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VAMPIRE DIARIES Preview: We’ve Seen This Week’s Episode!

April 14, 2011 by  

With Klaus — aka the biggest, baddest, vampire that ever (didn’t) live — inhabiting Alaric’s body this week, things get a little more complicated in Mystic Falls.

We won’t see much of Katherine during tonight’s hour, as Klaus (or Klaus-Ric as I’ve now decided to call him…say it with me, sort of has a nice ring to it, no?) has her all kidnapped. But there is one fun little scene between the two, which involves some serious bloodshed. Katherine’s blood, to be clear.

Meanwhile, Elena thinks she’s all good to go in her “safehouse,” which seems real silly when Klaus-Ric pops right in just in time to hear Bonnie, Stefan, Damon and Elena chatting about how much power Bonnie can harness to kill Klaus.

At that point, Klaus-Ric’s mission is clear: To end the “witch-bitch.”

But Bonnie is so not a bitch — her love and dedication to Elena burns brightly tonight as she doesn’t blink twice at the thought of having to sacrifice herself to protect Elena from Klaus…even if it kills her. Jeremy, on the other hand, is having some trouble with it. If this kid loses another ladyfriend, he’s clearly going to snap.

Damon, though, is on the same page as Bonnie, with Elena’s safety being his main priority. There are a few pretty funny Damon moments in this ep, p.s., so look forward to that.

What else? Well, not a lot goes down on the Matt-Caroline front, though it is certainly a storyline that’s still playing out and seems like it’s about to explode.

But, the question this evening is, will Bonnie explode?

Take a quick peek at a scene from tonight…

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs Thursday, April 14 at 8pm on The CW. Will you watch?


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