slow dancing outside alone was so sweet. More Dwangela please.

– Toby had a smokin’ hot date…go Toby. I wish there had been some Toby/Michael scenes last night because next to Jam and Dwangela, I think Toby and Michael are my next favorite couple on the show. Here’s to hoping the awkward storyline with Toby crushing on Pam is over. That girl is screwed up enough as it is.

– Phyllis stealing ALL of Pam’s wedding ideas – even down to her dress was ballsy. Looks like Pam and Roy might have had a nice wedding, you know…if the bride-to-be wasn’t in love with someone else. (more on that later)

– I love all things Kelly Kapoor. Kelly Kapoor and her cute tiara. Kelly Kapoor wearing white to a wedding. Kelly Kapoor wanting Pam to get drunk and tell people she was pregnant. Pretty much all things awesome…like Kelly Kapoor.

But I will say this. My favorite moment of the entire episode was definitely Ryan standing among all the single women trying to make sure Kelly didn’t catch the bouquet. It’s those subtle but brilliant moments which makes The Office the best comedy on TV.

Jim & Pam. A bit of advice. Use Yous Words…
I finally feel ok enough to talk about the Karen/Jim/Pam/Roy saga. Where to begin?

The Good: There were some sweet, wonderful and very telling Jim and Pam moments last night. Their exchange by the bar was classic JAM and it was great to see those two kids flirting and laughing again. We had Pam gazing adoringly into Jim’s eyes, and of course Jim’s telling “hypothetical” talking head:

Jim: Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested…then – no, it’s totally hypothetical.

Gotta love that even the camera guys are sick of these two dancing around their relationship.

The Bad: Fast forward to Pam staring at Jim and Karen while they were slow dancing. Jim catches her staring and watches as Pam stands and leaves. I wonder if he could hear ~10 million people screaming “Go after her!!” all the way in Scranton.

The Ugly: Alas he didn’t go after her, and Pam was left feeling lonely and vulnerable and just ripe for Roy’s pickins’. Yes, he’s been trying, I will give him that, but he had his chance and he blew it…or did he? It was cute that he paid the band to play “their” song, and when Pam and Roy were dancing outside, I had a brief moment of “awww”. Brief! I said brief!! But when he asked her to leave with him and she did?! Well flames might have shot out of my eyes.

I’m not necessarily happy with Jim Halpert’s behavior these days, but the look on his face when he saw Pam and Roy leaving together and holding hands. Oh boy did my heartache for him. Just when he let himself consider that maybe, just maybe Pam had feelings for him, she leaves with Roy and Jim is left with the feeling that he “misinterpreted things”…again.

But I’ll hand it to Jim, he has learned how to deflect his feelings pretty well. He was transparent as Casper the friendly ghost last night when he declared he was really happy to be there with Karen. Yeah right Halpert…we totally bought that one. Although I must admit that Jim dancing and holding up the cell phone while Karen was singing was one of the cutest Jim moments ever.

All and all it was a BAD night for Jim and Pam, but don’t fret, I think things are only going to get better from here on out. I think we are getting that much closer to these kids finally getting their act together. I’m not jumping off any ships yet. Stay positive people!! Stay positive.

My Predictions…
WARNING! My predictions are based on spoilers for the next episode. Read at your own risk.

So how do I see this playing out? Well, here’s a possible scenario. Ok, so I think that Pam and Roy most definitely spent the might together. She was feeling vulnerable and seeing the man she really loves dancing with his girlfriend did nothing for her self esteem. Roy 2.0 was being cute and sensitive and she thought…what the hell.

I think that next week Roy is going to come up to the office and be all cute with Pam. While Pam ultimately regrets her decision to leave with Roy, Roy assumes that they are getting back together. I could even see a talking head where Pam says something like “Yeah, Roy has changed a lot since I broke off the wedding.” But we all know she’s just considering Roy again because she thinks Jim is over her.

Fast forward to Pam’s art show. Roy shows up with his brother, and he quickly reverts back to Roy 1.0.. Pam is reminded of why she broke up with him in the first place. Roy asks her to go home with him again and she turns him down. Fancy New Beesly emerges once again and she decides to tell Roy that she can’t go home with him because she’s in love with someone else. Cut to Jim walking through the doors into the art show. And SCENE!

Yeah, it’s a little too idealistic perhaps, but cut me some slack, the vision of Pam holding hands with Roy is still etched into my brain.

Your Predictions…
This is the part where you tell me what you think is going down in the coming weeks (That’s what she said). One rule, if you are alluding to spoilers in any way, shape or form, you MUST MUST include “SPOILER WARNING” (yes in call caps) in the first line of your comment…deal?!

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