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Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER?

August 5, 2010 by  

At the start of the night there were two power couples in the house. But when the votes were cast, a showmance ended as either Hayden or Kristen was evicted from the BIG BROTHER house.

Which one stayed and which one was booted? Who won the all important Head of Household? Keep reading to find out what happened tonight during BIG BROTHER.

When Britney opted not to use the POV to save Hayden and Kristen, it was all over for the twosome. Knowing he had the backing of the Brigade, Hayden didn’t really feel the need to campaign against Kristen. But Kristen felt that she would regret it if she didn’t try to stay in the competition. Her approach was to convince the other houseguests that keeping Hayden meant ensuring a Hayden, Lane, Enzo alliance (hey, your forgot about Matt — the brains.)

Seems Kristen betraying the men in her life isn’t a new thing. Tonight we met Kristen’s boyfriend (or should I say ex-boyfriend). Ouch! Nothing like seeing your girlfriend get it on with another guy on national TV.

I Vote to Evict…
On the Chenbot’s prompting, one by one the HG’s entered the diary room to cast their vote for eviction. Here’s how the votes for eviction played out:

  • Enzo: Kristen
  • Kathy: Hayden
  • Matt: Kristen
  • Lane: Kristen
  • Ragan: Kristen
  • Brendon: Kristen
  • Britney: Kristen

So that’s it. Kristen is going home tonight.

Pandora’s Box and The New Saboteur
Pandora’s Box is not new to the BIG BROTHER game. The person chosen to receive the power to open Pandora’s Box could unleash good luck or major despair on the house. This week, if the Box is opened, it will unleash the new Saboteur on to the house. America voted and they chose Ragan to be the next Saboteur…if he chooses to accept.

Head of Household Competition
As the show ended, the HOH game was still continuing. Want to know who won? Click here to find out Who Won HOH on BIG BROTHER (August 5, 2010)

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  1. Dawn on August 6th, 2010 12:40 pm

    I did a little dance when Kristin was evicted.