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BONES: Bond in the Boot

September 25, 2009 by  

“Brain and Heart, Bones…brain and heart”. That is what this episode was about. I know that I tend to be optimistic about BONES episodes, but I think this one came just about as close to perfect as any episode I can think of. The case was whip smart and scientific. Booth was FBI-special and kicked butt. Brennan was brilliant and confident. But that’s not all…

All in all, I loved every moment. I’ll even excuse what has to be the MOST DISGUSTING BODIES EVER! I mean…seriously. Welcome back to gross, and ‘welcome back’ to the dinner I ate before watching this ep. Getting your hand cut off with your own knife sucks. Getting run over by James Bond’s car…not cool. But THEN you are eaten by cats? Sick, sick, sick.

The case:

The show really made an effort to showcase the case, and so I’ll make an effort to actually discuss it, haha. A Russian gems dealer arrives in the US with a briefcase only to be killed (see above) by a James Bond imposter. But then old J. Bond ends up being the ‘Bond in the Boot’ of his own car. AND he’s a CIA analyst. But still…where’s the briefcase? And what’s in it? What COULD be more valuable than diamonds? Come to find out the CIA analyst was rolling on his own, trying to solve his own lead. He sends the secretary a secret message, only the squint squad can decipher.

Intrigue, skeletons, accents, posturing heads of departments, and plumbing. Who could ask for more?

The Squints:

I’m going to lump them all together this time, since I discussed more of the case and want to cover all of B&B. I liked the teamwork about getting Wendell his scholarship back. I LOVED the part where Wendell comes up to the platform, and they all greet him cheerily. Brennan’s frozen face at that moment was so funny and so perfect for her. Like “Everyone is pretending to be happy, but it’s a lie, but I don’t want to give it away, but…it’s a LIE, but…” and probably a million more thoughts. Awesome. AWESOME!

Our boy Wendell solved this case, too, which rocked. Loved Booth bringing it all back to hockey for him.

Sweets vs. the Kid from the State Department was fun.

Honorary Squint award to the CIA secretary. She just couldn’t keep a secret, could she? Ironically, she was entrusted with a huge one and never knew it.

The Teacher & the Student:

Ah, Brennan has money, but Booth has clearance!

I, for one, loved that Brennan wanted Booth to pay for the book. I think she really doesn’t care about her money. She honestly saw it as a favor. He needed the book; she found it; she bought it. What she cares MORE about is what she has always cared about from day one: truth and knowledge.

I think she’s amazed at how quickly Booth’s attitude changes when she encourages him that she wants him to teach her. It’s really night and day, and she wants to examine that.

What Booth has always cared about is justice and relationships. So he’s able to crack this case, with the help of his team, and help Wendell save his job. Did you see the way he just pinpointed right to what Wendell needed? That’s the Booth we love, right? And then…

Mmmmm, Bones fans…did that plumbing scene jump to your top ten B&B moments of all time? Ack! Fangirl analysis:

1. They are both VERY cute in their casual wear.
2. I love how partway through it, Booth tosses the book aside and they just go for it.
3. I thought Brennan was more affected physically than Booth. I still think she’s the one Dr. Wyatt was talking about in ‘Mayhem’, but I digress.
4. When he wrapped his arm around her to get to the water valve, I think I stopped breathing.
5. But the BEST moments were when they were confiding in each other. There is an open door there now; no secrets. Brennan feels close to him, and Booth smiles at her, which says more than words can.
6. Your thoughts? Please, please, please, let’s talk about it!

She was the heart, and he was the brain.

Student, teacher. Brain, heart. Trust, knowledge. Booth, Brennan. Love.

Lines of the night:

Booth: We don’t know what’s in the case; call in the Cavalry.

Rutledge: I know how to do my job.

Brennan: Then how come we found the killer and the case?

What say you? Did this second episode of season five continue to build your confidence that the show is where it needs to be? Let me know!


10 Responses to “BONES: Bond in the Boot”

  1. Kristina on September 25th, 2009 5:34 pm

    Yes, that plumbing scene was great! For a while I thought the writers were abandoning everything that happened last week, but now we know it’s still on Booth’s mind. I’m not sure I really want them to hook up, but the flirtation is so much fun.

    One thing bugged me about this ep. No one smelled a 3-day rotting corpse in a car trunk? Really?

    I have a feeling this plotline with the CIA will recur, as with the gravedigger plotline.

  2. Emily on September 25th, 2009 5:45 pm

    I actually wasn’t a fan of the episode, I think my mind was distracted. But I did love the plumbing scene.

    And Kristina – the rotting corpse question…. they actually did studies were people, without knowing what they were searching for, didn’t really think anything of the smell (other than a bit gross, but nothing too unusual) up to like 10 yards or something from the body. So yeah, kind of oddly possible.

    Apparently I spend too much of my life in death and decay…

  3. Imogen on September 25th, 2009 6:02 pm

    I LOVED the plumbing scene in this episode, but who wouldn’t adore seeing Brennan and Booth is such close quarters?! I do disagree a little bit though because I think Booth was the one that Wyatt was talking about in ‘Mayhem on a Cross’; he is the one whose feelings for the other has truly been admitted and realised, and also the way he reached up to touch where she had put his handkerchief back in the ep. (which just happened to by his heart) when she’d already moved away just showed to me (IMO) that he was the one who was looking for something more at that moment.

    Oh my goodness though, this episode was seriously good. I love it when the Squints are all ‘in the zone’ and rushing to solve the case in time

  4. bubblewrap on September 25th, 2009 6:22 pm

    I was really down after season 4 ended and I wasn’t that excited for the show to come back. But the first 2 episodes of this season have been so good! I’ve liked how nothing has been too over the top- I really hope they keep this up for the whole season because I am loving it! And the ending scene was beyond adorable!

  5. Kelly on September 25th, 2009 7:09 pm

    The case didn’t do much for me this week (except it allowed Angela to do her thing awesomely!), but I still really liked the ep. Wendell hasn’t been my favorite intern, but I loved his storyline this episode. Anybody else picking up on some serious chemistry between Wendell and Cam?

    Ahh, B&B rocked it this week! Any time there can be a role reversal between Bones and Booth, I’m all for it. I especially loved that after Sweets explained to Brennan how much it would mean to Booth to be able to teach her something, she truly committed to it. And I’m not a total B&B fangirl, but I did gasp a little when he reached around her to turn off the water. 🙂 Also, I think for Brennan to actually say to Booth that she feels close to him is a huge deal!

    As much as I didn’t care for the case as it went along (I’m not into the whole James Bond thing), I loved the ending of it. The guy who was told he wasn’t good enough to be a field agent stood up to torture that would make anyone succumb, and was rewarded with a star on the fallen agent wall. Loved it!

    Still absolutely loving Bones, and can’t wait until the next ep!

  6. Gum on September 25th, 2009 11:10 pm

    I realize that we are only two episodes into the new season, but to me it has the same balance/feel as Seasons 1 and 2 as opposed to the off-kilter sometimes corny feel that Seasons 3 and especially 4 had; not that they weren’t good, but the focus shifted. Now we’re back to “old school” Booth and Bones with the new love twist.

    One of the big things I’ve enjoyed about the last two eps is how well the ensemble cast has been used. Bones has a knack for casting well, and works VERY well when all of the pieces are used. For example, I’ve enjoyed how Angela isn’t as needy/insecure any more and that she and Hodgins have been interacting without the awkwardness of last season. Cam has been wonderful too and is to Booth what Angela is to Brennan.

    I’ve really enjoyed the judicious use of Sweets! He’s a good character but was very overused last season- especially in the interrogation room and the lab; he doesn’t fit in the lab. He’s slipped back into what he was doing in Season 3 and I like that.

    As for the two leads, I really like that the coma has freed Booth in a way to feel for Brennan instead of repressing everything. It was great seeing him unsure of himself last week, but not nearly as much this week. The best shift, however, has been getting him back to the no-nonsense tough guy cop that I swooned over in S1 and 2. Goofy Booth isn’t funny, witty Booth is great, and assertive Booth is just plain hawt(sorry fangirl moment, still excited after the sink scene)! I appreciate that he is back to being the in charge guy in the interrogation room and especially tonight he was the guy who got things done.

    Brennan hasn’t so much gone backwards as forwards, and I like that she is now thinking of others(Wendell, Booth) before herself. It seems as if she’s finally come to terms with the fact that she loves him and is just not sure if it’s mutual. This week’s episode was rife with Brennan growth. Also good that she’s balancing time between the lab and the investigation.

    I would love to see these two become a couple and especially watch Booth “court” Brennan. Tonight’s ep showed there’s still plenty for them to bicker about, and that they can make domestic chemistry work.

    As much as I enjoy the relationships, I also enjoy the cases. Some of my favorite episodes(Bush, Verdict) have been centered around the case and how the characters deal with it. LOVE the forensic, squinty talk and the victims whose stories move you! It makes for amazing TV!!!

    Bones, for me is like an onion with tons and tons of layers to explore and I’m VERY excited for the new season!

    Gum 🙂

  7. Patty on September 26th, 2009 1:59 am

    First? The actual Bond in the boot was disgusting. I had an idea about the cats before it happened thanks to a tweet so I was prepared but the flesh sliding off the dude’s face? I am so glad I don’t eat until 10pm on Thursdays!

    Although those cats looking at B&B and licking their chops was pretty funny.

    I think they have recovered nicely from the train wreck of a finale last season and the show has a good feel to it. I hope they keep Wendell around because I really like his. He seems awkward in the same way Brennan is.

    I am liking the season so far. Good job!

  8. Kari on September 26th, 2009 11:11 am

    The cat scene: EW EW EW EW EW EW EWWWWWWW!!! That was sooooo gross; really disgusting!!!!

    Truth be told, I wasn’t all about this case- I even had to re-watch the first scene with Booth and that “kid” from the State Department because I didn’t get what the big deal was at first. Oh well, I figured it out eventually! Ohhh and I can’t believe that kid called Booth old!! I was like, ohmygod shush! Anyway, I was touched at the end when the CIA made arrangements to have a star added to the wall in honor of their analyst- very nice!

    The squints were great again in this episode! I might be in love with Wendell and am so happy that he is not leaving!! I loved how Booth talked hockey with him at the end to pull out what they needed! Also, I loved the overly friendly reactions of Cam, Hodgins, & Ange and Wendell’s reaction to them. And then Hodgins with the ‘you have intimacy issues, man’- hahaha!

    Booth and Bones were fantastic! Booth (aka smart, tough, take-charge Special Agent Booth) is back baby!!! And I couldn’t be happier! I loved the money/happiness talk throughout the episode. Also Brennan telling Booth that she can take a check if it would be easier- too funny! I love love love the new level of flirtation and openness between them. And the plumbing scene was just phenomenal! I might have stopped breathing during it!!!

    So, yeah- my confidence in season 5 is back and I can’t wait for Thursday!!!

  9. izzy on September 28th, 2009 7:26 pm

    loved this episode. i love sweets, and how young and sometimes silly he is. (at least i tuck myself in at night *big goofy grin*)

    here’s a question though. what is going to happen with the Booth/Brennan/Baby situation?? im sure it will come up soon.

  10. Ashley on September 30th, 2009 10:35 pm

    AH! Sorry I’m a lame-o and just now getting to comment… even though I read your review first thing last Friday :-)! I stinkin’ LOVED this episode, and I am LOVING Season 5! I honestly think that it has the potential to be the best season of them all… and it sure has started with a bang!

    Okay, so the bodies… wow. Um, disgusting! Of course, did it actually bother me? Of course not! This is Bones haha!!! The case was kinda cool, but of course the case can never hold a candle compared the relationship development for me. It definitely kept me interested, though.

    Poor Wendell… I felt bad for him even though I knew from the beginning that Brennan would save the day. I love how they’ve accepted Wendell, and I’ve come to realize that I’ve accepted him as well, even though I love Zack so much. Wendell adds another good male character to the show.

    Loved Ange and Hodgins in this episode… they are both so great at the comedic elements!

    Booth & Brennan… wow… seriously, I love the direction that HH is taking this in. It’s so honest and pure and just… perfectly flawed :-)! Bless their hearts, they just can’t do anything the normal or easy way, but the road they are paved is just fabulous! I love how Brennan gets more and more in tune with Booth’s emotional needs and how she is making a conscious effort to do things that please him or help him out… yet she is respecting his pride at the same time. The plumbing scene… absolutely in my top five ever B&B moments! The touching, the conversation, the looks, the laughter… everything that makes B&B what they are!