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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, January 19, 2012

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My favorite night of the TV week is here, and even though I miss COMMUNITY, I’m going to make sure to watch NBC’s comedy lineup.

Speaking of comedy, the hilarious ARCHER returns tonight on FX.

What will you watch tonight? Keep reading for your choices!

The Big Bang Theory | 8pm on CBS
“The Recombination Hypothesis”
Everything might change when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to a romantic dinner for two, on the 100th episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY. [Celebrate the 100th episode with a little scoop on what to expect!]

30 Rock | 8pm on NBC
“Idiots are People Two!”
Drama erupts at TGS when a cell phone video leaks onto the web with Tracy Jordan on an offensive rant. Liz tries to do damage control. Meanwhile, Jack’s refusal to approve of Liz’s new boyfriend causes her to question the validity of her relationship. Kenneth and Jenna Maroney call on Kelsey Grammer when a problem arises that only the Best Friends Gang can handle.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“Auditions #2”
The auditions continue on the second part of two-night season premiere of AMERICAN IDOL as the judges continue their quest to find the next singing superstar.

Winter Wipeout | 8pm on ABC
“Family Tree”
Familial contestants play as duos on a brand new family version of Winter Wipeout. After facing a potentially hard fall, hitting all the limbs of the Frosty Family Tree, contestants must get one of the best combined times on the Qualifier to move on to Pain in the Ice. From there it’s a slippery slope on the Cold-Hearted Snake, where only two family teams will compete in the Wipeout Zone. Only one set of family members will walk away with a memory to share in next year’s Christmas card – a cool $50,000 and being named “Wipeout” Champions!

The Vampire Diaries | 8pm on The CW
“The Ties That Bind”
Bonnie believes her recurring dreams about Klaus’ coffins will tell her how he can be killed. The dreams also lead Bonnie to a reunion with her mother, Abby, whom Bonnie hasn’t seen for 15 years. At Abby’s remote farmhouse, Bonnie and Elena meet Jamie, the young man Abby took in years earlier. Bonnie’s sudden appearance catches Abby off-guard, but she does her best to explain the past. Tyler turns to an unexpected ally in his quest to regain his free will. Damon is intrigued by Alaric’s new friend, Dr. Fell, and Klaus continues his bitter negotiations with Stefan over control of the coffins containing his family members. [Did you see THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Michael Trevino’s teases about the hour?]

Rob | 8:30pm on CBS
“Second Wedding”
Rosa persuades Rob and Maggie to have a traditional wedding for the whole family, but Fernando tries talking Rob into calling off the event. Meanwhile, Hector begins planning a surprise bachelor party.

Parks and Recreation | 8:30pm on NBC
“Campaign Ad”
Faced with a tough new opponent, Leslie and Ben disagree on the content of her first campaign ad. Ron is very uncomfortable when Chris tries to befriend him, while Andy and April make a trip to the doctor.

So much more…

Person of Interest | 9pm on CBS
When Carter finally comes face-to-face with Reese, he urges her to join forces to help with their latest POI, a scrappy young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who turned her life around and became a lawyer.

The Office | 9pm on NBC
“Pool Party”
After Robert decides to sell his mansion following his divorce, Kevin suggests that he have an office pool party. Erin tries to make Andy jealous by flirting with Dwight. Meanwhile, Robert gives everyone a tour of his massive home.

The Finder | 9pm on Fox
A former prison warden enlists the help of Walter to find a bullet that could prove the innocence of a death row inmate just days before his execution. Meanwhile, FBI psychologist – and Jeffersonian team member – Dr. Lance Sweets (BONES star John Francis Daley) evaluates Walter’s competency to consult on federal cases. In the process, Sweets begins to understand Walter’s intangible gift and motivation to find the unfindable. Also, Willa attends a beach party and gets herself into trouble. [Check out some pictures from the episode!]

Grey’s Anatomy | 9pm on ABC
“Hope for the Hopeless”
Richard performs his 10,000th surgery on a pair of bickering sisters (Nia Vardalos and Peri Gilpin) who come into the hospital for a liver transplant; Derek and Lexie take on a neuroblastoma case that has been previously deemed inoperable; Teddy and Cristina cross the line when they go against Owen’s orders and try to steal a case from Alex and Dr. McQueen; Ellis Grey’s shadow looms as Meredith searches for a specialty; meanwhile, Adele is brought into the hospital after she is found wandering the streets.

The Secret Circle | 9pm on The CW
Jake returns to town to warn Cassie that unless they discover how her father died in a boat fire 16 years ago that she will meet the same fate. Meanwhile, Faye gets trapped in a dangerous situation when one of Lee’s friends visits the shop.

Up All Night | 9:30pm on NBC
Reagan and Ava are thrown into a spiral when rival talk-show host and former friend of the show, Shayna (guest star Megan Mullally), is suspected of stealing their show ideas. At home, Reagan develops some jealous feelings towards Chris’s new female friend.

The Mentalist | 10pm on CBS
“My Bloody Valentine”
With very little evidence, Jane and the CBI investigate the death of a mob boss’ son. Meanwhile, while taking an eyewitness in for questioning, Van Pelt is haunted by the memories of O’Laughlin’s shooting.

The Firm | 10pm on NBC
“Chapter Four”
Mitch takes the case of a female psychiatrist accused of murdering an ex-patient that had been stalking her. All the while, Mitch also struggles with an eerie feeling that he is being watched and begrudgingly tells Abby and the FEDS. Meanwhile, Ray follows a hunch that could help with the Sarah Holt case, and Tammy unpacks a box of Sarah Holt’s belongings, including a laptop with possible incriminating evidence on it.

Private Practice | 10pm on ABC
“Losing Battles”
An abused paramedic Violet had met several months earlier shows up again – abused again and this time pregnant as well. But on the plus side for Violet, things are going better for her and Scott. Meanwhile, Addison and Jake meet with potential surrogates; and Cooper, Charlotte and Amelia counsel Erica on what could be the toughest decision of her life.

Archer | 10pm on FX | Season 3 Premiere
“The Man from Jupiter”
Sterling is very upset when he learns that Mallory is dating his hero (and man-crush) Burt Reynolds (who provides his own voice). More upset, in fact, than he is about the Cuban hit squad that’s out to get him.

Also playing…

  • Project Runway: All Stars | “Patterning for Piggy” | 9pm on Lifetime
  • NY Ink | “Love and Hate” | 9pm on TLC
  • Jersey Shore | “Dropping Like Flies” | 10pm on MTV

Leave a comment and let me know what you will be watching!


2 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, January 19, 2012”

  1. Sarah on January 19th, 2012 7:22 pm

    Parks and Rec, The Finder, Project Runway All-stars are on my list. Thanks for the post, Rachel!

  2. Rachel on January 19th, 2012 7:31 pm

    Thanks for reading Sarah! Can’t wait for Parks and Rec 🙂