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The Summer Ends for SWINGTOWN

September 7, 2008 by  


If you’ve ever listened to our TV Talk Podcast then you know that Dan from Ducky Does TV and I often, but not always, have similar thoughts on the TV we watch.  Our mutual love for TV is what brought us together in the first place so many moons ago. And so it’s no big surprise that Dan and I both fell in love with CBS’s summer show, SWINGTOWN.

It wasn’t always bell bottoms and feather hair for me.  The show started off a little rough and it took a few episodes until it found solid ground, but when it did it surpassed all my expectations and proved to be a funny, poignant and heartwarming/breaking show featuring some truly incredible acting.

I’m sorry that SWINGTOWN fell victim to my lackadaisical summer of blogging.  I should have written about it more.  It deserved it.

The show is over and it’s not looking likely for a second season.  But today Ducky sent off the show in fine fashion by looking back at what turned out to be a truly wonderful TV experience. I’ll let him do the talking for both of us.

Friday night’s finale of CBS’s surprisingly amazing SWINGTOWN made me cry my eyes out on more than one occasion. There was this overwhelming sadness watching what was probably the final hour of a show that deserved so much more attention than it received.

Swingtown surpassed it’s randy premise and proved to be a show about change on the cusp of the bicentennial and it only got better as the summer went on. No longer was it about Grant Show in the shortest shorts possible bedding every Trina, Susan and Farrah, it was about relationships, family and women on the verge of independence at an important time in American history.

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2 Responses to “The Summer Ends for SWINGTOWN”

  1. Todd on September 7th, 2008 9:54 pm

    This show ABSOLUTELY deserves to at least make it to the 80’s. I’ve loved it since the first episode, and I admit it, I originally tuned in to see how far it would push the envelope. I got hooked, I don’t think there is one character I would complain about, but I must say that it was Janet that kept me involved. She was placed in enough uncomfortable scenarios, but it was interesting watching her make her way through. This show needs to come back, I truly think if it had a regular season audience, it would make it.

  2. Deanna on September 12th, 2008 2:40 pm

    I LOVED this show!!!!! It had me hooked from day 1 and want to see it come back! The characters were great and I fell in love with them all and the plots around each one were fantastic. I so looked forward to Friday night to watch and see what was going to happen with each one. I loved the music, the clothes, and everything about it was wonderful. Please bring it back!!!!!