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Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL?

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If you’re anything like me you want to cut to the chase and just find out who went home on tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL.  I can’t be bothered with an hour of filler. Not after spending two hours watching last night’s dreadful performance show.  So if you want the quick low down on tonight’s IDOL results, keep on reading.

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Review: PARENTHOOD – The Situation

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NBC has seen better days. The Peacock Network has taken a precipitous drop in prestige and ratings over the past decade. Household names like Jerry Seinfeld, Kelsey Grammar, and the cast of Friends moved on, leaving huge holes in a once formidable lineup of appointment TV. In their place, NBC has misfired on relaunches of 80’s franchises like Knight Rider, offered heavier doses of Howie Mandel than America deserved, and squeezed profits from the love handles of contestants on “The Biggest Loser.”

February’s Vancouver Winter Olympics provided the network with one last gasp to revive its primetime pulse. Rather than devote precious time to existing franchises such as “Chuck,” NBC’s marketing machine blanketed its Olympic coverage with promos for two new programs, “The Marriage Ref” and “Parenthood.”

Since I don’t enjoy watching divorced celebrities like Larry David and Madonna debate the sanctity of marriage, I met NBC halfway by sampling Parenthood. Despite a premise that could easily have felt too sentimental or schlocky, the experienced cast and crew have built a remarkably solid show. With so many expectations from the NBC brass to appeal to every conceivable demographic, showrunner Jason Katims (a title he also holds on my favorite show, “Friday Night Lights”) has struck a delicate balance between authenticity and broad-based commercial appeal.

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“Son of a Bitch” – LOST vs. SUPERNATURAL

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Dean Winchester vs. James Sawyer in the battle of the “Son of a Bitch”. Hilarious!

GLEE Cast on the Cover of Rolling Stone

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The cast of GLEE has landed the cover of Rolling Stone.  Well, some of the cast did at least. Love the shot, but I would have liked it more if Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Jayma Mays and Mark Salling made the cover too. GLEE is nothing if not an ensemble show. Fingers crossed that this cover opens up to a full spread. Regardless, YAY!

Thanks to Becca for the image.

AMERICAN IDOL Top 10 Performances

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That my friends almost sums up last night IDOL Top 10 performance show. I’ve been a loyal fan of AMERICAN IDOL since Season 1 and last night was the first time I considered giving up on the season and just walking away. For me, it’s that bad. I don’t know where things went so wrong. It all looked so promising during Hollywood Week.

Last night cemented things for me – this season is all about Crystal and Lee.  Sorry Siobhan fans, but I don’t think she has the goods to go all the way. I’m not just saying that because she had an off night, I’m thinking about the total package. I think that Siobhan has a powerful voice, but she really doesn’t know who she is as an artist….and maybe as a person.  That’s ok, she’s young. She doesn’t have to have it all figured out right now.  I’m all for faking it until you make it, but she’s just trying too hard. From the quirky clothes to the screaming notes, it’s just not authentic. It’s not forced and pre-packaged like it is with Katie Stevens, but it’s not real to me either. When she screamed that note last night it kind of all came together for me.  She’s not going to make it all the way. You can disagree, it’s what this blog things all about, but I’m not sure you can convince me.

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Want to Be a Gleek? Nationwide Open Casting Call for GLEE Begins Today

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This just in from Fox…

Attention all GLEEks, the opportunity of a lifetime is coming your way! GLEE’s executive producers are holding a nationwide online casting search for fresh, young, talented performers to fill new roles that will be featured during the show’s second season. Beginning March 30, amateur and professional performers between the ages of 16 and 26 will have the opportunity to submit an audition video exclusively on MySpace at

Hopefuls will be able to upload their videos beginning today through April 26. Videos must feature an explanation about why the auditioner wants to be on GLEE as well as a demonstration of his/her stellar singing ability by performing one of 10 GLEE hits, including “True Colors,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Lean on Me.” Performances must be either a cappella or with single instrument accompaniment via MySpace Karaoke or by uploading their own pre-recorded videos. Audition videos must be limited to five minutes in length – a one-minute introduction and a four-minute song – and are limited to one submission per person. Fans will be able to share the videos across various networks, post comments and rate their favorites with gold stars.

Visit for more information, song list and additional rules.

Glee Open Casting Call Video with Matthew Morrison

Glee Auditions | MySpace Video

If any GMMRers are auditioning, please send us your video audition so we can post it here and get you some extra GLEE love!

Chuck vs. the American Hero

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I know I’m on a Spring Break, but I couldn’t let “Chuck vs. the American Hero” go by without posting something.  Had I not I might have heard the collective “Nooooo!” from Chuck fans, and I think we’ve all had enough “Nooooo!” to last us for some time. I’ll have to be brief, but there are a few things we need to discuss.

Tell me I wasn’t the only one singing a little Joe Cocker during the first half of last night’s episode.  The real Team Bartowski wasn’t concocted by the American government in some sub-basement under a yogurt shop. Nope, the real team has been slowly developing over years.  Charter member, Morgan Grimes, has been enlisted for decades, while founding member – Ellie Bartowski – has been a dedicated member her whole life. Chuck’s just the kind of guy that teams come together for. He’s the type of guy you rally around. Just like Sarah & Casey had done countless times before, Team Bartowski showed up when Chuck needed them the most.  This time around it wasn’t about saving the world, but rather getting the girl.

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David Boreanaz talks BONES- “We’re the Little Show that Could and The Little Show that Has”

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Hey BONES fans! How are things? What have you been up to since we last met on February 4th? If you are like me, you have been missing BONES and are exited for its return this Thursday, April 1st for episode 99, The Bones on the Blue Line and the 100th episode airing April 8th, The Parts in the Sum of the Whole.

I was ‘out of this world’ lucky enough to catch screeners of both the 99th and 100th eps, and yesterday had the opportunity to be on a conference call with David Boreanaz. I’m here to bring you the scoop on what the hard working actor has to say on what’s coming up over the next few weeks…and the rest of the season.

If you can stay spoiler free, I highly recommend it. I went into both of those eps knowing next to nothing about them and really enjoyed them. But if you can’t resist, and you need a quick fix, then read on. I am sure it goes without saying, but we are talking  spoilers here after the link. Read on at your own risk.

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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Announces Major Changes For Season 7

It killed me that GMMR was down yesterday when this news came out. Obviously I shared my concerns via Twitter, but let’s discuss now that we have a little more than 140 characters.

Are you ready for an all new SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? Ready or not the changes are coming! Based on the short press release sent out by Fox yesteryday, it sounds like it’s going to be a mash-up of SYTYCD and DANCING WITH THE STARS. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Check out the changes….

This year, the competition is the toughest it has ever been as the judges will pick only 10 dancers (five guys and five girls) ? from the thousands that auditioned ? to compete for the title of America?s Favorite Dancer. During the performance rounds, one finalist will go home weekly. Additionally, the competitors will be partnered each week with a different SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE All-Star dancer ? former SYTYCD finalists who are skilled in various styles of dance, including ballroom, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. The All-Star Partners will be announced shortly.

I don’t mean to be all alarmist, but what are they doing to my favorite reality show?  I’m all for keeping this fresh, but so many changes all at once?  I’m not happy.  I may come around and maybe things will turn out for the best, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t weary of some of these changes.

  • Less new talent to watch – One of the things that set SYTYCD apart was the focus on the new, emerging talent.  I loved seeing two competitors, often from different spectrums of the dance world learn from each other each week. Now we’re only going to get a top 10? That’s half the talent to root for.
  • The All Stars – Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having Travis Wall and other favorite SYTYCD alums back on my TV, but NOT in this way. Too often when an alum did resurface to choreograph, the focus moved from the current contestant to the former.You can’t tell me that voting isn’t going to be affected by who the alumni partner is.  And that can work both ways.  I know plenty of people that would pick up the phone to support Travis’ partner, but may not pick up the phone to vote for anyone that’s paired with someone who wasn’t a fan favorite…maybe like Lacey Schwimmer.

    Nigel tweeted yesterday that the “all stars” will be picked from a pool of favorite past SYTYCD finalists.  What does that mean?  Finalist? Top 4 only?

  • No Tour? – I know they didn’t have a tour this year, but I figured it was due to the odd summer season.  But what about moving forward?  Are the SYTYCD tours a thing of the past?  I can’t imagine that the All Stars will go on a summer tour…don’t they have other things going on?

Again, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer. Maybe this will all turn out to be great, but there are just too many elements that makes SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE feel like DANCING WITH THE STARS, and the former is a show I choose not to watch.

Tell me what you think about the new SYTYCD? Are you bummed we won’t see more new talent? Are you excited to see the SYTYCD all stars back on stage? Who do you think we’ll see dancing?

Be sure to tune in to the two-hour Season Seven premiere Thursday, May 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

24 – Day 8: 5:00am – 6:00am

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Is anyone else enjoying “24” nostalgia since Friday. If you didn’t see the news, or guess from tonight’s promo, it was announced on Friday that this would be the last season of “24.” And, while it’s sad, I’m pretty happy that they’re going out now and that we have had some awesome episodes to turn this “24” train in the right direction.


  • Tarin and Samir arrive at a warehouse where the bomb is being assembled. They start the process of putting the nuclear rods in the bomb and sending Tarin to drive it to its location.
  • CTU attempted to track the two of them after they left the boat, but Dana conveniently cut the feed as they were getting close. They lost them, so Hastings calls the President, Ethan, and Rob, and tells them that he cannot secure the safety of Manhattan. They convene the joint chiefs and the President asks Jack to personally escort the Hassan family to safety.
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Kate Gosselin Embarrasses Herself on DANCING WITH THE STARS

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Just when the spotlight was starting to dim, Kate Gosselin found a new way to thrust herself back into the public eye.  Clearly she didn’t see that we were all wearing sunglasses to obscure our view of her. Kate wants to be famous or infamous – I don’t think she cares either way.

I think it’s only fitting that she used her time on DANCING WITH THE STARS to embarrass herself.  I don’t watch this show, but I have to believe others were better than this disaster.  Excuse me while I watch and laugh at her all over again.

Those kids of her really can’t catch a break. Just when Maddy and Cara finally can show their faces at school again their mother has to go and do this.

V | 10pm on ABC

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Erica is attacked in her home; the Resistance recruits a dangerous new member; Anna wonders why Chad has not followed up on his diagnosed aneurysm; Ryan’s concern over Val’s “abnormal” pregnancy grows.

Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, March 29, 2010

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Happy Monday! Here’s to hoping you can rest up today as you’ve got a big night ahead of you. Well, you do if your TV lineup looks anything like mine.

Leave us a note and let us know what YOU are watching!

Chuck | 8pm on NBC
“Chuck vs. the American Hero”

When Chuck is able to take his pick of the finest CIA agents for an undercover mission, he considers only one very special superspy—Sarah. Enter Casey, Morgan and Awesome, who try to help him win her back. [GMMR: Um, this sounds awesome!]

Dancing with the Stars | 8pm on ABC
“Performance Show”
All 11 couples return for the second week of performances.Competitors this season are Pamela Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, Erin Andrews, Shannen Doherty, Kate Gosselin, Aiden Turner, Evan Lysacek,, Jake Pavelka, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicey Nash, and Chad Ochocinco.

24 | 9pm on 6am”
As the threat of mass destruction clarifies, President Taylor tasks Jack with a crucial mission. [GMMR: Now that 24 has been canceled will you watch these final episodes to see how it all ends?]
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TV Theme Song Medley – How Many Could YOU Name?

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Don’t cheat. Close your eyes and see how many of these TV theme songs you can name. 22 songs in under 7 minutes. Not the worst way for this kid to spend his time if you ask me.

New GLEE Promos….Get Ready!

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Remember when April 13th seemed so far away? Now it’s so close you can taste it.  I’ve been jonesing for a GLEE fix, so needless to say I was excited when Fox passed along these brand new promos.

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