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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! The last day of the weekend. Tomorrow it’s back to work, school or whatever it is you do Monday thru Friday. But tonight it’s all about some pretty great TV.

New on AMC tonight is THE PRISONER starring Sir Ian McKellan and Jim Caviezel. The full description is below. I haven’t seen it yet, and I haven’t seen many ads about it. Not sure whether or not I’m going to check it out. I’ll see if I’m up to it come 8pm.

I’ve caught a few episodes of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM lately and I must say that despite how grating “Larry David” can be, I found the show very funny.  Not saying I’m making a new commitment, but I might give it a look tonight.

Here are a few shows worth checking out. Sound off and let us know what YOU are watching tonight.

The Amazing Race 15 | 8pm on CBS
“We’re Not Meant for the Swamp”
The teams travel to Estonia, where they participate in a muddy game of volleyball. Phil Keoghan is the host. [GMMR: CBS usually sends out a message if football runs long and pushes back the start of TAR. Keep an eye out for a tweet from me so you know when the show will start.]

The Prisoner | 8pm on AMC
“Arrival”; “Harmony”
A reworking of the 1960s cult hit about an amnesiac (Jim Caviezel) held in a mysterious area called the Village, where fellow inhabitants are known only by numbers. First up: Six is found in the desert and taken to the settlement, but he soon realizes something is amiss among its supposedly contented citizens. Ian McKellen costars as Two, the Village’s enigmatic leader. [GMMR: I’ve heard mixed reviews on the new program. AMC supposedly sent out the screeners, but since I haven’t been to my place to pick up in the mail in a while, I haven’t yet seen it.  Do you think you’ll give the show a shot?]

Family Guy | 9pm on Fox
“Quagmire’s Baby”
Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds that looks just like him; Stewie clones himself.

The Cleveland Show | 9:30pm on Fox
Ladies Night”
Donna is still attending her single-moms support group (and not telling Cleveland about it) because she enjoys the camaraderie. She’s also not telling the other single moms that she’s married. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. runs for student-council president.

Desperate Housewives | 9pm on ABC
“The Coffee Cup”
Susan uncovers a surprising connection between Katherine and Mike; Gaby tries to get Juanita into Catholic school; Lynette’s pregnancy becomes difficult to hide; Angie learns the truth about Bree and Orson’s relationship.

Three Rivers | 9pm on CBS
“The Luckiest Man”
A car crash victim (Mandy Patinkin) dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease refuses medical treatment so his organs can be used to help others; a foster parent with pulmonary hypertension refuses to be admitted to the hospital.

More of tonight’s lineup after the break…

Dexter | 9pm on Showtime
“Road Kill”
Dexter questions his father’s code and seeks answers on a road trip with Trinity; Debra discovers she has been blinded to the trut

Curb Your Enthusiasm | 9pm on HBO
“The Table Read”
Larry is frustrated by a 9-year-old’s text messages; Leon poses as a dead man; Jerry befriends Marty Funkhauser.

Brothers & Sisters | 10pm on ABC
“The Wine Festival”
Ojai’s newest wine is submitted at a local festival; Justin and Rebecca harbor life-changing secrets from each other; Nora has a secret crush on a younger man; Sarah and Luc may not be as compatible as they had hoped.

Californication | 10pm on Showtime
“The Apartment”
Episode Synopsis: Hank is kept up all night after a surprise visit by Jackie (Eva Amurri) and two of her stripper colleagues from the club. He’s really sent scrambling when both Jill (Diane Farr) and Felicia (Embeth Davidtz) show up at his doorstep the next morning before the trio have departed. To complicate things ever further, Dean Koons (Peter Gallagher) also drops by, and Charlie arrives with a verbally abusive Rick Springfield (as himself).

Cold Case | 10pm on CBS
“Read Between the Lines”
The team investigates the 1991 murder of a 14-year-old foster child who was starting to establish herself as a talented rapper.

Also playing…

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition | 8pm on ABC: Actor David Duchovny helps the team rebuild a home for a leukemia survivor and her family.

And you? What will be on your TV tonight?


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  1. Kimber on November 15th, 2009 5:51 pm

    I’m looking forward to Mandy Patinkin’s guest stint on Three Rivers, beginning tonight. I hope the show manages to stay un-canceled so all of his episodes air! (Or, you know, stay un-canceled for a few seasons. That would be preferable).