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THE CLEVELAND SHOW: Mike Henry Previews ‘A Short Story and A Tall Tale’

February 13, 2011 by  

The NBA All-Star weekend doesn’t officially kick off until Friday, February 18, but THE CLEVELAND SHOW is starting the festivities tonight when seven NBA players guest star as themselves on Fox’s animated series.

“Cleveland gets some tickets from work to the NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles,” Mike Henry (Cleveland) told reporters on a conference call earlier this week. “So he and Donna fly out for the game, and Cleveland gets drunk at the game starts [and is] heckling the players. They get their feelings hurt by this heckling — as I’m sure they would in reality — and vow to band together to go to Virginia to beat Cleveland up.”

Oh, Cleveland, you’re such a trouble maker. But he isn’t the only member of the Brown-Tubbs household causing chaos this week.

“We have another story going on with little Rallo, who befriends a dwarf, a little person, and the little person thinks Rallo is a little person, and Rallo thinks the little person is a kid,” Henry said. “So they have a lot of miscommunication. They’re basically fast friends and they’re having a great time together, and Rallo agrees to go and ‘marry’ the little person’s sister. He thinks they’re going have like a play wedding.”

However, when Rallo doesn’t take the wedding seriously, the consequences are bigger than he anticipated.

“Rallo ends up blowing it off, and unbeknownst to him, Marty Barty — who is the little person — is the head of the dwarf mafia,” he explained. “So he leaves the dwarf mafia’s kingpin sister at the altar. So he’s got a band of angry dwarfs after him, and the angry dwarfs and the NBA All Stars converge and get into a big melee in the Brown’s front yard at the end of the episode.”

Sounds like fun, right?

Check out six clips from tonight’s episode of THE CLEVELAND SHOW and make sure to tune in to “A Short Story and a Tall Tale” at 8:30 PM on Fox.

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