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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “The Three Days Rule” & “Mobius Designs”

April 28, 2009 by  

Hey everyone, it’s Jen, finally getting around to chatting with you about the last episode of HIMYM and commenting about the most recent episode. HIMYM’s wonky scheduling has been a pain plus I went on a mini vacay to NYC which ending up having a slight veiled theme of the TV series I’ll be chatting about today. So, let’s get started!

The Three Days Rule
We’re back to the trickery against Ted. Ted has become the whole gang’s punching bag. Fool Ted once, shame on you. Fool Ted every week, shame for us fans.

Ted’s tendency to go too fast too soon with the ladies is well documented. Just ask Robin.  So when Ted exchanged numbers with a girl named Holli at the bar, Marshall & Barney warned him of calling to soon.  They reminded him of the three day rule. Wait at least three days before calling a girl after getting her number. Knowing Ted wasn’t going to follow their advice, the guys swiped Ted’s cell and switched out Holli’s number for Barney’s work cell.  And when Ted started to “texty text” with whom he thought was Holli they guys couldn’t help but play along.

While the plot seemed a little recycled from something I’ve seen before and can’t quite remember there were still a few things that the show put their own spin on. Like Barney and Marshall sexting Ted!!!

Their game continued until Sherbatsky found out and told Ted.  He decided to have a little texty text fun with the guys by sharing with “Holli” that he had a gay sex dream about his best friend.  Of course the guys battled about who his best friend was and who Ted would rather have sex with. Funny stuff.

The clips of Holli changing to Barney and Marshall after Robin let Ted know what they were doing to him were truly hilarious. And Barney and Marshall fighting over who Ted would crush on – I nearly fell off the couch. Marshall proclaiming, “I’m cuddly bitch, deal with it!” – best line and delivery of the night! Well, except for Stan’s smooth voice reciting poetry.

Dang, Robin has gotten action in both of these episodes while I didn’t notice Barney pounce on a woman at all. Are they really changing Barney ever so slightly that it’s almost unnoticeable to the untrained viewer?

In the end, with all the hype Ted made about going against the three day rule, his date with Holli was disastrous. He was dating the female version of himself! And it was not a pretty sight. It was actually cringe-worthy. Hopefully this one date with Holli will be a mirror for Ted and it’ll help him change a little more before finding the titular “Mother”. Anyone else “awwwwww” out loud when Ted told his kids he called their mother right away when he got her number? Hey, I don’t want to change Ted completely but there are definitely a few things he could work on.

This episode still worked even though a main character was missing in this entire episode. It goes to show that the writers don’t need to drop the ball just because one character can’t be there, which many series tend to fall into that hole.

So, what did you think of the last two episodes? Do you like Ted and Robin as roommates? What are your feelings towards all the shared screen of NPH and Jason Segel? Are you missing Lily?

…and since we didn’t get to talk about it last week, let’s chat about “Mobius Designs”

Mosbius Designs

Ted finally started his own architecture firm with the dorkiest name ever, Mosbius Designs. But he procrastinated in the search for clients, the one thing every company needs in order to be successful. Ted also found someone to help him procrastinate, a young protégé by the name of PJ. PJ, however, found his own distraction in Robin. Is it OK for me to be jealous of Robin, a fictional character? Because I was. PJ was played by the ridiculously cute Ryan Sypek from “Wildfire” who I adore and also hails from my area.

Marshall, meanwhile, worried that his job was on the line and needed to provide a reason for GNB to not let him go.  Barney suggested that Marshall associate with something that made his indispensible to his co-workers…but of course it couldn’t be work related. The factory line of characters that work at GNB, from “the food guy” to “the toy guy” to “the fantasy guy” was truly a sight to see. The guy that gives massages, however…CREEPY! Marshall eventually found his place at GNB as the Sports Guy – handing (or mishandling the company’s fantasty baseball team).

At MacLaren’s we got a little more Robarney action, which is always good. Just enough to keep us satisfied but not too much to that we’re being clobbered by a hammer. I really feel like with the finale drawing near, we’re on a course right now and all roads lead to Robarney! And I’m good with that. With Lily out of the picture for almost the entire episode and with Marshall and Barney working so closely lately, it was finally time for Barney to admit to Marshall his true feelings for Robin. Three down, one more to go. Even though Lily already spilled the beans, it was nice hearing what Lily and Marshall thought of the pairing and that they have been cleverly sitting next to each other in order to force Robin and Barney to sit together. See, another sly move on the writers’ parts, which I have been definitely noticing. Tricky tricky, but I’m on to you and totally on board for the Robarney action. Even trickier: Marshall’s diabolical plan to sabotage Robin and PJ for Barney’s sake AND make his Sports Guy responsibilities easier on himself. Bravo Marshall. You are a formidable match for our dear puppet-master Lily.

Upstairs in the apartment, Ted and Robin discussed the future of Mosbius Designs. Ted’s procrastination was rooted in his fear of failure. Isn’t that what many of us do? We choose to not do anything in order to delay what we see as the inevitable disappointment if we fall short.

This was a cute and fun episode. Not heavy. I love the bromance between Marshall and Barney. With Lily’s shortened screen time due to her portrayer’s true-life pregnancy, they needed to pair Marshall up with someone and Barney truly brings out every character’s best qualities.

Jen is our resident HIMYM aficionado. During her last trip to NYC she went to McGee’s, the inspiration for MacLaren’s, had two hot dogs and papaya juice from Gray’s Papaya, attempted to see Letterman and was mere feet away from Regis. If only he wasn’t sick, they could have ventured out for a burger.


3 Responses to “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “The Three Days Rule” & “Mobius Designs””

  1. SB on April 28th, 2009 1:05 pm

    “I’m cuddly, bitch!” was SO awesome. Jason Segel is the best.

  2. marcy on April 28th, 2009 5:30 pm

    Stan was awesome!
    Loved Barney and Marshall in the cheerleader outfits reading “Architectural Digest” on the couch spooning…SO FUNNY! Great espisde!

  3. Karen (Kath's sis) on April 28th, 2009 5:50 pm

    The opening had me rolling with laughter…”hey Jesus, what up?” LOL!!!!!! I just love this show. The one thing that irks me is one week Barney is jumping out of his skin over Robin and another week (like this one) no reaction what so ever. actually I take that back maybe I like the subtle-ness of it all! Anyway great couple of epis!