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DROP DEAD DIVA: The Long Road to Napa

June 21, 2010 by  

Derma-guac could be huge. That is one lesson we learned from this episode of Drop Dead Diva. Another lesson might be not to purchase the exact same watch for your wife, your other wife, and your future wife, and a third might be to know that a sealed unused pregnancy test does not actually mean a woman is pregnant. A lot of lessons going on in this episode.

How did you like it? I have to say that of the three so far this year, it’s probably my least favorite. Even though it was REALLY great to see David Sutcliffe back on TV, the rest of the episode didn’t feel quite right to me. But as Jane said, no one likes to come in third. Speaking of Jane, I think her actions and reactions were what threw me off the most during this week’s ep. But more on that later.

First, let’s talk about Kim. She led a case representing her friend Caitlin who had adopted a baby, Ben. Ben’s biological mother, Lana, came for a visit and when Caitlin left the room for a moment, Lana took him back, because her boyfriend Joey came back to be a family (or so she thought until Kim found out that Joey had gotten another ‘offer’ for Ben to the tune of $100,000). It was kind of nice to see Kim’s genuine friendship with Caitlin, and that she worked really hard to help her get Ben back. I also liked the moment when she told Caitlin about the fact that she might be pregnant, and that she was pretty honest about how she felt personally about being a mother. Her conflicting emotions of not feeling like she has the maternal urge combined with feeling a bit of a loss at not actually being pregnant to her reaction to Grayson’s reactions (both when he confronted her and later when she told him he was ‘off the hook’) felt pretty true to life. I find it also interesting that she didn’t pursue trying to figure out how Grayson found out in the first place. I think it would have been pretty easy to pin that on Fred, then to Jane, etc. Probably lucky for Jane that Kim didn’t try to find out. Then again, perhaps Kim didn’t want Parker to know (assuming that if she did know it was Jane who had told Grayson). And speaking of Parker, I think those of us who noticed sometimes sparking between Kim and her boss were right on track. It was kind of sweet how these two normally almost barracuda type personalities were smiling at one another.

But, where does that leave Grayson? Not that he necessarily has long term affection for Kim or anything, but rather, I just felt that once again, his character was hardly explored at all. I don’t know if it’s because now that there is a season two, the writers are really trying to slow down the Grayson/Jane train or if that ship has completely sailed. Either way, I don’t think we’ve even really seen him in court at all. All of his moments don’t have to be Jane related, but they should at least not be behind that desk all the time. What do you think? Is this just another attempt to draw out some unresolved sexual tension? Even Jane said they had some spark. That was interesting to me. She was recognizing that while she at first wanted Grayson to see Deb in her, she also admits that Grayson and Jane have potential. Or so she thought…

Stacy was fun again in this episode. The genuine way she lives life is very refreshing. I would probably buy derma-guac from her because I couldn’t help it, and despite that the idea was stolen, the Armvelope was also presented in a very enthusiastic way. I smiled when she was showing Fred her smooth and creamy skin, and he was interested to say the least. As for Fred, our resident guardian angel turned human has a bit to learn about pregnancy tests, I’d say. And a lot to learn about office gossip. Even though I’m not the biggest Kim fan ever, I still don’t like this idea that Fred will rat her out to Jane like he did in this episode.

So now, we’re back to Jane. Thoughts from you on her character this week? There was some extra-Diva action going on, don’t you think? Her case was pretty sordid. While assisting a woman who was contemplating divorce, she uncovered the fact that the woman’s husband was actually married to another woman as well. Jane then decided to represent both women against Charles Ellis for fraud. Complicating matters was that Tony was representing Charles. It felt to me that Jane was a little more concerned about beating Tony and proving something to him than she was about winning. I liked that Tony called her on the fact that, hello, she was married when she kissed and dated him. I also liked that he listened to her side of the story. That Jane acted the way she did AND won the case AND got her man back might be what caught me off guard. I was expecting her to come face to face with the fact that she was acting kind of immature with Tony. Not just in this episode, but when she ruined his interview and all of that too.

What are your thoughts? Am I just taking it too seriously? Do you think Tony is around to stay? Did you like this episode more than the first two this season? Discuss!


One Response to “DROP DEAD DIVA: The Long Road to Napa”

  1. Sara on June 21st, 2010 11:40 am

    David Sutcliffe will always be Christopher from the Gilmore Girls to me and I just can’t like him.

    I feel like at times, there was just a lot going on in this episode with secrets, emotions, etc. I enjoyed it but I agree that it was probably my least fave of the season yet.