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The elimination this week was pretty obvious after the judges basically told Chelsea & Mark that they were safe last night. I love how Hines, Ralph, and Kirstie were talking about breaking points, but the closest to Chelsea talking about breaking points was getting bad judges critiques? Chelsea still lacked anything dramatic. I was hoping she would start crying about how Mark threw water at her to emphasize how easy she’s had it during this competition.

Ralph made Twitter remarks saying that the judges threw him under the bus and it’s true. This wasn’t like last season with Bristol and Brandy because out of nowhere, Len is throwing 7s at Ralph. He deserved at least 8s. Bristol may have been over scored, but she was closer to Brandy. It’s obvious that if the judges really wanted to get rid of Bristol last season, Len would have given her 7’s or at least 8’s.

Judges’ EncoreChelesea & Mark’s Rumba – I noticed that this song was the second time that music from TWILIGHT was used for Chelsea. And while I understand that it matches her demographic, I find it funny that Mark has to pretend to be a brooding vampire. I guess there are just more excuses for Mark to wear guyliner.

The eliminations began with Hines & Kym. The producers were smart enough to not replay Kym’s injury a second time, but we got an extended scene of both Hines and Carrie Ann crying. Kym appreciated that he danced like a pro. After a commercial break, they are safe. Hopefully by next week Kym’s neck will be back to full health so they could go all-out in their freestyle.

Musical PerformanceStevie Nicks “Secret Love” – I have grown to love Stevie Nicks and after GLEE did the “Rumours” album — it made me listen more to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I’m happy to see that Stevie still has the same style that she always had, with the same trademark outfits and microphone. Watching the pros dance was nice, especially seeing Damian around; I wish he’d come back and replace Mark next season. I loved the section that Dmitry and Anna had on the stage. I guess of all the dance troupe, Peta was the sole survivor.

Musical PerformancePitbull ft. Ne-Yo and Nayer “Give Me Everything” – The performance was interesting because the vocals sounded like Pitbull and Ne-Yo were dubbed on top of their live singing. There was definitely something off about the audio for me, so I couldn’t focus on all the shaking women or Ne-Yo on top of the judge’s table. I’m still not sure who Nayer is, but she seems generic enough to succeed in the pop industry.

Chelsea & Mark continued the elimination reveals with Chelsea complaining about wedgies. The rest of the competition was generically bubbly and positive. After their package the two were obviously safe and headed to the finals.

Dance Inspiration – We met Tayla Kelley who is 13. She suffers from primary immune deficiency disease, which means if she comes in contact with bacteria and viruses, she could pass away. She has constant blood treatments. She’s been a fighter and winning against her disease. Chelsie and Lacey arrived to help Tayla with her routine. I have to admit that the first thought that came through my mind was that it must be unhealthy to be in front of such a huge audience and having to talk to the judges. I loved how Tayla kept up with both Chelsie and Lacey, but the two pros also gave her the spotlight she deserved.

Musical PerformanceStevie Nicks “Landslide” – I loved how the performance was just Stevie performing with just her guitarist and keyboardist. Watching Cheryl and Tony was breathtaking and watching the two perform together was fantastic. It’s kinda sad seeing Stevie getting older, she just can’t hit the high notes anymore, but she still has all the emotion in her voice. Paired with the beautiful choreography, I agree with Tom that it was just magical.

We got the clips of Kirstie and Ralph. Kirstie compared the competition to childbirth. I just realized that a ship joke probably wasn’t the best for Kirstie, who struggles with her weight. Ralph was really excited to dance before the performance and joked around about how his butt pads looked like Hines.

After the commercial break, the inevitable happened and Ralph & Karina were eliminated. Though Kirstie & Maks were totally excited, Ralph was thankful about the supportive fans and everyone. He emphasized the words “class” and “integrity” to Karina, which helped counterbalanced Bruno’s borderline offensive remarks to her.

There are apparently three performances next week for the final and we know that one will be the Freestyle. One will also be the Judges’ Pick which we knew that Hines has a Quickstep and Chelsea has a Samba. I’m really hoping there is a group dance competition, but it will probably just be a redux of one of their best performances.

Do you think the right couple went home?


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  1. ToastwithJAM on May 17th, 2011 10:18 pm

    Go Kirstie! Go Hines! Go away Disney girl!