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Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Six of One”

April 13, 2008 by  

Battlestar Galactica Recaps

Title: “Six of One”
Original Airdate: April 11, 2008
GMMR Recapper: Jo

Previously, Starbuck pulled a gun on Roslin. Ruh Roh.

39,676. The Four meet in a closet and decide to figure out who number Five is. Tyrol thinks Baltar could help so Tigh nominates Tory to um, interrogate, him. Baltar confronts Tory for spying on him and we get a wonderful reappearance of Figment!Baltar. I like that Baltar better. This of course confuses the real Gaius, but his Figment convinces him to talk to Tory. But Baltar doesn’t have a clue who’s a cylon or not, but he’s too busy buying into his own religion.

Over on the Cylon Baseship, the Hybrid is rattling off one part poetry, one part baseship operational instrucstions, and one part jibberish. Six, Leoben, and Eight go to Cavil to discuss the Final Five. But this is against Cylon rules. They site the raider’s recognition that the Final Five are in the Colonial Fleet. Cavil wants to ‘fix’ the Raiders to prevent them from learning more. The vote is tied up, 3 to 3, because last year Cavil boxed D’anna. But then Boomer splits the Eight vote and Cavil proceeds. Six retaliates by removing the inhibitor chips from the Centurions. The Centurions blow away a couple of Simons, Dorals and a Cavil. No worries, they’ll be back in goo next week. WOW. The divison, the in-fighting, the backstabbing. Oy the cylons are acting so….human…

In Apollo news, I’m gonna have to stop referring to him as Apollo. The viper jocks throw him a going away party because Tom Zarek found him a job on the quorum. Lee goes to see Kara once last time while she’s in the brig, which is a nice bookend to how Lee and Kara first saw each other in the miniseries. Lee gets in a great goodbye kiss and deep down I’m afraid that could be the last one. Lee gets a final salute as he’s escorted to his flight off Galactica. He pauses to tell Dee goodbye. She presents him with his insignia that’s been framed. He cracks a joke about how she got the house, so I guess that’s our proof that they actually got divorced.

So Starbuck’s in the brig because according to Roslin, drugs affect your aim. I love Airlock Roslin. Starbuck pleads with her to shoot if she really believes Kara is a cylon. Roslin’s still unwilling to risk the fleet and go on Starbuck’s feeling about Earth. Pretty funny, considering she was first willing to risk the fleet on the lie of Earth and then on the drug induced visions. Yuck! Remember the snakes?! But then again, Roslin didn’t blow up in a Viper and then return in a pristine condition one.

Adama is torn between the two women who mean most to him. He wants to believe both of them. First he throws down Starbuck, then he into a drunken, bitter discussion with Roslin. Psychoanalysis and scotch are not a good combination. Bill refuses to accept that she’s dying, but her hair is coming out.

Adama secretly finds a sewage ship for Starbuck to take and go find Earth. I can’t believe I care more about Bill and Laura right now than Starbuck and Lee. This is going to a different in a good way season afterall.

I feel the need to throw up some extra props. Everybody’s talking about the immense talent of Katee Sackhoff and how she definitely deserves an Emmy. But I have respect for those playing multiple Cylons like Tricia Helfer and Grace Park. That can’t be easy playing three or four variations of the same character in a day.

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  2. katayla on April 13th, 2008 1:19 pm

    I’ve always greatly respected Tricia Helfer in particular because the versions she plays are so different from each other. It’s hard to recognize her sometimes!

    My shipper heart loved, loved, loved the Lee/Kara kiss. I suppose they won’t get any screentime together for a long time, but that’ll keep me going.

    And Bill/Laura! I won’t say I care more about them than Lee/Kara, but they’ve definitely got my attention.

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