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Andy Richter to Join Conan on THE TONIGHT SHOW

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Former LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN co-host Andy Richter will be joining Conan once again when Conan takes over as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW in June.  Accoring to THR.com Andy has been named the new TONIGHT SHOW announcer. But Richter’s involvement with the show will go beyond just the intro, he’ll be in “comedic pieces” as well according to NBC.

Personally I’m stoked to have Andy and Conan back together.  Andy will bring so much to the show without either men being held to a host/co-host relationship.  I’m a big fan of Andy Richter and welcome him back to TV on a more regular schedule.

HOUSE: The Softer Side

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Last week, I asked whether the producers of House had thrown down the gauntlet regarding Foreman & Thirteen’s increased roles on the show. With the entire television world struggling to accurately calculate ratings, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that Omar Epps & Olivia Wilde’s added screen time is turning away scores of loyal “House-holds.” On the other hand, the feedback that we read on GMMR, along with the opinions offered at other respected blogs & entertainment sites, have crystallized the disconnect between longtime fans, who long for a return to the House-driven plots of Seasons One through Three, and newer viewers who find the soap-driven elements of the Foreteen saga to be tantalizing and compelling.

This week’s chapter brought the two competing camps into direct conflict, with both Dr. House and the new couple sharing the spotlight. If you are drawn to the show because of Hugh Laurie’s aptitude for all things thespian, I would assume that the roller coaster that House rode this week was to your liking. At the same time, if you enjoy a little romance with your misdiagnoses, Foreteen’s efforts to hide their relationship while helping the young patient provided enough light moments to satisfy your romantic comedy quota.

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Chuck vs. The Best Friend

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So, last night was one of the most ghetto TV watching experiences I’ve had in awhile (cable issues), and normally I’d just wait for the internet but I am dedicated to bringing you your juicy recaps, and so I watched a very fuzzy NBC on bunny ears and since the sound went in and out, I busted out my weather radio that also picks up TV audio. So the sound was actually really reliable, but I couldn’t see some of the subtleties, so feel free to add anything I missed in the discussion in the comments. Onward!

You know I love it when they combine the spy plot and the Buy More plot, and having the Nerd Herd plus Morgan doing spy work from a van was hilarious. And Sarah and Casey’s commentary on their spying was pretty hilarious also. Of course my favorite line of the episode was the one from the promo of Lester saying Anna’s lunch date could be her boyfriend, and then them making out and Jeff saying, “Well, it could still be her brother.” But I won’t get too mad at the NBC promo people for spoiling that one, because honestly, if I wasn’t already watching this show and I saw that promo, that line would TOTALLY make me want to watch.

Sidenote, I saw on the What to Watch post that NBC hasn’t picked Chuck up for a third season yet. And what I have to say to that is … ARE YOU KIDDING ME, NBC? What do you think you would put there instead? Maybe some Deal or No Deal? MORE Jay Leno (which, by the way, I am pissed at and boycotting out of loyalty to Conan, because that was a crappy thing to do to him)? Perhaps a Jerry Seinfeld “comedy” special? Why do you suck so bad, NBC? What is Ben Silverman still doing there? Do you think you can spend a little more time and money on the good shows that you have and developing new good programming, instead of just trying to fill time with crap? This is why you are the lowest ranked network IN THE UNIVERSE.

Renew Chuck, NBC, and I will take (some of) it back.

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David Cook & Carrie Underwood Perform at the Idol Experience

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Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordan Sparks and David Cook – the winners from each season of AMERICAN IDOL gathered all together for the first time in Orlando, FL for the opening of The American Idol Experience – a new attraction at Disney World.

At the Idol Experience visitors can audition in true Idol style and make their way to the big stage to perform in front of a live audience. The winner gets a free, cut to the front of the line pass during next season’s IDOL auditions.

As a big IDOL fan I would have loved to been there for the gathering of all the past winners. Although I’ve heard rumors that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson performed together I haven’t been able to find the video (which means in might not have happened).  But I did find this fantastic duet between IDOL winners David Cook and Carrie Underwood!!

More videos after the jump.
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Privileged | 9pm on The CW

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Megan learns that her father is drinking again; Luis tells Sage he doesn’t believe in gay marriage and refuses to attend Marco’s wedding; Megan gives Laurel the first draft of her biography; Will and Megan have a fight.

Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, February 23, 2009

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I truly enjoy Monday night TV.  Some of my very favorite characters like Chuck Bartwoski, Chuck Bass, Gregory House, Sheldon Cooper, Blair Waldorf and Barney Stinson all get together on the same night for my merriment.  Sheldon and Barney won’t be back until March (boo), and there won’t be any gossiping tonight from anyone on the Upper East Side, but there’s still a lot of great TV and a lot of leading men to keep us all entertained tonight.

My TV lineup tonight includes last night’s THE AMAZING RACE (I didn’t see it so shhhh), CHUCK, HOUSE, last part of last week’s HEROES and then (if I’m still awake), this week’s episode.

What will YOU be watching tonight?

Chuck | 8pm on NBC
“Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Chuck helps Morgan spy on Anna and flashes on her new boyfriend; Jeff and Lester try to get Ellie and Awesome to hire their band for the wedding. [GMMR: There are very few other shows on TV that I look forward to more than CHUCK.  Why hasn’t NBC picked it up for a third season yet?  Are they hpoing that maybe ‘Knight Rider’ will suddenly become quality? What am I missing?  Why are not more people tuning in to watch?  Let me hear from the CHUCK lovers but also from those who don’t watch.  Why not?]

The Bachelor | 8pm on ABC
“The Women Tell All”
Fifteen of the bachelorettes return to the studio to confront each other; the rejected women predict who they think Jason will ultimately choose. [GMMR: This guy hasn’t picked his gal yet?  Come on already?  It’s not like it’s going to last.  It’s ok if you make the wrong choice.]

House | 8pm on Fox
The Softer Side”
The team treats a teenager who doesn’t know that he has genetic mosaicism; Wilson and Cuddy think something is wrong with House when he starts acting nice. [GMMR: First, what is “mosaicism”? Second, I don’t like when House is nice.  It’s just not natural.]

Heroes | 9pm on NBC
“Cold Wars

Matt holds H.R.G hostage and forces him to reveal how he got involved with Nathan’s plot to capture people with abilities; Matt’s findings bring Peter face-to-face with the Hunter.[GMMR: I’m going to go home and finish watching last night’s episodes and then I’ll officially be caught up on HEROES. Well, at least one the brand new episodes that is.]

24 | 9pm on Fox
Day 7: 5:00PM – 6:00PM
Chloe helps Jack and Renee track Dubaku; the FBI and the first family deal with recent developments involving double agents. [GMMR: My friend just finished Season 1. It took her more than one day.  Jack Bauer is very efficient with his time.]

Kyle XY | 9pm on ABC Family
Chemistry 101″
Kyle tries to figure out how to make things right with Jesse; Amanda and Nate’s new relationship makes Kyle jealous. [GMMR: Anyone watching Kyle XY?]

Medium | 10pm on NBC
“…About Last Night”

Allison wakes up beneath a freeway overpass with no recollection of how she got there; Joe is frustrated when Ariel starts learning how to drive. [GMMR:Despite how good people tell me this show is, I just don’t go ghost shows.  My imagination is just too active.]

Also playing…

  • The Closer | 8pm on TNT: In the Season 4 finale, Brenda and Fritz’s wedding is only a day away, but obsessive investigations jeopardize the big event. Here, Brenda probes a murder at an escort service, while Fritz focuses on finally nabbing a high-rung drug figure.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager | 8pm on ABC Family: Anne receives a potential job offer; Adrian tries to change her style; Jack raises money for underprivileged children.
  • Trust Me | 9pm on TNT: Mason and Conner try to impress one of Mason’s biggest clients; Sarah gets upsetting news from her ex-husband.
  • True Beauty | 10pm on ABC: The three finalists participate in a sexy, seminude photo shoot; Vanessa reveals that the competition is about inner and outer beauty; one person becomes winner.

The Oscar Hangover

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Having a few technical glitches with GiveMeMyRemote.com this morning so I’m not sure if you’ll even see this post. But in case you do, I thought I might as well open up a post to talk about last night’s Oscars while we try to get things fixed and normal posting can resume.

I really enjoyed last night’s show. I thought the new, more intimate format made for a beautiful set design. Hugh Jackman was fantastic, and while I wasn’t completely won over by the big song and dance number with Beyone, Zac Efron, Lily Kane and the crew, I thought Hugh’s opening bit was fantastic. He’s so talented. And I like the surprise duet with the talented Anne Hathaway.

The storytelling that was involved in how the awards were handed out was nice too. The sets and the presenters were used to remind us all just how a picture is made. And no one was better suited to talk about the genius of writing than Tina Fey (wow!) and Steve Martin. I could have just watched them on stage all night.

I’m not a big movie goer (I like the pause button on my remote…I get too antsy in movies). But I was happy to see that some of my favorite actors like Kate Winslet won! The speech by Heath Ledger’s family had me a little chocked up. And I hope that Brad and Angie scooped some of those little SLUMDOG kids because they were too cute for words and I’d like to see them again.

Dustin Lance Black, the young writer of MILK got my award for favorite acceptance speech of the night. It was a close time between him and the Japanese filmmaker who said “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”. Classic.

I know some were on the fence about how they presented the acting awards. I thought it was beautiful to see past winners honoring the nominees in such an interesting way. It may have made me tear up a few times.

The Ben Stiller bit as Joaquin would have been a bit funnier to me if I didn’t see it done better just the day before at the Independent Spirit Awards. But my favorite LOL moments of the night had to come from the awkward camera cute between Angelina & Brad and Jennifer Aniston as Jennifer was presenting. Awkward…and kind of awesome. But I think everyone’s over it now, and has been for a while. So let’s move on.

As I type I’ve got the song from Slumdog in my head which means I should run off and do some Bollywood dancing.

I really hope that this will post some I can hear what YOU thought of last night’s Oscars! Fingers crossed GMMR will be back up and running soon!

Heroes | 9pm on NBC

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Matt holds H.R.G hostage and forces him to reveal how he got involved with Nathan’s plot to capture people with abilities; Matt’s findings bring Peter face-to-face with the Hunter.

House | 8pm on Fox

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The team treats a teenager who doesn’t know that he has genetic mosaicism; Wilson and Cuddy think something is wrong with House when he starts acting nice.


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It’s Sunday morning and I just got around to watching Friday night’s second episode of DOLLHOUSE.  Well, that’s not the whole truth. “Just got around to watching” is a little misleading. It implies that I’ve been too busy doing other things to watch. The truth is, DOLLHOUSE has been sitting on my DVR since Friday night, and although I had the time, I didn’t feel compelled to watch it until this morning.  I’m not sure why.  It’s not like I hated the first episode.  But for some reason I chose flipping through the channels yesterday over watching the second episode.  I thought perhaps my feeling of indifference was saying something about my future with the show, but after watching the second episode I don’t think that’s the case.

Last night’s episode of DOLLHOUSE worked for me. Not all of it, but most of it.  I still think the weakest part of the story (and the acting) takes place within the walls of the Dollhouse itself, but the mission of the week caught my attention. Unlike last week’s “hostage negotiator” persona, I found Outdoorsy!Echo to be believable. What was asked from her wasn’t too bizarre and I could really buy that she truly became this person rather than acting as a result of a programmable imprint.

The concept of a hunter getting his rocks through the ultimate cat and mouse game was exciting and played really well with the concept of the Dollhouse.  He wanted to be tested.  He wanted the ultimate challenge. Echo provided to be his most interesting prey.  Well, at least until she stuck that arrow in his neck.

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The Academy Awards | 8:30pm on ABC

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Honors for achievements in film take place at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles; Hugh Jackman hosts. Red carpet arrivals show on ABC at 8pm. Red carpet arrivals on E! starting at 6pm est.

Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Sunday, February 22, 2009

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It’s Oscar night! TV takes a back seat to film when the top movies from this year are honored. All the secrecy around the event has me intrigued.  I’m not a huge movie buff but I’ll still be checking it out.

Feel free to share your Oscar picks below.  I haven’t seen most of the films but I’m rooting for Kate Winslet (my favorite actress), Slumdog Millionaire and of course Heath Ledger (whom I’m sure is a lock). I haven’t seen “The Wrestler” but I want Mickey Rourke to win for no other reason than I think his speech will be fun!

Most of the networks took the night off from counter programming, except for CBS who is THE AMAZING RACE up against one of the biggest ratings grab of the year.  Should be interesting.  Will it pay off?

What Sunday shows are YOU going to be watching tonight?

The Oscars | 8:30pm on ABC
Honors for achievements in film take place at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles; Hugh Jackman hosts. Red carpet arrivals show on ABC at 8pm. Red carpet arrivals on E! starting at 6pm est.

The Amazing Race | 9pm on CBS
“The Target is Your Partner’s Face”
An injured racer is forced to make a game-changing decision when Mother Nature intervenes; hopes of a mountain rescue preoccupy another racer; one team is eliminated.

The L Word | 9pm on HBO
“Lactose Intolerant”

Jenny throws a baby shower; Bette and Tina have troubles in the adoption process; Bette goes to the opening night without Tina; Shane feels boxed in; Alice begins to feel crowded.

Big Love | 9pm on HBO
“Come Ye, Saints”
The Henrickson clan’s ties are tested when they make a pilgrimage to New York to visit a Joseph Smith shrine, where Bill wishes to bury a family time capsule.

Flight of the Conchords | 10pm on HBO
“Love is the Weapon of Choice”
Bret and Jemaine become rivals for the attentions of the same woman (Kristen Wiig), who happens to have an epileptic dog that has gone missing.

United States of Tara | 10pm on Showtime
Tara’s parents visit, ostensibly for Charmaine’s birthday, but Max discovers that they are there to take the kids to live with them while Tara deals with her mental-health issues, and Max tries to keep his wife from finding out the true purpose of the visit.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl | 10:30pm on Showtime
Her break-up with Alex leaves Belle free to concentrate solely on the job and she accepts Bambi’s offer to work a sex party at a country manor, where she violates one of her cardinal rules and has a few drinks, loses control and lands herself and Bambi in trouble with the client

Also playing…

  • The Barbara Walters Special | 7pm on ABC: Oscar nominees Anne Hathaway and Mickey Rourke, Oscar host Hugh Jackman and teen heartthrobs the Jonas Brothers talk to journalist Barbara Walters.
  • 100 Outrageous Moments 2 | 9pm on NBC: Outrageous clips culled from viewer submissions, TV bloopers and game shows.
  • Eastbound & Down | 10:30pm on HBO: Kenny tries to make extra money by pitching himself as spokesman for a luxury car dealership; Kenny and his driver make an appearance at the middle school dance.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live | 12:00am on ABC: Jimmy’s “After the Oscars” special can’t be missed.  Last year’s event gave us the memorable “I’m Fu$%ing Ben Affleck” Tonight’s guests include actor Mel Gibson and Robin Thicke who will be performing.

Grease 2 | 10:30pm on ABC Family

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Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock ‘n roll. A square British exchange student turns hip motorcyclist to woo a cool girl in his 1961 high school.

Summer School | 10:30pm on HBO Family

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The vice principal makes a high-school gym teacher teach catch-up English to a group of misfits.

Hitch | 8:30pm on ABC

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Will Smith stars as smooth-talking man falls for a hardened columnist while helping a shy accountant (Kevin James) woo a beautiful heiress.

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