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WAREHOUSE 13: Executive Producer Jack Kenny and New Series Star Aaron Ashmore Tease Steve’s Arrival in Season 3

July 11, 2011 by  

WAREHOUSE 13 is back!

The new season brings a few changes: Myka is gone and Pete has a new partner. But is Myka’s departure permanent?

“That’s part of the fun of the season this year is [the question posed] in the first episode, ‘Is Myka coming back?'” WAREHOUSE 13 executive producer Jack Kenny teased on a recent conference call. “If she does, how is she coming back? How does [new series star] Aaron [Ashmore (Steve)] fit into all this?”

Indeed, the addition of Steve to the WH13 gang is a pleasant bonus, regardless of whether Myka returns or not. (My lips are sealed on that particular tidbit.) Like Pete, Steve has his own useful ability — he can tell when someone is lying.

“I think that the ability is quite simple in the way it works, but the way that it affects the character, I think, makes him very tentative when it comes to people and trusting people,” Ashmore said. “He knows that everybody lies. And I think as human beings we know that anyways but being able to tell exactly when those things are happening, I think makes him put a little bit of a wall up around him. And I think that that’s the real thing that when you’re playing — when I’m playing Steve that I had to think about him and be aware of. So I think that that’s really the big part of the character that there’s these walls up because of his ability to tell when people are lying.”

Steve’s ability to suss out liars will be revealed in the opening minutes of the season premiere, but Ashmore teased that many layers of his character won’t be explored until later in the season.

“I think that there’s some stuff in Episode 2 and then a little bit farther — I can remember what episode, maybe 6 — where, yes, you really start to see who Steve is and you get a little bit of his backstory and you really see how his life has kind of impacted who he is,” Ashmore told me when I inquired about when viewers would find out more about Steve. “Because he’s very different, I think, from a lot of the other characters on the show in that he is more reserved and he’s got these walls up. I think that Jack and the writers have done a great job of kind of just putting in these little kind of nuggets of character throughout particular episodes so you start to be like, ‘Oh, okay, well that makes more sense and I can see why this guy is how he is.’ And, a lot of times you don’t get that in shows. They just kind of like, it’s just there or they don’t even say it and it’s just kind of like implied or whatever. So yes, I think that people will find it really interesting to see how Steve’s character develops and learn these things about his past and then understand who he is more because of knowing those things.”

“I learn a lot about a character from the actor who’s playing him,” Kenny added. “And it’s not that I don’t really know anything about Aaron Ashmore’s past or his relationships or anything. What I see when I look at Aaron on camera, when I look at him on the monitor, I see a character. And maybe this is what Aaron brings. I see a character that’s got a complex past, maybe with some pain in it. That’s what I see when he’s playing the part. And so in my mind he comes from a complex past. Maybe when he came out [as being gay] or if he came out to his parents it wasn’t well-received. And maybe that’s brought some pain.

“There’s other things you’ll learn about his character — I don’t want to give away here because they come as a surprise to various members of the cast,” Kenny continued. “He gets to be besties with Claudia, so they learn a lot about each other. I get the sense that he’s been hurt in a relationship or two. And that he’s emotionally conservative. He plays his cards close to the vest. A lot because of what Aaron was saying earlier about if you can look into somebody’s eyes and tell if they’re lying to you or not that affects the way you relate to people. You look at people differently. It’s a little bit like Sookie on TRUE BLOOD where she can hear people’s thoughts — it’s kind of annoying. You don’t want to necessarily know all that. So I think he’s a vulnerable and tentative character who doesn’t make friends easily but when he does he makes them forever.”

Are you excited to see the addition of Aaron Ashmore’s Steve to WAREHOUSE 13?


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  2. Hannah on July 11th, 2011 11:06 pm

    But Myka is in one of the promo pics that was posted a while back!
    So she’s obviously back 🙂