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Battlestar Galactica Recap: “He That Believeth in Me”

April 5, 2008 by  

Battlestar Galactica Recaps

Title: “He that Believeth in Me”
Original Airdate: April 4, 2008
GMMR Recapper: Jo

Previously, there were seven known Cylons: Six, the blonde in red, one model goes by Caprica Six, Three- (formerly known as Xena) goes by D’anna, Five is Doral the journalist from the miniseries who’s bureaucratic about Cylon culture, Eight- Sharon Boomer/Sharon Athena, Leoben the creepy religious one, Simon the doctor, and Cavil the priest. Then All Along the Watchtower started playing and we got four more- Tory, the president’s right hand woman, Chief Tyrol (I still have trouble believing it) , Col. Tigh (okay that’s a sweet surprise) and my future husband, former Caprica Buccaneers captain turned Viper nugget Samuel T. Anders.

This leaves one left.

The Cylons arrived and started hammering the humans, space style warfare galore. Lots of chaos, but separate plot lines. So I’ll start with the Cult of Baltar.

Gaius was acquitted and whisked away by the chick who used to be on Jake 2.0. I haven’t figured out her name yet. She brings Baltar into an unused compartment of Galactica that has been turned into a shrine. To him. Full of easily manipulated women who already worship Baltar. He seems uncomfortable for half a second before he starts spouting off his new One God theory that Figment!Six provides him and prays over a sick boy. Two men try to kill him while in the head but his bodyguard chick beats them both up.

But the real drama is with the return of Starbuck- whose Viper is in rolled off the plant line perfect condition. She has pictures of Earth, no idea how she got there or back and thinks she’s been gone six hours. Naturally Apollo and Anders and even Adama, though he doesn’t show it, are stoked to see her. Roslin, however, is ready to AIRLOCK! Starbuck knows the way to Earth but only through a feeling. Anyone else think she sounded and acted differently than before? Adama wants to believer her but Roslin insists they stay on the path they were. Every time they jump Starbuck gets more hysterical that they are going the wrong way. Oh and she tells Anders if she found out he was a cylon she would put a bullet between his eyes. As if the poor guy didn’t have anything else to worry about.

Tiny point of interest: Caprica Six told Roslin that the final five are close. Dum dum dum!Apollo is going to become a government man and seems excited about it. I’m stoked about this because I think it’ll give Apollo more well rounded emotions. And he actually pointedly asked his dad if Roslin was staying his quarters still…Adama tried to play it off like there just wasn’t a place for her and because she’s sick again. But whatever. This is major squee.

Starbuck steals a gun, ditches her guard and aims at Roslin. To be continued!
Questions abound! What will happen to Roslin? Will Roslin & Adama finally get together? Who is the fifth Cylon? Will Sam confess to Kara that he’s one of them? Will Chief figure out that his baby is also a hybrid? Will Athena figure these four out? Will anyone notice their conspicuous meetings? Which one will be exposed first? I’m voting Tory. And the biggest of all….what kind of Earth will they find?

It’s gonna be a good season.

Jo has a boring job in a small town in Texas and spends her hours daydreaming about Dillon Panther football, Samuel T. Anders and becoming a real life version of Veronica Mars. Her random TV rants can be found at


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  2. jen on April 6th, 2008 10:02 am

    Great review! Keep them coming:)

    “And he actually pointedly asked his dad if Roslin was staying his quarters….”

    I’m glad you picked up on that-I love Adama and Roslin! :):)

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