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MODERN FAMILY’s Steve Levitan on the Emmys and Season 2

August 27, 2010 by  

A kiss is just a kiss…unless you’re MODERN FAMILY.

When fans noticed that Cam and Mitchell — a long-term couple and the fathers of baby Lily — had yet to share an onscreen smooch, they wondered if their sexual orientation was playing into the lack of onscreen affection.

No matter the reason for the lack of smoochage, Cam and Mitchell will be sharing a kiss this season — a storyline that was already in place before the fuss had even started.

“One could argue that is a thing, that that’s a significant thing,” Levitan says. “It’s something we had planned the story for like six months or more. We talked about it several times last season and it’s a story that will not be what people expect. But the whole episode deals with the power of a kiss.”

The power of a kiss just for Cam and Mitchell or could perhaps a few of the kids be involved as well?

“There are many people involved in these various kisses,” he teases. “And you will have to tune in to find out.”

Oh, we will.

So why has Levitan been spent the past week partying it up? Take a look…

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