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SNL: Sexy Jon Hamm as Sexy Senator Scott Brown (Video)

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Sometimes SNL just gets it right. Check out guest host Jon Hamm as he channels his inner playboy better known as newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott “Sexy” Brown.

As Hamm is most familiar as the conservative and poised Don Draper, it’s great fun to see him break out to play such a role.


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Hey Smallville fans! Huge happenings on Smallville this week. Although it just returned (did that take forever or what?) there was plenty of news while Clark Kent was on break! Not only is Mama Kent coming back to town but Annette O’Toole’s real life husband, aka Perry White, has been confirmed as a guest star later this season! We also have the two hour Smallville movie airing next week that was written by Comic Book extraordinaire Geoff Johns!

What else is coming down the pike? The possibility that Smallville could be returning for a tenth season! And while this doesn’t exactly jive with our current Smallville characters, did anyone see Pete Ross on Blue Mountain State? After the drug bust I didn’t think he would be back on the small screen? Anyways…back to last night’s ep!

The rundown…

This newest hour of Smallville centered on Oliver’s dark past coming back to haunt him. Boy, was the Dark Archer a massive package of muscle or what. Also back in the thick of things were of course the couple of the hour, Lois and Clark. I say “couple of the hour” because I have a strong feeling the writers will be pulling the plug on CK and Lois’ current love fest after last night’s developments. On to that later. Chloe was back to her usual; Zod and Mia were also around. There was however no Tess. I’m sure she’ll be back next week.

Anyone who watches Smallville knows that part of the weekly ritual of the show is watching the characters dodge death. This week was different. The Dark Archer wanted to be killed, and by Oliver at that. Now we know where Olly went after his long Island vacation. He doesn’t however want to be part of the secret society which entails killing off your mentor. Mia managed to get involved in the major maze dilemma as well.

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When SUPERNATURAL is firing on all cylinders like it was last night, it almost feels like a really awesome movie instead of a t.v. show. When I originally watched the promo for this episode, I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely feeling it but I didn’t worry too much. I have learned over the years that 99% of the time the forces behind this show don’t cease to amaze, and “Swap Meat” was no different. I said in last week’s post that I would have preferred if Sam and Dean were the ones swapping bodies, but there is no way the story could have been as epic if that had happened (though I do maintain that seeing their versions of each other would be excellent). As it was, there was some hilarious comedy and a healthy dose of really freaking high stakes to go along with it, not to mention a sprinkling of sad emo brother action (from Dean’s perspective, anyway). The only thing missing was Cas (who we haven’t seen by the way since before the holidays – thank god he was in the promo for next week, or I’d be getting very antsy right now).

Dean and Sam, aka Leather Jacket and Sasquatch, initially arrive in town to help their old babysitter with a little poltergeist problem, but this ends up being a minor detail in what becomes a giant fustercluck of a situation. But before things get scary, it’s pretty hilarious. Gary, a local teen who loves Star Wars and excels in school has been boning up on his witchcraft in order to (what else?) thwart his parent’s plan for him to go to M.I.T.. He gets pretty good at it too, and after spotting the Winchesters at the burger place where he works, manages to switch bodies with Sam when Dean’s not around. The scenes of Jared Padalecki as Gary were pretty awesome – especially any scene where he was admiring himself in a mirror. How funny to see the road-weary, seen-everything Sam so excited about ordering alcohol, or being hit on by an older woman at a bar.

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BONES: The Dentist in the Ditch

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Hey, BONES fans, what’s shaking? How did you like this episode? To me, it felt very standard issued BONES, which is a really good thing. The show has been getting excellent ratings for a reason, right? Go ahead and pat yourself on the back and give yourself a Twitter Follow Friday for that! What I really liked about this episode was that the victim and the case were very interesting and very intricately woven into the episode as a whole. It was also cool to see Booth presented with two different situations of ‘not easy to come by’ love, something I believe he knows a little something about.


A man’s body is found at the site of a Civil War reenactment, but Brennan quickly determines that he’s not a Civil War victim. Not since Bodies in the Book have we seen a swarm of bugs like the armies of spiders we saw tonight in the lab. Ew, ew, ew; swarms are the worst. I’ll take eyeballs falling out of sockets before swarms.

Danny Peniard, a local dentist, is the victim. Booth and Brennan go to his home and his contractor is kicking his feet up. But he (Pickford) has a quick alibi; why would he kill Danny? Danny owed him money. Booth and Brennan need to talk to Danny’s ex-boyfriend, Chris. Chris and Booth don’t exactly hit it off as he’s not interested in answering Booth’s questions. But when Brennan finds an arrowhead that has the potential to match the fatal blow on Danny’s sternum, Chris has no choice but to go with Booth to the FBI building.

Another suspect includes Danny’s dental hygienist, Ms Bryceson, who claims he gave her Hepatitis C from mutual nicks while getting a syringe ready. But twist, Danny never had Hepatitis.

When Nigel Murray and his rhubarb help Brennan and Hodgins figure out that Danny was a football player, which takes Booth and Brennan to the football field. Brennan wants to know if another team member was threatened by Danny’s homosexuality, but the coach quickly dismisses that. The entire team is gay. When Brennan finds blood inside the football helmet, everyone on the team becomes a suspect.

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Peter Facinelli’s NURSE JACKIE Video Diary

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NURSE JACKIE star Peter Facinelli takes his flip camera behind the scenes of his hit show and introduces us around to the cast and crew that make it all happen. Go into the makeup trailer, have lunch in the cafeteria and sneak up on Edie Falco learning her lines in this fun video diary. Dr. Coop (not to be confused with Dr. Carlisle Cullen) even gives us an inside look as the crew finishes up the second season of NURSE JACKIE.

An all new season begins at 10pm on March 22nd.


Part II

FRINGE: The Bishop Revival

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Has anyone else geeked out as much as I have and read the “Fringe” comic book series? If so, you would have already known what was revealed in this episode – that Walter’s father was a Nazi scientist. Plus, you’d be privy to some insider scoop regarding the killer and how he came to be in present day Boston – more on that below.

When Blue Blood is Bad

The Fringe team is called into action when 14 members of the same family all die of suffocation while attending a wedding — even though there was no lack of oxygen in the room. Before she dies, one of the victims, a Holocaust survivor, notices a short man with glasses standing in the room. She appears to be both shocked and horrified by this man’s presence.

Back at the lab, Walter examines one of the bodies and finds the blood inside to be blue, indicating a lack of oxygen. Using this information and a single cinnamon scented candle that Peter found at the wedding, Walter postulates that a heat source (the candle) was used to release a toxin into the air, which only affected a select set of individuals. As he begins to examine the molecular structure of the toxin, he is startled to see a seahorse pattern in it, the signature of his father.

The man formerly known as Robert Bishoff was a Nazi scientist who played on the side of good by selling secrets to the Allies and attempting to hide potentially dangerous discoveries from the Nazis. He smuggled his research by recording it on the pages of German books. Those books had been in Walter’s possession, but Peter sold them in an attempt to lash out at his father, back when Walter was in St. Claire’s.

Walter fears that the killer has gotten his hands on Grandpa Bishop’s research so the team begins to track down the buyer of the books. In the meantime, another similar killing occurs. This one targets individuals with dark hair and brown eyes. It becomes clear that the toxin can be used to target specific groups, based on their genetic make-up.

The buyer of the books turns out to be a false lead, but the team does manage to find the real killer’s evil laboratory and figure out his next move. Unfortunately, the killer has left behind a hot beaker full of badness with Walter’s name on it and Walter nearly dies. As they always say, payback is, in fact, a bitch and Walter concocts his own toxin, which he releases at the World Tolerance Initiative summit, taking down the bad guy before he strikes again.

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Unpleasantville

You can’t live in a town called “Mystic Falls” and not expect it to be crawling with vampires, witches and bears oh my! Listen Elena, if you want to date a vampire, you’re going to need more than just pencils and an old mop to defend yourself.  Let me give you the email address of my friend Buffy.  Girl can hook you up with stakes, holy water, the works. I don’t think she ever used vervain. She was the type of girl who dazzled the vamps, if you know what I mean.  But I guess you do.

Yes my friends, another day brings another vamp (or three) to the not so quiet Virgina town. The hooded fangster that Elena hit with her car last week was back again, and surprise, surprise, he knew Katherine. That old really did vamptress get around! Now he was out to Elena.  As my shrink would say, he was projecting his unresolved feelings toward Katherine onto poor Elena. I’d say it sucks to look like Katherine, but come on. She’s (they are) stunning.  Beauty comes with a price. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Noah wasn’t the only new vamp in town. Cute little annoying Anna, who has been on Jeremy like Piven on sushi, showed her true colors tonight. Her true colors of course being pale white with blood red eyes. Rounding out the threesome of cold ones is Ben (Sean Faris), the bartender at The Grill who just so happens to have caught the eye of Ms. Bonnie. Here’s to hoping Elena gave her a lesbian vervain necklace too.

(I’m not one to advocate drugs use of any kind, but why go through the effort to make necklaces and bracelets when Amazon sells Vervain in pill form? Much easier, no?)

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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, January 29, 2010

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I’m gonna go ahead and start the slow golf clap for Friday! Finally, it’s here!

Today is my last day at my “real job”. I wish I could say my new adventure meant that I was going to be dedicating myself full time to GMMR, but sadly that’s not the case. What I really need is my very own Daddy Warbucks to bankroll this side hobby of mine.  He doesn’t even have to buy me a new locket, just put me up in a sweet pad in West Hollywood and we’re good.

Oh wait, were you here to see the highlights from tonight’s TV schedule? My bad.

I think the big TV news for tonight is the final episode of DOLLHOUSE. The Whedonverse will shed tears of another show gone too soon (of course I say that with a hint of jest because DOLLHOUSE probably should have been gone a lot sooner.) Here’s the hoping all the inhabitants of the house show up on our TV again soon. (I’m talking to you Enver!)

I’m excited for tonight’s second episode of CAPRICA. Is anyone else watching? I need to know whether or not the show should be covered on the site or on the podcast only.  Dan and I love it so we’ll be talking about it. Don’t you want to be able to join in on the discussion. Will you be watching CAPRICA?

SMALLVILLE fans finally get a new episode tonight. You’ve all been patient. I hope you’ll come back to GMMR to talk about tonight’s episode. I know Sarah would love it!

One more thing….if you’re a fan of WHITE COLLAR (or CHUCK) tune into ELLEN today as Matthew Bomer (Neal Caffrey/Bryce Larkin) is a guest. Fingers crossed that he dances his way out to meet Ellen.

Here are a few more highlights from tonight’s TV schedule.

dollhouse_eliza_thumbDollhouse | 8pm on Fox
“Epitaph Two:Return”
Echo and crew try to return order to the world and prevent humanity’s extinction in the series finale, which is set in 2020 and continues the story of “Epitaph 1” (the “lost” episode from the Season 1 DVD set), when Rossum lost control of the imprinting technology, leading to global chaos. [GMMR: So hold up. The series finale is based an episode of the series that never even aired on TV. What the what?]

Smallville | 8pm on The CW
Oliver’s past comes back to haunt him when his former teacher, the Dark Archer, seeks revenge by taking aim at Chloe and Lois.

Ghost Whisperer | 8pm on CBS
“Blessings in Disguise”
Ned’s occult-anthropology professor (Margaret Cho) is stalked by a secret-admirer ghost. [GMMR: How is this show still on?]

Caprica | 9pm on Syfy
Grief and pressure mount for the Adamas and Graystones; Joseph confronts Daniel; Amanda makes a shocking confession. [GMMR: If you missed the pilot episode, one of the 450 times Syfy aired it over the past week, be sure to tune in at 7pm.]
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Dollhouse | 8pm on Fox

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Echo and crew try to return order to the world and prevent humanity’s extinction in the series finale, which is set in 2020 and continues the story of “Epitaph 1” (the “lost” episode from the Season 1 DVD set), when Rossum lost control of the imprinting technology, leading to global chaos.

NURSE JACKIE Season 2 Promo (Video)

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It’s with the greatest of pleasure that I share with you the newly release Season 2 trailer for Showtime’s NURSE JACKIE. One of the very best new shows of last year returns with all new episodes of March 22nd! Yes, that last sentence absolutely called for an exclamation point. It’s that good.

If you’re not watching NURSE JACKIE then you are missing out one of the funniest and smartest shows on TV. The cast, led by the divine Edie Falco, is on of the best ensembles on television. How NURSE JACKIE continues to be overlooked during awards season is beyond me.

If you don’t have Showtime then call up your cable company and order it. Now (or at least by March 22nd). If you already have Showtime and you just haven’t seen the show, then keep checking OnDemand your Showtime listings for episode reruns so you can catch up.

Stop twittering and focus, please!

The LOST Subway System

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Okay, so hypothetically speaking… let’s say you were, oh I don’t know, hanging out in Ana Lucia’s Tiger Pit… and you suddenly remember you need to get to the Hydra for a breakfast meeting with Ben. Here’s the route I’d take:

I’d first, of course, hop on the Purple Line A Train westbound to the Tailies crash site, switch to the M Train southbound to The Staff. Then I’d switch to the Blue Line P Train northbound loop to the Drug Plane, where I’d switch to the Green Line south… any of those trains will get you there… except maybe the R… I think it only runs on weekends.

Such are the thoughts of John Cabrera, an actor and obvious LOST fan, who beautifully constructed a modern way for the Losties and Others to hop around the island. It’s genius really, and frankly long overdue. I mean how many times did Hurley cringe when he was told that he had to go back to the Hatch…again. Walking miles and miles back and forth all day in that heat couldn’t have been fun our big guy. Wouldn’t have it been a lot easier for him to just jump on the “K” line and be there in no time?

Check out John’s map in full detail over at his own site.

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Johnny Weir Skates to GaGa

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I’m officially excited for the Olympics. U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir gave one hell of an entertaining performance during the National 2010 US Figure Skating Championships. Talk about owning a performance. Loved it!

Somewhere Lady GaGa is working on how one goes about incorporating an ice skating rink into a concert tour. If anyone can do it, I’m sure it’s her.

Thanks to @ProgGrrl for the video.

Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Is it wrong that it’s only 5:15am and I’m already dreading tonight’s TV lineup? It’s not that there are too many shows on. In fact with NBC airing reruns, tonight’s TV schedule is lighter than usual. But tomorrow is my last day at my “real job” and I have (gasp!) plans tonight with some co-workers, so I won’t be home in time to watch TV. And when I do get home I plan on being too drunk to write anything coherent. Kidding (maybe…kind of). Luckily we have Seels covering BONES and Nicole covering SUPERNATURAL. I’ll make THE VAMPIRE DIARIES my top priority (upon sobering up) and I might even get to PROJECT RUNWAY this week. (No promises. PR might have to be a podcast only show. We’ll see.)

Check out the highlights from tonight’s lineup and then share what YOU will be watching in the comments below.

The Deep End | 8pm on ABC
“Where There’s Smoke”
Beth faces her father in court; Addy’s new clients put the firm in danger; Cliff inadvertently gets Katie sent to the Montana offices indefinitely.[GMMR: Who watched last week’s series premiere? Anyone? What did you think of it? I made a promise to give this show one more episode to see if there is a hint that it will get better.  My confidence is low.]

The Vampire Diaries | 8pm on The CW
Damon and Stefan try to identify the new vampire in town; Matt gets a job at the Mystic Grill; Stefan and Damon accompany Elena to a school dance.

Bones | 8pm on CBS
“The Dentist in the Ditch
A human skeleton is found in the trenches of a Civil War battleground; Booth’s brother returns from his trip with surprising news.

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ABC Family Pick Up “Huge” & “Pretty Little Liars”

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Paul Lee, president, ABC Family, today announced the pick-up of two one-hour dramas, “Huge” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Each series has been given a 10-episode order and is scheduled to premiere in 2010.

“Huge,” based on author Sasha Paley’s book of the same name, follows the lives of six teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp, as they look beneath the surface to discover their true selves and the truth about each other.

“Pretty Little Liars” follows four estranged best friends who are reunited one year after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing – only to discover they are receiving messages from an anonymous “A” who knows all their secrets. The drama stars Lucy Hale (“Privileged”) as Aria, Troian Bellisario (“Navy NCIS”) as Spencer, Ashley Benson (“Eastwick”) as Hanna and Shay Mitchell as Emily. Also starring are Laura Leighton (“Melrose Place”) and Nia Peeples (“The Young and the Restless”). Additionally, Bianca Lawson (“The Vampire Diaries”) has been cast in a recurring role as Maya.

While “Huge” sounds like it could be an incredible fit for the ABC Family lineup, “Pretty Little Liars” not only sounds like a tamer “Gossip Girl” rip-off but it seems that whomever wrote this log line was going out of his or her way to make the similarities to “Gossip Girl” obvious (queen bee, messages from the mysterious “A” who knows all their secrets…come on) As much as I adore Lucy Hale, I’m not yet sold on a show that does so little to distinguish itself. Not to say I won’t give it a shot, but how about a little originality?

LOST: We Need Answers (Song Parody)

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LOST could probably go on for another 25 seasons and I’m not sure we’d ever get all the answers to all the questions and mysteries posed over the years. And that’s just the theme for this very funny LOST parody video created by The Fine Brothers. This musical tribute to the mysteries of LOST had me laughing, but also left me anxious about all that we don’t yet know.

LOST returns to ABC on February 2nd.  Our popular podcast segment “Two Idiots Talk LOST” will return to The TV Talk Podcast soon thereafter.

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