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THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Stars Preview Tuesday’s Episode

July 12, 2011 by  

On the next episode of THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING, two brand new Mai show up in town…but they aren’t as helpful to Chloe as she hopes they would be.

In honor of tonight’s brand new hour, Give Me My Remote hit up the set of the ABC Family series to get the scoop on what’s going down…

“The girlfight episode!” exclaimed Alyssa Diaz (Jasmine). “Things get spicy!”

But will Jasmine be an active participant in the fighting? “Possibly,” Diaz teased. “Jasmine is pretty tough. I feel like when stuff is going down, when you need that girl that will have your back, that’s when you call in Jasmine. Jasmine is reinforcement. Jasmine doesn’t play, she doesn’t mess around.”

So what causes the tension between the Mai characters?

“We’ve got some very interesting characters who come on the show — Chloe meets other Mai for the first time,” Skyler Samuels (Chloe) previewed. “They’re not from the San Fransisco circle, so it’s not Valentina or Jasmine or Alek or anyone they know. They’re these two Mai sisters who come up from Brazil and Chloe thinks, ‘Oh my God, that’s great, there are other Mai in the world! That’s awesome, we can all be friends!’ Because Chloe really just wants to be everybody’s friend. But Chloe’s folly is she’s a bit naive and she realizes that these two Mai girls are actually evil, and so she realizes that she has to battle evil within her own race. So it’s definitely very exciting and thrilling and we’ve got a great action sequence in store.”

While Diaz was coy about whether she was involved in the fight, Samuels was enthusiastic about her participation. “When is Chloe King not kicking butt?” she asked. “This episode in particular she has a very incredible fight, it’s very dynamic and the best part is [it’s between] all girls. You want to talk about a cat fight? This is it.”

In addition to the trouble with her fellow Mai, poor Chloe will have her hands full with her human friends, too.

“Paul might be getting himself in trouble,” Ki Hong Lee (Paul) warned. “Might.”

Does that mean that Chloe is going to have to rescue him after she survives the fight?

“Maybe,” Lee laughed. “Not everyone has nine lives!”

While Lee didn’t want to give too much away, perhaps the trouble Paul finds himself in has something to do with his relationship with Amy. It seems Amy will be feeling a bit of anxiety of her own in the hour.

“Amy is…wanting new experiences with her current relationships,” Grace Phipps (Amy) said. “Romantic and otherwise. She gets a little help from a friend.”

Uh oh…

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