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FRINGE Season 3: You Ask, I Answer

September 17, 2010 by  

FRINGE is back next week!

After last season’s insane finale and all the speculation about the new season, I know I wasn’t the only one counting down the days until the September 23rd premiere.

To celebrate the occasion, I screened the first two episodes of the season and tackled some of your burning questions about what’s going down in season 3…

Are Peter and Walter not in the first episode at all? – @FringeOnSet via Twitter
Despite the fact that the majority of the season premiere takes place “over there,” we do get a glimpse of what’s going on in our universe during the hour. So yes, Peter and Walter do have a (brief) role in opener.

Is alt-Olivia going to become a full well rounded character? Will our-Olivia become a bit unhinged this season? – @djackio via Twitter
Based on the first few episodes, I’d definitely expect alt-Olivia to become a fully rounded character. As much as we love “our” side and the characters on it, in her mind, she has a legitimate reason for doing what she does. As for our-Olivia…after what she goes through over there, I’d be shocked if she doesn’t have a few issues.

How many scenes are there where Peter & Fauxlivia kiss in episode 2? – @ta11erghostwalt via Twitter
Let’s just say that kissing between Peter and Fauxlivia isn’t confined solely to the second episode.

How can Peter not notice that Bolivia and Olivia are like day and night? What does Bolivia do to deceive him? – @RyanPaulAddison via Twitter
a) Never underestimate any version of Olivia. Like any good agent, she does extensive research. Plus, she can get away with claiming a “new” view on life after the trauma of traveling to the other side.
b) See previous question.

Will Walter have any wacky food/beverage cravings in season 3 & can u tell us what they are?? – @neongreen78 via Twitter
Of course! Food that is mentioned or is important to varying degrees in the first couple of episodes include Oreos, chocolate milk, raspberry jam and bacon-flavored pudding. (Thankfully, not all together.)

Oh, and you’ve all seen this AMAZING promo for the new season, right?

It’s Friday, so I totally won’t tell if you spend the rest of the work day rewatching that.

Are you excited for FRINGE season 3?!

Make sure to check back with Give Me My Remote next week for interviews with the cast from our visit to the Vancouver set!

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4 Responses to “FRINGE Season 3: You Ask, I Answer”

  1. Angie on September 17th, 2010 5:16 pm

    Thanks a lot Marisa!!

    Can’t wait… this season is going to be fantastic!!

  2. Vika on September 17th, 2010 5:23 pm

    Marisa, you’re awesome! 🙂

  3. hootshot on September 19th, 2010 10:32 pm

    Cannot wait. Only 5 days to go!!!!

  4. JR on October 9th, 2010 1:42 pm

    On our side, where Alternate Olivia is posing as our Olivia, where is her sister and neice? I know its still kind of early in season 3. Are they at some point going to explain their absence? In season 2, we at least had a chance to touch base with them from time to time. I’m curious to see the interaction between the two sisters. Kids have been known to be more observant and in tune with things, so I can see Ella saying somthing like: “You’re not really my Aunt Olive, are you?”