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Are You Going to Comic Con?

July 10, 2008 by  

If you are going to be heading to Comic Con and might be willing to help out with’s coverage of the TV panels PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know.  The schedule is getting a little insane and there are going to be panels (like possibly THE OFFICE and LOST) that I’m not going to be able to attend.  I know?!  I can’t stand it.

But if you are going and would maybe want to share your thoughts on the panels or even some pictures with us I know I’d be grateful, but I’m sure your fellow GMMRers who can’t attend would also be happy to hear from you.

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7 Responses to “Are You Going to Comic Con?”

  1. Erica on July 10th, 2008 3:47 pm

    I’ll be at Comic-Con, and will be more than happy to help out! Saturday is going to be ridiculous. Just let me know what I need to do!

  2. Jen on July 10th, 2008 4:50 pm

    I won’t be there. 🙁 But I will be at the X-Files premiere in LA on the 23rd!!!!

    Please Kathy, I beg you to go to the BSG and Dollhouse panels. Please please please.

  3. Give Me My Remote on July 10th, 2008 4:58 pm

    I’m hoping to be able to go to Dollhouse, and planning on it but it really all depends on the lines.

    I won’t be going to BSG, and I hate it, but Pushing Daisies starts the minute BSG ends and it’s just not possible to get from one to the other. The only way would be if they were right next door to each other and we could be guaranteed seating at Pushing Daisies (which is not easy to get).

  4. Natalie on July 10th, 2008 5:10 pm

    I will be going and will be glad to share pics and stuff. I hope to hit BSG…since you will have ample coverage of Pushing Daisies. I will live vicariously through your experience. I need that schedule so I can plan my “attack”. =)

  5. Jen on July 10th, 2008 9:00 pm

    I’m going and would be happy to share pictures (I have a new camera) and some stories. I’m going to the office panel and not sure what else as of yet. Let me know how I can help 🙂

  6. Philiana Ng on July 10th, 2008 10:00 pm

    I will be attending all four days of Comic-Con and would love to help out in any way. My current Comic-Con schedule is a bit light so I’d be willing to attend any panels you can’t make.

  7. Liz on July 14th, 2008 3:06 pm

    Unfortunately, I can’t make it out to San Diego this year, but I can’t wait to read your coverage on the event! I am so disappointed that I’ll be missing the chance to see the legendary Yoshitaka Amano, who apparently is going to signing copies of his newest book, Mateki: The Magic Flute, and the event. I am a huge Amano fan and it is such a rare occurrence that he makes such appearances. Looks like I will have to wait out until the fall when he is coming to New York City. But if you can make it to Comic Con, definitely check out Amano along with his new book and report back to me to let me know how it is!