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BONES Recap: The Baby in the Bough

April 29, 2008 by  

Dearest Bones watchers,
That was one cute baby. Apparently they used a set of twins and triplets. Here’s hoping they don’t turn out as psycho as Mary Kate and Ashley. I think they’ll be okay seeing as how Uncle Jesse and Joey are no match for Booth and Brennan.

I thought we’d break this week’s show down Mythbusters style…

The Case:
Brennan and Booth are looking into a woman’s death when they are called to a scene where a car was run off the road, and they hear a baby crying from a tree…BUSTED…not buying that one, sorry, Bones writers.

The baby quickly swallows a ‘key’ piece of evidence (rimshot) and then pees on Brennan…confirmed.

Once they find out where the baby is from, they go to get him some help. They meet a childless couple who sometimes cared for Andy. The couple tells them where Andy’s mother lived. Booth puts the smackdown on the baby’s deadbeat dad.

Brennan does a little magic with pool fluids to figure out a gun serial number, and she recreates evidence with water…she’s full of tricks… ILLUSIONS!

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but there were a lot of people involved, but what was the crime? The childless couple, the deadbeat dad, some guys at the tire factory, a missing city slicker accountant…Booth and Brennan explain it all to me in about one minute, but to find out, you have to watch for yourselves.

The Squints:
A little baby love is going on with the squint squad this week.

1. Angela says she wants a million kids and Hodgins tells her that’s great, and he won’t mind her when she’s mushy and shapeless. Ouch. Angela doesn’t slap him in the face…busted.

2. Cam says she’s not having kids because she’s not ‘giving up this body for that’ …plausible.

I like when Booth calls Brennan “Aunty Bones”. And with this new cash advance, ‘Aunty’ is making some serious bones…seven figs?…not bad. Booth uses his money for food and rent…yes, Booth, so do I…so do a lot of people.

I like Brennan’s growing reaction toward Andy…she shows compassion. There is also a nice moment where Brennan promises to leave if it gets too dangerous. She is thinking of others. Good character development.

I think she is shocked by how much she likes this baby (Dancing Phalanges!). She won’t let Booth take him to child services, and she also opens up a can on the bad guy…that’s an awe inspiring moment of maternal instinct. Don’t Mess!

I think they both are shocked at how good the idea of “our little guy” sounds. I don’t

know if Brennan wants a baby, but it’s clear she wants a family.

Brennan comes up with a good idea at the end on how to use her advance. Booth has some pretty good ideas too. I’m not sure either of them realize that he pretty much included himself in her future…that was nice…confirmed.

Favorite lines of the night:

  • Brennan to Andy… ‘Elephants aren’t purple…this is wrong’.
  • Booth to Brennan… ‘I’m not talking teats with you’.

Microsoft Word to your mother,
– Seeleybaby

P.S…Next week’s episode is going to be A-MA-ZING…see you then!

Seeleybaby is glad the writer’s strike is over but now has to clear out her DVR for new episodes of Bones, The Office, and Scrubs. She also is still sad Arrested Development isn’t on (COME ON!) and is looking forward to more Flight of the Conchords.

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5 Responses to “BONES Recap: The Baby in the Bough”

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  2. Patty on April 29th, 2008 10:35 am

    I watched OTH first last night so this was my second baby filled episode of TV last night. Not a happy camper me. I think Bones did it better but I still find babies annoying. I liked Bones with the baby better than Booth (Dancing phalanges! and the purple elephant were great) I will say I am starting to like Cam more. I really used to not like her. Story wise, it was a little hard to follow, I agree. Too many people and we never even saw the accountant guy. Except the bone frags in the tire bits. I want me some Sweets! I would take him over a stupid baby any day!

  3. Emily on April 29th, 2008 10:50 am

    I loved so many lines – the purple elephant, the dancing philanges. It was aoo so cute!
    Wow, just rereading it I love it even more!

  4. Kimber on April 29th, 2008 12:30 pm

    I reeeeeeeally enjoyed this episode! That baby (or those babies) was absolutely adorable. The blonde hair, the blue eyes … gorgeous kid(s). “Auntie Bones” made me giggle EVERY single time Booth said it, and that was awesome. So was Brennan and her “Dancing Phalanges” song, and also blowing on Baby Andy’s belly. Absolutely sweet.

    I loved Jack Hodgins even more than ever before in this episode, and his words to Angela. Even though they may not have been phrased in the best manner (“wider”?), the message he was giving – that he’d find her sexy no matter what – was wonderful.

  5. John on April 29th, 2008 1:43 pm

    The crime was (spoilers):

    The foreman at the tire recycling center was embezzling from the company and the accountant from D.C. found out. The foreman then murders the accountant and the baby’s mother witnesses it (or figures it out – I forget which) and gets the murder weapon (somehow) and puts in the safe deposit box. She was then blackmailing the foreman about the murder. He follows her, runs her off the road killing her and then torches the car.