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BONES Recap: ‘The Truth in the Myth’

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Hello, BONES pals! It’s time to discuss a new episode, The Truth in the Myth, in which Booth tries to teach Brennan a lesson, Brennan tries to make Booth laugh, and Hodgins’ dream of a free-chupacabra-roaming world is busted.

While I didn’t completely love how it was executed, I liked the interlocking theme between the existence of mythical creatures in the case and Booth and Brennan’s relationship. I love Booth—no denying that. But I’ve ALWAYS loved when Brennan tries to tell jokes. From where I type, it’s also time for Booth to get the Yeti out of the dark side of his moon and laugh at Brennan’s jokes. She’s funny! More on that later, but first, let’s discuss…


* The Scene of the Crime: A man and woman are on a first date after having met online. He’s mega into butterflies, and she’s mega into not being lonely. The date is going as well as you’d imagine with those two facts, and it gets even more exciting when a swarm of butterflies disperses to reveal a rotting corpse. The body wasn’t too gross this week, but I agree with Booth’s feeling that it’s a bummer that beautiful butterflies also like to eat dead things.

* The Victim: Speaking of ‘dead’, the victim was Lee Coleman, famous host of “Kill the Myth”, a television show in which he scathingly and abrasively debunked famous myths. Cocky and condescending, Lee made a career out of making other people look and feel like fools.

* Potential Suspects & Motives: Lee’s body was found near a local lodge in which he was staying, The Pine Tree Manor. The owner, Randy, and his activities coordinator, Melissa, recognize that Lee’s celebrity death means more business for them. Meanwhile, Lee’s television producer leads Sweets to another suspect, a pet psychic whose career Lee maligned. She was in the neighborhood when Lee was murdered, but her animals will back her up, she insists. Lee’s producer also tells Booth about Terry Beamus, Lee’s enemy on the small screen. When Lee put him out of a job, Terry had plenty of motive.

* The Lab Results: Cam and Vincent Nigel Murray examine the skeleton and try to determine how Lee received the types of wounds he did. VNM and Hodgins are pleasantly willing to be convinced that Lee was killed by none other than a chupacabra, which means ‘goat sucker’. But as the case goes on, more and more ‘facts’ disprove the mythical creatures’ existence, leading the team to find out the true killer. Hodgins and Angela find a secret footage camera, and Angela is able to pull all of the surrounding sounds from the night Lee was murdered.

* The Interrogation Room: Sweets did most of the interrogating work in this case—going to the psychic’s home, questioning Terry and later accusing Randy of murder.

* The Verdict: When Hodgins discovers that a taxidermy gel was used on Lee’s body, B&B know just where to look. They head to the Pine Tree Manor and pick Randy up for questioning. He admits to Sweets that while he didn’t shoot Lee, he did the rest—making it look like he’d been attacked by the chupacabra.

* MY Verdict: While I was not surprised that Melissa was the killer, for some reason, I’m still having a hard time pinning down exactly what her motive was. I don’t buy the “he wasn’t wearing his orange vest” scenario, especially because of how Randy dealt with the body afterward. It’s too bad we didn’t actually see B&B question Melissa at all. I would have liked to have actually gotten a better motive. Other than that, I liked the case.


I love Vincent Nigel- Murray’s normal ridiculousness, and so giving him a reason ( genuine alcoholism?) for his ridiculousness was a bummer to me, especially because he was obviously not really contrite at all. I’m just saying that there was no need to bring AA into it—his already crazy persona would have been enough to carry that storyline of confessing his mis-deeds. Though while we’re on the subject, did you have a favorite forthcoming? I think my fave was when he told Cam he stole three of her coupons.

Speaking of Cam, I liked how she tried to avoid VNM’s confessions as much as possible, and I also liked the scene between her and Angela where the artist stood up for her work. I loved the scene where Hodgins and Angela went to the crime scene to scope out hidden cameras, and I laughed out loud when Hodgins was genuinely bummed about the chupacabra-less world.

The other day, I tweeted that I think Sweets’ character is worthy of a spin-off. He’s the youngest, and his character has the most room to grow and develop, and his work would bring in interesting storylines. This episode convinced me of that all the more. While I don’t need any more Sweets-heavy BONES episodes, if he had his own show, I’d watch it.


If I could choose, I would have called this episode “The Myth in the Truth”, because I think that more aptly describes where B&B are at this stage. They are ‘together’, but they aren’t open enough to see the truth right in front of them. Or are they? ***Cue suspenseful music***

There’s just this…disconnect between them, for lack of a better word. They are both sort of trying too hard, and it’s kind of uncomfortable. On a deeper level, though, it makes perfect sense. If they try to manufacture ‘them’, it won’t succeed. If Booth tries to analyze it, it won’t work. If Brennan tries to make Booth laugh, it falls flat. It’s a tension that I hope will be broken soon when both characters are able to relax with one another. I believe it’s deliberate and part of the character development, so I’m curious to see how it plays out the rest of the season. I keep going back to the elevator scene in Blackout in the Blizzard where Booth and Brennan agree that they need to talk about what happened between them. The tension I felt in this episode leads me to believe that conversation will still occur.

It’s fascinating, because in theory, there should be no walls between them at all. The need to wait or to get over ‘walls’ of anger or imperviousness is a mythical roadblock. What kills me is that there is also an underlying idea that they both know the truth and just aren’t going for it yet. The end scene, while almost blinkingly short, illustrated this. Booth makes a move, comparing them to a confusing thing that makes sense more when not analyzed. Though he’s not making a joke, Brennan laughs at him, and in my opinion is basically saying “No, I’m not having that conversation with you. Not right now; not like this”. And Booth knows that’s what she means and he still smiles and waves at her (after putting her in a cab!), knowing that when the time is right, they will talk. It felt like about 40 minutes of them fighting the thing between them, and then two minutes of them acknowledging they both know it.

What say you? Are B&B testing waters they are already neck deep in? Did you buy the Vincent Nigel-Murray story? Did you like the case? Let’s discuss!

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