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BONES: Stephen Nathan on the Booth-Brennan-Hannah Triangle

December 1, 2010 by  

Love her or hate her, chances are if you’re a BONES fan, you have an opinion on Hannah.

Ever since she appeared on the scene earlier this season fans have had a, um, vocal reaction to Booth’s current girlfriend. And no, that reaction isn’t a surprise to the people behind BONES.

In part two of our chat with BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan (read part one here), we talked about the fan reaction to Hannah, the blossoming Brennan-Hannah friendship and what that means for the relationships between Booth & Hannah and Booth & Brennan.

You guys are six years into the show and for many shows, that’s the time to go with what’s familiar, but BONES has shaken things up. Now that Booth and Hannah are together, the Booth-Brennan dynamic needed to shift so boundaries remain in place. Is that something that was a conscious thought in the writers room?
Stephen Nathan:
Yes, but it still is a Booth and Brennan centric show. All of the difficulties that they now have in keeping themselves at arm’s length from each other are the things that continually focus in on Booth and Brennan, if that makes sense. Hannah is here, but Hannah is here for us to further examine Booth and Brennan’s relationship.

And of course going into it, you all knew Hannah was going to get a vocal response from the fans…
Oh, yes! We absolutely knew that. We told Katheryn [Winnick (Hannah)], you know, be ready. We knew this was going to be a big deal for the fans. They’re not going to like you. They’re going to want to kill you initially. And people are still upset, but I think they watch the show every week to be upset. To say, “What are you doing Booth? Why are you there? Look at Brennan! She’s right next to you! Look at how she’s looking at you!” And that’s part of the reason Hannah is there. And it’s also a way for Brennan to grow. And I think one of the best parts of this new phase in their relationship is to see the relationship between Brennan and Hannah. Because that’s a relationship between two strong, independent women that I really haven’t seen before on television. Certainly haven’t been a part of. Where you get to see two people who share something in common — they don’t necessarily know that yet, but they will in the very near future. But they like each other. They’re friends. And they have an actual relationship.

Right, Brennan was only starting to be friends with Cam by the time Cam and Booth broke up, so that is a bit different. But since Hannah and Brennan were forming their own bond, what was the thought process behind Hannah requesting Brennan’s sunglasses as a gift? I don’t dislike Hannah but that scene made me cringe, because it’s not something I’d be okay with a friend doing.
Well, you know what was funny to me, what I loved about that scene was that Hannah was doing something completely outrageous and when — I think in any other circumstance and with any other character other than Brennan, the scene would have progressed with someone going, “No, I’m not going to give you my sunglasses! You can sit in this hospital room alone, I’m going to go now.” Brennan, giving up the glasses was such an acceptance of who Hannah was, of how outrageous she was. And I think it was Hannah testing Brennan into seeing what kind of relationship they could have. It was really Emily [Deschanel (Brennan)] in that scene, it was Brennan, and how she played Brennan in that scene that made it okay. She accepted it from a position of strength. So I actually loved that scene. [Laughs] And it’s really — Brennan saved her life. So Brennan really was the person who was in control and is sort of the alpha female in that relationship And I guess that was a way for Hannah to get a little of herself back, a little bit of her strength back. And Brennan graciously — and with a big open heart — let her do that. And could laugh about it. And that’s really what the purpose of that scene was. And that has defined their relationship now in the future. The stuff that they’re going through together, Brennan and Hannah, is very specific to the two of them as an independent relationship from Booth. Which is interesting to see, because then Booth gets involved in the future and it becomes far more complicated.

Do you think it’s possible to keep Hannah on the show once she and Booth have broken up?
[pause] Well, I mean, Hannah doesn’t appear every episode, anyway. She comes and goes. So it depends on how her relationship plays out, not only with Booth, but also with Brennan. We like Katheryn, we think she’s a nice presence on the show and she’s been terrific. And we want to keep the possibility that Hannah still exists in this world. We don’t want to just say, okay, goodbye, that was done. Because that’s not how life works. We know what her profession is. We know that she has been on the move her whole professional life. She comes and goes. She can always return, no matter what happens with her relationship with Booth and Brennan.

Booth has been keeping a lot of secrets from Hannah — his gambling, the sniper past, his history with Brennan. Will she start to find some of that stuff out soon?
Yes, definitely. She is definitely going to know more and more and more, as any real relationship progresses, more and more of the past is explained and explored. And so she will definitely be confronting the fact of Booth and Brennan from the previous season.

Will that lead to any sort of Booth and Brennan fight? They bicker and banter, but they’ve never really had a huge fight. A lot of things have been building up between the two, so is this leading to a major blowout?
Well, you know, at this point to have a fight is a tremendously intimate thing. I don’t think either of them want to go there at this point. But that’s not to say it won’t happen in the future. The second half of the season will have a lot to do with the next phase in all their relationships.

Do you know when Hannah leaves the show? I know you’re not going to tell me —
Truthfully, we don’t have an exact episode. We know what’s going to happen, but we don’t know exactly how it’s going to unfold or how many episodes it’s going to take. We know what’s going to happen. But how that’s going to unfold because these episodes, somehow, are working. This sort of bizarre trio of people we have now is working in the way it’s unfolding. I know a lot of people are upset that Hannah is around, but I think that’s what drama is. You want to be upset at people, you want to scream at them, you want to hope that they’re going to come to their senses and do something else. And that’s what we want to keep stirring up.

But you have an idea and a plan in place for her exit.
Oh yeah, we definitely, definitely have an idea of exactly how — the specifics might change as they always do as the show evolves and the scripts evolve but we know what’s going to be happening and we know how everything’s going to be resolved at this point.


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169 Responses to “BONES: Stephen Nathan on the Booth-Brennan-Hannah Triangle”

  1. Etta on January 3rd, 2011 12:04 am

    Seriously? Guys, come on! Hannah is leaving! Who cares when, really? It’s going to happen. And can you all NOT see what’s obvious? This is just like when Big (in Sex and the City) got married to that other woman before he cheated on her with Carrie. Now obviously Booth would never cheat on anyone but he got into the relationship because it’s easy. It’s perfect. Hannah’s perfect. She’s not difficult, stubborn, argumentative or irrationally rational (lol). All of which Brennan is. Obviously, also, this isn’t about B&B not being compatible, it’s about Brennan pushing Booth away. He’s hurt and he’s trying to show her he’s moved on. Even before this season, in S5 after he asked her to give him a chance. When she (insensitively, in typical Bones style) told him about her date with Hacker, he immediately tells her he has a date too. And that she’s beautiful and smart and blah blah blah.

    And then he comes back, after leaving for Afghanistan because Brennan was even considering messing up the team (THAT SHE’D ASKED TO KEEP) to go to the Mulakikokowhatever (lol) islands. He comes back and the first thing he does is show her his shiny new girlfriend. It’s like look, Bones, isn’t she perfect? I’m in love! Yay! The way he says “serious as a heart attack,” the way he keeps shoving her picture in everyone’s face. I mean, come on! The man doth protest too much! Seriously! All his insisting makes him lose credibility with anyone with eyes. He’s defensive with Bones and Sweets and quite frankly, anyone who watched this season and didn’t get this should be slapped. The Bones team know how to make love look real. What reason except this one do they have to make him so defensive?

    Also, he’s not rude or mean to anyone (the people who say this should also be slapped lol). I’ve just watched all five seasons plus what’s out of season six and Booth has not changed. Maybe since you’ve watched it over time, you’ve romanticized his character into this paragon, but Booth is the same old Booth. He’s as nice to Brennan as he is to Hannah, his son, Sweets, etc. The only reason the writers had him not show up to H&A’s announcement was to show him trying to maintain his “loving” relationship. Brennan on the other hand has become socially stupid. Well actually she just looks stupid when she tries to leave her comfort zone of social interaction. So she really hasn’t changed, just tried to do different things with limited success.

    In short (haha), Booth is protecting himself (as the intelligent person above stated) and it’s going to take a while for him to open up again. Of course, Brennan deserves to suffer a little. I felt a perverse pleasure watching her realize what she had pushed away. It’s no good making someone jealous if she doesn’t realize she’s jealous. Now she does, so yay! 🙂 I wonder how that will change her relationship with Hannah and what Booth will do and trust me, Bones is going to have their usual 9 million+ US fans tuning in Jan 20 to find out all these things. (Something I can’t say for True Blood which is turning into a gigantic pile of crap). Think about it. 150+ comments vs 9 million viewers…y’all need to take a chill pill and enjoy the ride. It’ll hurt a little, but I want to see it through.

    Finally (lmao), the show won’t end with them getting together (look at House – talk about crazy, socially maladjusted individual, finding love with kind of normal woman. House and Cuddy are two of the most dangerous characters to put together but the writers did it. And House is NOT going anywhere) so stop being childish and afraid of change.
    Okay, not quite finally. This is it: I don’t want to see them fight. I’ve seen it (100th episode) and it was NOT pretty. It wouldn’t be intimate, it would hurt too much and they’re both kind of raw…And the sunglasses were just sunglasses, this guy brought it up in the interview and now it’s a big deal. So not! Brennan could buy 50 million sunglasses (she’s loaded) and this woman makes her give up one because she wants to be friends. So what? Seriously…the end. ^_^

  2. Etta on January 3rd, 2011 12:07 am

    Something else…what is up with Booth’s hair? It’s different and I don’t like it! Lol, see this is a situation when it’s okay to be childish and dislike change. 🙂

  3. Debbie N on January 3rd, 2011 8:03 pm

    I absolutely love Bones! I’ve seen all the reruns over and over again and still look forward to seeing this show. I love the whole cast. I really loved Zach and miss him. Could live without the yakky ex-girlfriend of the pysch doc. But, oh well. If they ever cancel this show I’ll die!!

  4. anncsi on January 4th, 2011 7:01 pm

    booth and brennan ♥ ♥ ♥
    hi peaple:) i’m from hungary. i love this show very much!!!!(Y) 😀

  5. carl on January 4th, 2011 8:02 pm

    only reasons bones will be friends with hannah is to get some of the half truths clear up.

  6. Jen on January 9th, 2011 5:50 am

    Bones is still a Booth and Brennan centric show? Brennan and Hannah are friends? I think SN and HH have their heads in the sand. They are completely clueless to how they have ruined the show for so many fans. (The ratings have dropped in a big way.) I’ve stopped watching the show. The only way I would come back, and that’s a big “if”, is when Hannah is out of Booth’s bed and life and he has become the nice Booth we all fell in love with. I don’t even care anymore if B&B get together, I just want the show to get back to normal. I want funny scenes. I want real characters. The Bones substitute, a.k.a. The Booth and Hannah Show, is a sorry excuse.

  7. W.S. on January 9th, 2011 9:26 pm

    I guess they have to spin this stuff like it is interesting to justify their jobs . The truth is it has wrecked the relationship between Booth and Bones to such an extent I just don’t care anymore about it and that has ruined the show for me .Im watching it now just for the story line aside from what little crums betwen then there is so it is just like all the rest of the cop shows to me now . We all know we are being led arround by the nose just waiting for Hannah to be killed off or be a bad character who has hidden secrets or make Booth a bad guy , evil sniper blah blah so Bones rescues him but at this point I am not sure I can take being played, for what, a big cliff hanger or another entire season season ? Oh Boy what a mess this has become .

  8. Trista on January 12th, 2011 12:24 am

    Although the actress is good,I do not like Hannah! But I agree to let bones feels the pain of losing Booth. And, I want Zack back……

  9. Anne Schuch on January 17th, 2011 5:49 pm

    Hart and Nathan have created a mess with the new storyline. The dynamics of the show is the relationship between Bones and Booth. The looks, the hugs are downright delightful and tell it all. The chemistry is awesome! Over the years we the fans have eagerly looked forward to each show. But now with this storyline I am glad I have fast forward so I can tune out anything with or about Hannah. Come on now–Booth and Hannah plain blah! Booth, Bones and Hannah yuck! and Bones and Hannah yuckier.
    I am so tired of the psycho-b abble spewing from Hart and Nathan. They need to watch the show they created. from the beginning and get over the Moonlighters Curse-it is not even relevant. They might also watch The Closer and see how well a romance can enhance the show. Have noticed little media coverage lately-should give them pause!
    If they are experiencing writers bloc they can get in touch with me and I will be happy to share more thoughts. I’m 74 yrs old and have picked many winners. Bones is high on the list-don’t rock the boat.
    Give us back Bones and Booth!!!

  10. Monika on January 20th, 2011 2:16 am

    Well, to be honest, I don´t think fans can be objective about this topic at all. I just recently came back to watching the show and I watched whole season 5 and all the episodes from season 6 in 3-4 days and I have to say that though I absolutely reject this barbie so-called jounalist persona, I have to admit that bringing someone serious to Booth´s life was genious. First of all, I don´t think that Booth-Brennan relationship is suffering, on the contrary, Brennan is finally realising that she is a human, too and she has feelings for him. I am not happy that she has to suffer on the way but that is what makes it so real. It is very rare (and a bit of American romantic comedy cliché) to assume that people are gonna magically switch some button and feel the same way at once. I appreciate the effort of the screenwriters and though I also don´t understand what the hell is Booth doing and why he had to bring his war-zone skank to his life I have to admit that this is possibly one of the best seasons. You people should enjoy the details, Angela and Hodgins are finally together after all this time. And to the creators – don´t you DARE to kill either of them off or I´ll come after you!!!
    Cheers 🙂

  11. Kitnjeans on January 20th, 2011 11:30 pm

    Well, I just watched the Body in the Bag episode and all I can say is, that’s it for me. Adios. I don’t watch television to see differently abled persons like Brennan lose yet again when it comes to love. I don’t care if they give her a new love. I don’t care if Booth opens up about his own struggle with pain. I just don’t care anymore. Brennan’s differences were even brought up in this episode when Booth listened to her discuss some totem of sorts with great detachment and agreeing with who ever said I don’t want to deal with this. Expletive deleted, Booth. Just another regular guy, choosing a regular gal over the odd ball genius. I hate this show.

  12. jstakgrl on January 28th, 2011 2:04 pm

    Why not give Brennen a love interest? Let her life get on w/o Booth for a while, she hasn’t dated in a while

  13. BaBFan on February 2nd, 2011 12:25 pm

    waiting for season 7 and hoping there will not be any Hannnah!!! NO DATE FOR HER LEAVING? so people lets no watching this season!!! i loved this show, but now..? nobody like it, so….she must know someone who keeps her on show…it will be long waiting but i am gonna wait for next season,becouse it seems to take some time to take her away…what you think??

  14. BaBFan on February 2nd, 2011 12:57 pm

    the leading team must be on drugs … or they dont have any connection to people to see how much people are leaving the show??? i am watching what is episode about … i will be watching the show again at the moment i ll see that there is no hannah … brennan?? :DD what they did to her?? she was best friend to Angela,who knew 5y and now? now her BF is Hannah? why? becouse she is dating to booth? becouse she knows her for few months? becouse they had spend a little time together? :DD it is sci-fi now? they are totally diffrent people, she has stolen booth from her,….that s what makes people BF? :DDD they are on drugssss :DD

  15. moomoo on February 5th, 2011 1:57 pm

    I think booth and brennan are going to get together in season six. Booth will end up choseing brennan over hannah. But nothing ever happens that easy on T.V. Brennan is going to find another man before booth has a chance and I think that man will be sully who returns for brennan.

  16. olivia on March 16th, 2011 3:43 pm

    I really LOVE Bones, I used to watch recaps every day, but since the final episode of the 4th season, the show has been plumeting. They changed Booth and Brennan’s character so much, I almost don’t even recognize them. And what about the squints? For me, they were almost as important as B&B, but since Hannah, I rarely get to see them, and I’d rather hear Cam making jokes than Hannah and Booth sucking face. And there used to be such a chemistry between B&B, where’s that now? That was what brought the show forward! I won’t waste my time watching this for god know how many seasons if they plan on getting them together in the last 2 episodes, and that’s it. All we’ve seen from them is a kiss, and a bed scene which was a dream, and was lacked the chemistry boom I was expecting from it. If the writers don’t do something and very fast, they will lose all the loyal fans that been following this show since the beginning.

  17. Katie on June 10th, 2011 4:49 am

    Hannah is too big of a B**** to marry such a big plush sweetly lovable Booth!

  18. Imane Assi on May 28th, 2012 11:33 am

    I so wanted Brennan to kick Booth to the curb and finally move on for Good.
    I mean, he gives it one shot and gives up.
    He proposes to Hannah less than a year after he claimed his love for Brennan would last 30-40-50 years .
    Plays victim claiming that “women don’t want what he’s offering”…Really Booth? I pretty well remember Brennan offering you everything you wanted in that car,in THE DOCTOR IN THE PHOTO and you shot her down and rejected her.So stop playing victim.You knew Brennan wasn’t ready yet you went for it.You knew Hannah would say no yet you went for it.So stop playing victim.

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