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Zachary Levi Sings ‘I See The Light’ from Disney’s “Tangled”

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UPDATE: Check out Zachary Levi singing ‘I See the Light’ on the Academy Awards.

It was just a few months ago that many CHUCK fans heard for the first time the vocal talents of series star Zachary Levi.  His duet with Katharine McPhee on the single “Terrified” had many taking notice and left us wanting more.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Later this month Disney will release “Tangled”, the animated retelling of the classic “Rapunzel” story.  Zac will star as Flynn Ryder, a dashing swashbuckler and gifted horseman who has a talent for getting himself out of any situation just by simply flashing his famous smile. Mandy Moore lends her voice as Rapunzel.

The two have paired up on the Alan Menken scored song “I See The Light” which will appear in the movie and on the “Tangled” soundtrack. Here’s an early listen.

I recently asked CHUCK product Chris Fedak if we’d see Zac singing on the show any time soon. Perhaps another talent hidden in the Intersect? Although it’s not in the current plans, Fedak did say that it has been discussed and it is an option, however they need to make sure it makes sense with the storytelling.

Here’s to hoping it makes sense….soon!

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Happy Halloween GIVE ME MY REMOTE! What did you think of SMALLVILLE’s “Harvest?” Tonight’s episode was different from what I expected. It was oddly funny at times and very familiar in a lot of ways. I love the way things are going!

After arguing with Clark, while they were stranded on the side of the road, Lois accepted the help of a little girl who leads her to a remote village. Believers of the righteous path, the little congregation who relocated from Idaho, are living deep in the woods where blue kryptonite is running through their water. Unfortunately for Clark, these folks are drinking way too much H2O!
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SUPERNATURAL: ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’

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Hey SUPERNATURAL fans! Another pretty great episode last night, right? While you may not have gotten all of the answers you were looking for (what, exactly, is up with Sam?), we did get one very important one (Sam is going through more than a personality change since getting back from hell, and this is a good thing…I hope).

Things started off with a good and creepy cold open, which ended with a shot of a restaurant sign declaring it was “The Happy Place!” getting splattered with blood. Always a good way to kick things off.

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BONES Adds THE MUMMY Star as New Big Bad

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BONES has got its new big bad.

Fox confirms to Give Me My Remote that THE MUMMY star Arnold Vosloo has been tapped to play Jacob Ripkin Broadsky. He will first appear on the show in early 2011.

JRB will be a thorn in Booth and Brennan’s side, especially after he takes out someone they know. According to EW — where this casting news was first reported — Vosloo is slated to be in at least three episodes.

When I grilled BONES creator Hart Hanson at Comic-Con this year, his squirming seemed to indicate that our introduction to the upcoming big bad may have already happened off-screen. However, it has been a couple months since I put him on the spot, so I wonder if things have changed…?

What do you say, BONES fans? Does Vosloo seem like a suitable baddie?

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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, October 29, 2010

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Happy almost Halloween!

Who else is fat from all the chocolate being passed around this week?

Let’s eat more of it while getting in a spooky mood with SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE tonight. MEDIUM too if you’ve got a DVR.

There are some other options as well.

Check it…

Smallville | 8pm on The CW
Clark is concerned about Lois’ safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess searches for a cure for Alexander, who is rapidly aging.

School Pride | 8pm on NBC
“Rising From The Flood”
After a destructive flood leaves Kingston Springs Elementary School in Kingston Springs, Tennessee in ruins, the parents, teachers and young students refuse to give up and join forces with the School Pride team to bring the school back to life and find closure. They are also surprised with a moving performance by Lady Antebellum.

Medium | 8pm on CBS
“Where Were You When…?”
When Allison begins having flashes to a specific time in the future, her sense of dread grows as she feels more and more powerless to stop a catastrophic event from occurring.

Supernatural | 9pm on The CW
“You Can’t Handle The Truth”
Sam and Dean investigate a series of suicides and discover the victims were being told brutal truths that drove them crazy. They find out someone is invoking the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, forcing people to be cruelly honest against their will and Dean is the next victim. Dean is forced to tell Sam the truth about how he feels about his return from Hell. [GMMR: Awesome.]

The Good Guys | 9pm on Fox
“The Whistleblower”
Jack and Dan investigate a spurious inspection report at a corrupt oil company only to discover that they might have actually stumbled onto a deadly criminal conspiracy with Liz’s boyfriend Kyle stuck right in the middle.

CSI:NY | 9pm on CBS
“Do Not Pass Go”
When a badly decomposed body found is an abandoned car on a rooftop, Mac and his team must go up against a killer who is using the parents of his victims to manipulate crime scenes. Helen Slater (“Supergirl”) and Thomas Calabro (“Melrose Place”) Guest Star as the Victim’s Parents.

Blue Bloods | 10pm on CBS
“Smack Attack”
When three teenagers die from a drug overdose, Danny works to discover the source of the deadly narcotic before it becomes an epidemic.

The Soup | 10p m on E!
Every week Joel McHale and The Soup crew load up their TiVos to find the strange, obscure and totally unbelievable moments in pop culture, celebrity news and reality TV. Then they deliver the best of it with an irreverent attitude that’s sure to satisfy your comedy cravings.

Did I miss any Friday night favorites? Chime in below.

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TV Chat with Team GMMR – Join Us Every Friday!

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Every Friday at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST, Team GMMR will host a LIVE chat to talk all things television. What’s coming up on your favorite shows? What did we think of what went down on TV this past week? It’s your chance to come ask your most dire TV questions.

Set a reminder so you don’t forget!

Got a burning question you want us to answer but can’t make it to the chat? Leave us a comment below, or hit us up with a tweet (be sure to use the #GMMRtvChat hashtag) and then come back later and replay the chat at your earliest convenience!

Can’t wait to chat with you today. Will you be joining us?

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Hi guys!  Kath is away, so I’ll be covering THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for her this week, which I’m very excited about.  I have to admit I avoided this show when it started, thinking it would be TWILIGHT TV, but I’m so glad I listened to everyone who was praising it, because it really is one of the most consistently entertaining hours on television every week, and last night kept the streak alive.

In “Masquerade,” there were three major developments: Tyler triggered his curse (but luckily Matt was spared), Katherine got what was coming to her when Damon locked her up in the tomb, and Jeremy looked INSANELY hot (oh, and started up a little flirtation with Bonnie).  Let’s break it down:

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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘These Arms of Mine’

Wow. This is why we watch GREY’S ANATOMY, people. It may not be as “cool” a show as it used to be, and people seem to love to hate on it (though let’s be honest, you don’t hate on something so much if it means nothing to you), but there’s a reason that GREY’S is still one of ABC’s highest rated shows. It’s because they pull out episodes like this…

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CASTLE’s Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic Talk the New Nikki Heat and Dream HEAT WAVE Casting

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CASTLE’s Nathan Fillion is a very busy man.

So when Give Me My Remote got on the phone with him Thursday evening, we were actually the ones to break the news to Fillion that former THAT ’70s SHOW star Laura Prepon would be playing Natalie Gray, the actress who will portray Nikki Heat in an upcoming CASTLE episode.

“I can only imagine there will be some flirting [between Castle and Natalie],” Fillion joked.

But now for the question of the hour: who should play Jameson Rook, the character Castle based on himself?

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BIG LOVE To End After Season 5

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HBO’s polygamist family drama — starring Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin — will end after season 5, the cable network has announced.

Season 5 is set to start airing in January of 2011.

In its controversial fourth season, the Emmy-nominated series — which is a personal favorite of mine — seemed to run off track a bit, but will hopefully return with a strong swan song next year.

Word is, the writers were given enough warning about the show’s possible cancelation that they were able to prepare two different endings, one which wraps up BIG LOVE’s story.

So, what do you think?

Will you be sorry to see BIG LOVE go?

Or has it run its course?

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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Heads up, COMMUNITY fans, notice the special time for tonight’s Halloween episode, a half hour later than usual… Going out of my way to tell you, because I was on set while they filmed this one and just the sight of Ken Jeong’s costume alone is worth tuning in for.

No 30 ROCK on this evening, but a ton of other good stuff.

Which shows are you going to peep live, DVR for later, or skip altogether?

This rundown may help you decide…

The Big Bang Theory | 8pm on CBS
“The Irish Pub Formulation”
A visit from Raj’s sister creates tension amongst the guys as Leonard keeps an affair secret. [GMMR: Is Leonard dating Raj’s sister?!]

The Vampire Diaries | 8pm on The CW
“The Masquerade”
Stefan and Damon decide on a new to deal with Katherine at the Lockwood’s masquerade ball. Katherine calls on an old friend, Lucy, to attend the ball with her. Bonnie, Jeremy and Alaric all do what they can to help Stefan and Damon, but Katherine has a surprise that none of them could foresee. Things take an ugly turn when Matt and Tyler start doing shots with their friends. [GMMR: Anyone intend to dress up as their favorite vampire this weekend?]

Community | 8:30pm on NBC
“Epidemiology 206”
Pierce (Chevy Chase) and a few other Greendale students ingest a biohazard substance at the school Halloween Party, causing them to exhibit flu-like symptoms and begin turning into zombies. It is up to the rest of the gang to save themselves and the school when Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) locks them in with the zombie-infected student body.

$#*! My Dad Says | 8:30pm on CBS
“You Can’t Handle The Truce”

Henry tries to broker a truce between Ed and his neighbor after discovering they are having a long-standing feud.

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Is Leonard Nimoy Returning to FRINGE?! Producers Spill

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Oh Christopher Lloyd, you tease.

Lloyd — an upcoming guest star on FRINGE — told the audience at a STAR TREK convention last weekend, that Leonard Nimoy would be appearing alongside him in the 10th episode of FRINGE’s current season.

Um, say what now?

When we last saw Nimoy’s William Bell, he had sacrificed himself in order for Walter, Peter and Fauxlivia to cross back over to our universe. Not to mention that Nimoy announced earlier this year that he is now retired from acting.

So will Nimoy really be reprising his role as Bell?

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MODERN FAMILY: ‘Halloween’

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When is a Halloween episode better than your typical TV trick-or-treat? When it’s a MODERN FAMILY Halloween episode, of course!

Claire’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and it had to be perfect – right down to assigning everyone costumes for her annual haunted house. She and Phil were a corpse bride and groom, Luke was Dr. Frankenstein with Manny playing his monster, Jay was a gargoyle (or, as Gloria pronounced it, a “gargle”), Gloria was a witch and Haley finally settled on being a sexy Mother Theresa (ay yay yay) after her two previous costumes — a sexy cat and a sexy nurse — were rejected by Claire. Their next door neighbor was supposed to participate too — playing the scarecrow who frightens trick-or-treaters as they leave, but with his marriage falling apart — the wife left him — he wasn’t feeling up to it, so Mitchell filled in.

After talking with his heartbroken neighbor, who was apparently blindsided by the separation, Phil began to worry that his own marriage could be on the rocks. He attempted to show Claire how spontaneous and loving he can be, but she just thought he was being annoying and getting in the way of her Halloween preparations.

Meanwhile, Mitchell — who heard two guys at work talking about how everyone at the law firm dresses up for Halloween — decided to get decked out as Spider-Man, since he’s new and wants to fit in. Of course he got to work and the only other people in costume were the two guys (whom he then overheard his colleagues calling “the tool” and “the douche”). He called Cam who reminded him that he had dry cleaning in the trunk of his car, thank God. So Mitchell put a suit on over his bulky SpiderMan costume, because he didn’t have time to take it off, and was then hilariously — and literally — dragged from meeting to meeting all day long. His co-workers thought he’d been hitting the gym a lot because his clothes were so tight. When he finally got a free moment to go to the bathroom and change, he dropped his pants in the toilet. Again he called Cam who told him that Spider-Man is, ironically, exactly who he needed in this moment of distress. Mitchell, clearly in a fit of panic, proceeded to make an interesting move — climbing down the side of the building, so he could fish more clothes out of his trunk. Though he made it to solid ground safely, he sadly set off all the car alarms in the parking lot and looked up to find the entire firm staring out their windows with a bird’s eye view of him and his secret Spidey identity.

Back at the patriarchal Pritchett home, Gloria became distraught because Manny and Jay both make fun of her Colombian accent. Her unhappiness turned to anger when a package of the “baby cheeses” that she ordered for Jay arrived — It was a box full of baby Jesus figurines.

And so, when the entire family finally arrived at the Dunphy house for Halloween, all was not well. Gloria was making a bitter attempt to talk like a “proper American” — which pretty much ruined the scary part she was supposed to play in Claire’s haunted house. Cam didn’t want to participate because of a “childhood Halloween trauma” that he couldn’t stop talking about. Alex wanted to study more than she wanted to be festive. And Mitchell tried to bow out too, still feeling the embarrassment of his day. Claire tried desperately to rally the troops though and the haunted house was opened for trick-or-treating business.

However, it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. Jay missed his thunder, lightning and fog cues. Cam continued to talk about his childhood trauma — something about a Quasimodo costume, getting stuck in a bush and subsequently wetting his pants. The kids were less than enthusiastic in their roles and Gloria was still talking like a “proper American” instead of a witch.

Claire got very upset with everyone, saying she just wants one holiday to stay the same, since they now set off fireworks on Christmas — because that’s Gloria’s thing — and the gays have overtaken Thanksgiving with their Food Network experiments. She stormed out of the house. Phil followed her and, after letting each other know that they are stuck with one another and won’t end up like the neighbors, they began to overhear the family inside, running Claire’s haunted house as it was planned.


What did you think of last night’s MODERN FAMILY? What were some of your favorite lines/moments that I may have forgotten to mention? Comment below!

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Laura Prepon to Guest on CASTLE

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CASTLE’s Beckett is about to meet her match.

ABC has confirmed to Give Me My Remote that former THAT ’70s SHOW star Laura Prepon has been cast as Natalie Gray, the actress who will play Nikki Heat — the character based on Beckett — in the upcoming movie adaptation of Castle’s best-selling book “Heat Wave.” She will first air in January.

According to EW.com — who first reported the casting news — sparks could be flying between Natalie and Castle.

Uh oh.

What do you think, CASTLE fans? Is Prepon who you imagined playing Nikki Heat? What other dream casting do you have for the movie?

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Syfy Cancels CAPRICA

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CAPRICA has been canceled, Syfy announced this afternoon.

According to a statement from the network, new episodes of the show will be pulled from the schedule immediately and the final five hours of the series will air in early 2011.

There is good news for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans, however, as Syfy recently announced that they ordered BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME, a 2-hour backdoor pilot focusing on a young William Adama to debut in late 2011/early 2012. So the BSG universe lives on.

Will you miss CAPRICA?

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