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LIFE UNEXPECTED: Emma Caulfield Makes Her Debut, Lux Makes a Connection

September 22, 2010 by  

So, in last week’s season 2 premiere, we met a whole slew of new LIFE UNEXPECTED characters and some of you weighed in with your opinion on who you like and who needs to go. But yesterday evening, the lovely and talented Emma Caulfield joined this group of LUX newbies, playing playing Baze’s boss at his dad’s investment firm as I first reported back in July.

Thoughts on her addition now that you’ve seen her character in action?

It’s not unlike the Susan role she played on BEVERLY HILLS 90210 back in the day, right? Whip smart and no nonsense?

And just like Susan warmed to Mr. Brandon Walsh, Caulfield’s LUX character will be giving Baze a chance before we know it.


Better her than Arielle Kebbel’s bartender character, no?

Weigh in below and give us your two cents on Shaun Sipos’ handholding with our girl, Lux, last night too. Are we okay with that? I mean, 23 and 16 is a significant age difference. And though Lux may seem mature, she’s still cheating on English tests and lying to her parents about where she is at night, so yeah, she’s a kid.

One final note: I love me some Ryan. Every girl deserves a dude like him. Will be interesting to see the dynamic between him and Cate now that she’s taking on a producer role at the radio station…

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One Response to “LIFE UNEXPECTED: Emma Caulfield Makes Her Debut, Lux Makes a Connection”

  1. Alison on September 22nd, 2010 7:28 pm

    I loved last night’s episode. Baze and his new boss are totally going to hook up at some point. Also, I didn’t really find the relationship between Lux and her teacher that creepy, partly because she seems so much older than she is. I was really hoping that he would move in with Baze because it just would’ve made it even more awkward and awesome. I also LOVE Ryan, he’s seriously the perfect guy. The look on Baze’s face when he found out Paige was Ryan’s sister was amazing, and I can’t wait until Ryan finds out. I love this show!