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October 6, 2009 by  

Students, it’s time to quiet down and get your notepads and pencils ready because class is now in session.

Barney had been single for a very, very long time. He’s not used to being in a relationship.  So can you really blame a guy when he tries to sleepwalk out of his girlfriend’s apartment in the middle of the night?  Or when he looks to avoid dealing with her emotions outside of the bedroom? It’s just what he’s used to.

When Robin questions whether or not Barney is ready for this relationship, it’s Ted that steps up to help a bro out.  Time for a little Robin 101. His plan to save Robarney: teach Barney to be a better boyfriend. As Robin’s ex-boyfriend, Ted is chock-full of information as to what Robin finds important in a mate as well as things she cannot tolerate.

When Robin started to notice that Barney was being highly attentive – sending flowers and bringing breakfast in bed. She came to a very logical conclusion – Barney was cheating on her.

Of course he’s not. And despite his protests to Ted, the very fact that Barney would attend Robin 101 and take such diligent notes really shows how truly in this relationship he is.  He doesn’t want to lose her and he’ll do what it takes to keep her.

As a Robin-centric episode, I don’t think this stacks up. I’m not saying I need every Robin episode to be as fantastic as “Robin Sparkles” but her parts don’t even measure up to her segments in “King Clancy” (finding out which celebrity she slept with) or even “The Front Porch” (slumber party at Lily and Marshall’s to stay up and watch Robin’s show).

The brightest moments all took place in Ted’s classroom. The slideshows were hilarious, Barney’s A.D.…something hit their marks and Ted’s pop quiz was excellent. Those all lead to the rather momentous “Oh Captain, My Captain” moment when Barney commits to Ted’s teachings. And btw, who doesn’t love a Dead Poets Society reference?

As for Marshall’s rather dull storyline about the barrel, he would have been better off just hanging in the classroom with Barney and Ted. I think it would have been much more enjoyable to see Marshall beat Barney in a “Who Knows Robin Better” style contest. Given the amount of time Marshall spends with Robin, I think he would have been a worthy opponent in a clash against Barney.

So now I turn the class over to you. What were your opinions of tonight’s lesson? Are you craving butterscotch over chocolate? Anyone else bothered by the word “bowl” now? I feel weird just typing it.

Jen is our resident HIMYM guru. She uses Tuesdays as her catch-up day for the Monday programming she’s unable to watch that day. If it didn’t make her so cranky at work, she’d probably stay up most of the night to watch everything. Don’t even get her started on Thursday’s line-up.


8 Responses to “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Robin 101”

  1. greenerpuddles on October 6th, 2009 6:54 pm

    I think you’re being kind to a show in desperate need of some tough love. I used to laugh out loud at this show. Now, maybe a smirk and a half giggle. I can’t count on both hands the bits that didn’t work. I can count on both thumbs (they may not have been thumbs, kids) the ones that did. So yeah, I thought the episode stunk. As soon as Ted was teaching Barney how to sexually entice his ex-girlfriend, I had one foot out the door. The combo of Marshall’s barrel and the Asian guy auditing Ted’s class and out went the other one. I have it on good authority the show’s to get funnier in a couple of weeks (on par with last season’s “Naked Man”), but until then I’ll keep bitching about a once great show that’s now just sorta ok.

  2. Todd on October 7th, 2009 7:30 am


  3. Jen (HIMYM) on October 7th, 2009 3:16 pm

    greenerpuddles: I agree that after an Emmy-nominated season, the show has been a tad lackluster. I was anticipating this episode to have better gimmicks (based solely on the name of the episode) but that barrel s/l of Marshall’s was just too atrocious. Does Marshall give a little too much love for things that shouldn’t be loved? Yes, but it just didn’t work.

    But I do believe the pictures and commentary of Robin were a fun treat. Robin sometimes is better when she’s being talked about rather than actually talking.

    I think the show has gotten a little too heavy with the “Robin is from Canada, eh” jokes. And too many episodes referencing Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Star Wars but they’ve seen other movies. I was delighted with Barney’s “O Captain, my Captain”.

    Todd: BOWL

  4. greenerpuddles on October 7th, 2009 5:14 pm

    Jen: I’ll concede that the Robin super death stare was funny. The Dead Poet’s gag would have been funny had I not seen coming all the way from a galaxy far, far away.

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