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Join us tonight at 8pm EST as we watch and chat LIVE during the first round of auditions for this season’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

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LOST’s First & Last Scenes…At the Same Time

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I saw this over at Pop Culture Brain this morning and thought it was very cool so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Check out this video of the very first scene of LOST…played in reverse. Then check out the amazing similarities to Jack’s final moments on the island. I love that kind of attention to detail.

Check back soon for our very last episode of “Two Idiots Talk LOST” (sniff sniff)from


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To know me is to know my love for all things SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.  My favorite reality show returns tonight for an all new season of dance. Change is coming, and things might not look the same this season, but I’m still ready to be inspired, moved and mesmerized by the talent that will grace the stage.

Resident screamer Mary Murphy is going to be taking her turn as a choreographer this season, and Goddess Mia Michaels is back and taking Mary’s seat at the judges table.  Mia will be joined by Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman.

This season only 10 lucky dancers will make it to Vegas.  Those ten will be paired with SYTYCD All Stars which include some of my all time favorites such as Mark Kanemura, Neil Haskell and and Allison Holker. Yes, it’s a big change, but I’m willing to go along for the ride.

As always, Dan and I will be discussing the show in our weekly SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE podcast, over at The TV Talk Get a taste for our love for the show by checking out past SYTYCD podcasts in the archives.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come this season. will be hosting a LIVE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE chat tonight starting right around 8pm EST.  Check back very soon for the live chat post.  Will you be joining us?  I hope so!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Reruns to Air on ABC Family

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ABC Family has acquired the basic cable television rights to the Emmy® Award-winning television series “Friday Night Lights,” in a deal with NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.

The deal gives ABC Family the rights to five seasons of the critically acclaimed series. ABC Family is tentatively set to begin airing the series’ first season in September 2010. The fourth season of “Friday Night Lights” is currently airing on NBC (Fridays, 8 p.m. ET/PT.)

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What Happened on the 24 Series Finale?

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A special thanks to Phil for covering 24 for GMMR for the past two seasons.  I can’t imagine how many dead bodies you’ve witnessed as a result, but I hop you’re not scarred for life. Thanks for everything….Kath

So, this is the end. The last seconds of “24” just flickered across my screen. The clock ticked and tocked for the last time. And, save for the movie and whatever it might entail, we saw Jack, Chloe, and the rest of the cast of characters for the last time. Let’s get started, as I try to sum up everything really quickly.


  • Chloe, Cole and Arlo track Jack to a building and a perch right in view of where President Suvarov will be. Chloe eventually convinces Jack to stop his plans to assassinate Suvarov and to work with her to reveal the coverup to everyone. Jack makes Chloe shoot him so she can escape with the evidence.
  • Taylor had to tell Dalia Hassan about the Russians involvement in her husband’s assassination. In order to keep her at the signing, however, Taylor threatened to reveal the IRK’s attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb in NYC and said she would have to retaliate with America’s full nuclear arsenal, therefore ruining their country.
  • Pillar, who was attacked and knocked out by Jack earlier, showed up to get the card from Jack, who didn’t have it. After searching Chloe, he lets her leave. Looking at Jack’s wound, however, he realizes that Chloe planned the shot to wound and not kill. To buy her time, Jack bites off Pillar’s ear.
  • Pillar has Chloe and Cole arrested before they can upload the evidence and send it out to the world. Logan shows the tape to Taylor. He also convinces her that the only way to clean everything up is to kill Jack before he reaches CTU.
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American Idol | 8pm on Fox

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The final two contestants perform.

CHUCK Season Finale Preview – Tune in TONIGHT!

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CHUCK is wrapping up its third season tonight at 8pm. We’ve got just two more hours to enjoy all things CHUCK…until next season. (Doesn’t that sound good?!)

Enjoy this (slightly spoilery) season finale preview…

On The Set of the Finale – Zach and Yvonne talk about Chuck’s season 3 super secret finale.

24 | 8pm on Fox

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2-hour Series Finale: President Taylor closes in on a world-changing objective; Jack tackles one last job.

The TV Talk Podcast: Season Finale Edition – SUPERNATURAL, VAMPIRE DIARIES, GLEE & More…

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Kath and Dan are back to discuss vacation mishaps and what you probably tuned in for… TV!


*Recorded: 5/20/10

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What Happened on the LOST Series Finale?

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….and then we were done.

It’s been six years in the making, and now LOST has ended. I have no doubt that tonight’s series finale will inspire much speculation and debate. Dan and I will be discuss the series finale in the very last (tears) “The TV Talk Podcast presents….Two Idiots Talk LOST” tomorrow night. But until then, please (respectfully) share your thoughts, ideas, disappointments and praise for all things LOST in the comments below.


PARENTHOOD: Team Braverman

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I am the youngest of three kids. Though I would not describe the bond amongst my siblings as “Braverman-like,” the time we spend together is always eventful. That’s the part about family that serves both as a blessing and a curse. When the habit of filtering yourself disappears, the brutal truth slips out. Without the coating of sugar that we apply to conversations outside our family tree, brothers and sisters can be each other’s worst enemy.

This week’s Parenthood was chock full of squabbles, proving that slow and steady does not always win the race. For Team Braverman, the formula is to be loud and frantic.

The fallout from Amber’s liaison with Steve fueled a host of over the top arguments. From Haddie and Amber’s skirmish on the soccer field to Sarah and Kristina’s kitchen tirade, there was a lot of yelling in the first half of this episode. In fact, it is possible that a lower volume of screaming would have better suited the story. That misgiving aside, I thought each confrontation rang true.

Siblings or not, parents protect their children above all. Sarah understood how disastrous Amber’s actions were, but that did not mean she would stand by as her daughter was ridiculed at school. Kristina took on the world, including her own husband, in order to save Haddie from pain and embarrassment. Though I have mentioned this issue before, I am interested in the way Jason Katims has crafted relationships between the in-laws on the show. Sarah and Kristina are family, but you could not blame either of them for protecting their own.

No matter our age, we never stop being sons or daughters. This episode spoke to the lengths children go for their parents’ approval. Haddie Braverman had no reason to escape from her post breakup cocoon, but she loves her Dad enough to put on those ridiculous pink sneakers and walk. Julia Braverman-Graham has a child of her own, but Erika Christensen played the part of dutiful daughter. She and Bonnie Bedelia had wonderful moments over that crockpot of chicken soup. Julia wants her parents to be together. She felt the same way at thirteen, and it will still be true when she is fifty-three.

A few quick thoughts before I turn the discussion over to you:

*Crosby Braverman should not be hard to figure out. I remember guys like him in college. They lived down the hall, and their dreams revolved around legalizing marijuana and finding the right recipe for home brewing. Dax Shepard has taken full advantage of this character, and lends Crosby enough innocent swagger to charm Jasmine, Jabbar, and the audience.

*Kristina may be Parenthood’s most demanding character to play, and Monica Potter is performing at All-Star levels. In this episode alone, Potter showed tenacity in defending Haddie, confronted self-doubts while speaking with Max’s doctor, and radiated love as she watched Adam find the right spot for the trophy. With the season finale a week away, Ms. Potter is the actor I will miss most during the summer.

*Peter Krause and Craig T. Nelson are brilliant together. Their scenes are difficult to describe, because the father/son dynamic is the one I understand best. Though I am not a fixer, my father can be a tough man to know. He has a big voice and a blue collar background. Feelings are not his favorite topic, and it is difficult to meld our differences. Krause and Nelson play those moments with great care.

How are you feeling about the show? Has it become a favorite in your household? Should Camille let her husband come home? Will Amber start spiraling downward? What would you like to see in the Season Finale?

The TV Talk Podcast – Two Idiots Talk LOST

After a mini-hiatus, we are back with our penultimate TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST podcast. We’re so close to the end of LOST that honestly these two idiots can hardly stand it.

In this podcast we cover the latest island developments, the latest sideways glances, some hardcore deaths and of course, Fiona Faraday. Is it possible this show ends in 2 days? Crazytown.

*Recorded: 5/20/10

Listen now: The TV Talk Podcast: Two Idiots Talk LOST – The End is Near

BONES Season Finale: The Beginning in the End

Before I turn things over to Seels, I just wanted to take a moment to thank her for her wonderful coverage of BONES on behalf of  Every week her recaps facilitate fantastic conversations with the BONES community here on GMMR.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about for me.  So thank you Seels, and thank you BONES fans for a wonderful season.  See you back here next year. — Kath (GMMR)

Now, over to Seels.

I can’t believe season five is over. I feel like we were JUST live chatting during the premiere, gasping when Booth said, “I’ve got you, baby.” This has been one crazy ride from that point till now, and BONES fans, you have rocked all season long. Other TV shows wish they had as loyal of fans as BONES does. There is a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it. For one thing, B&B. And for another, HOARDERS! AH…but also…

Freaking. Daisy.


I really liked this case! The victim is found when his remains & his third floor apartment fall into the apartment below his. The victim, Tim Murphy, was a level five hoarder, with piles of papers and ‘garbage’ as some people called it, not to mention bugs of all kinds, snakes, fans, etc, etc. EW, but interesting, as most BONES bodies are. Booth & Brennan and the team try to sift through the mess, determining what exactly IS evidence, not to mention the exact cause of death. It’s a surprise when it’s revealed that Tim suffered what appear to be knife wounds, especially surprising when the actual cause of death is that he starved to death. So it’s up to the team to figure out why and how he was attacked to the point where he couldn’t move around his apartment enough to eat the food there. Suspects include the disgruntled, but prepared, landlord who wanted him out of the apartment, a fellow accountant he worked with for eight years in corporate accounting, and a man who wanted something Tim had, a $50,000 Fiesta-ware gnome. In the end, Brennan identifies the marks on Tim’s skull as wounds from a fan. After Hodgins and Sweets find photos of Tim and the accountant together in romantic poses, B&B interrogate her again and find out that she was trying to save him from his apartment. She shoved the fan into his face and ran, not knowing she’d killed him.


Daisy sucks. She sucks my will to live. She is evil. I have been NICE to her all season (haha, shhhhh) but not anymore. Thank God Booth feels the same as me. So does Brennan, although Brennan’s love of anthropology outweighs her disdain for Daisy. I for one felt MUCH better about Brennan going on her trip for the very fact that I want Daisy to not get an ounce of credit for anything. Freaking. Daisy. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. She plays lead tambourine in a band called Gormogon; that’s pretty much all you need to know about her. How DARE her tell Brennan that she holds Booth back like he holds HER back? Maybe…maybe it’s true, but whatever, Daisy. Get away from me.

Sweets on the other hand…does not suck. I LOOOOOVE that he was like “I’m not waiting for you.” I like also that he called Booth out on his affections for Brennan, and I really liked his Mr. Adventure side-kick attitude. Also, it was fun when he was ‘all squinted up’.

Cam: I liked her reaction to Daisy as well, and I really liked how she DIDN’T explain to Brennan what she meant about Brennan being irreplaceable.

Angela & Hodgins were great, both in their work and the balance of their personal life. I LOVED Angela’s dad scaring Hodgins at the crime scene. Hahahahahaha! I also loved the end scene when Angela was talking about everything changing and Hodgins was like “I’m not going to talk about that.” And I love the idea of them going to Paris for a year. The whole stealing back the car storyline didn’t do anything for me, but all in all, I liked everything else about this episode.

Booth & Brennan:

I really have no problem with Brennan wanting to go on the trip to Indonesia. Of course she was asked to be the leader. It’s a groundbreaking find. The show HAS downplayed her world-renowned anthropologist status. She’s not running away, and I believe her when she says to Angela she wants to sort some things out, that she needs a break. I believe her when she says she’s worried all the time, that Booth might get hurt on a case and she can’t prevent it, worried about her partnership with Booth and what that means. This isn’t like dating other people to make sure that another person is really the one…this is her (I hope) realizing where anthropology and her brain and Booth and their partnership, and her career and her other career, and just everything, everything she has in her life fits together. It’s the same thing that Sully told her ABOUT anthropology in season two…now it’s true of her FBI work. The work she does with the FBI and the Jeffersonian is important, but it’s not important enough to be her whole life. She has to see that, as rewarding as her careers are, both with the FBI and anywhere else in the world, that she is a person outside of those things, outside of her partnership with Booth. And THAT person is the woman, Temperance Brennan.

Likewise, Seeley Booth, the man, he has to figure out where he fits in the world. I don’t think it’s as a soldier for life, and although I really liked his FBI work in this episode, I also don’t think his life’s destiny is only to be an FBI agent only. The work he does is important, but it’s not important enough to be his whole life. What did you think about his scene with Parker? How about Parker feeling guilt that people might die because Booth wasn’t going to go back into the Army? Those Booth men…they have a lot of guilt. A lot of guilt. Parker’s growing up though, that’s for sure. We haven’t talked too much lately about Booth’s hero complex, but this episode touched on it many times. Interesting that Brennan asked him NOT to be a hero, not to be himself. To me, that was her way of asking Booth to wait for her. And Booth’s reply was to take her hand and promise to meet her in a year. Where? The place where they became the center, of course. And, say it with me…the center must hold.

The entire episode, they were supportive of one another, AND neither one left the other. Does that make sense? I was hoping the episode wasn’t going to end with one of them watching a plane fly away, standing there lonely. Yeah…them holding hands (and not kissing…come on…please tell me I wasn’t the only one like KISS HER!) at the airport was sad, though touching, and we had better darn well see the reunion at the reflection pond, but even though they are moving in opposite physical directions on the globe, I still had the feeling that they are still together on the same path.

I really liked this episode, and I think my favorite part is the scene where it’s obvious Brennan has asked Booth to meet her so that she can tell him about Indonesia, and she calls him out about not making eye contact. Such fantastic acting from DB and ED.

What say you? Did you like this episode? If so, what was your favorite part? What was your fave episode this season? Do you think season six will start with B&B in Afghanistan and Indonesia, or will a year have passed by? AH! Talk to me, BONES pals! It’s our last chance to talk till the fall! I want you ALL to comment! Come on, now!

GREY’S ANATOMY Season Finale: WOW…Just WOW!

This post probably counts as cheating against the other medical drama in my life. I hope the team at Princeton Plainsboro understands.

If anyone thinks TV producers are any less competitive than elite athletes or politicians, I offer this theory. ABC has been promoting this Sunday’s LOST sendoff as the biggest of their season finales. The Internet is abuzz with conflicting ideas about how it will end, who will live or die, etc. If you are looking for the hottest topic in scripted TV, look to the island.

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The CW Announces 2010-2011 Schedule

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The CW announced its lineup for the 2010-2011 season.  For me, the biggest news if the pickup of LIFE UNEXPECTED for a second season.  Smart move, CW.

I have mixed feelings on SUPERNATURAL moving to the Friday night time slot.  Friday night…where good shows go to die.  I really loved the pairing of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and SUPERNATURAL.  The juxtaposition of brooding brothers was fantastic.  On the other hand, my overworked DVR will probably enjoy having one less show to record on an already overcrowded Thursday night.

Thoughts on the schedule changes?  More info on the new shows coming soon.


  • 8:00-9:00 PM 90210 (New Night)
  • 9:00-10:00 PM GOSSIP GIRL


  • 8:00-9:00 PM ONE TREE HILL (New Night)
  • 9:00-10:00 PM LIFE UNEXPECTED (New Night)

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