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One of TV’s best kept secrets (and perhaps its most fun) is no more as the identify of the omnipresent and omniscient “A” was revealed on the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

So who is “A” and why does she/him/it/they have it out so bad for our four ladies of Rosewood?  Keep reading to find out.

But remember….just because YOU know who “A” is doesn’t mean that others on the West Coast or those playing catch up want you to tell them.  So feel free to chat with me in the comments but try not to spoil the fun for others.

When in doubt just remember…

Got a secret,
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you’ll save.
Better lock it,
In your pocket,
Taking this one to the grave.
When I show you,
I know you,
Won’t tell what I said,
Cause two can keep a secret,
When one of them is dead.

So you’ve waited long enough.  So here we go.

Tonight it was revealed that “A” is

(wait for it…) MONA! (or as she will know be known…MonA)

That’s right. A’s dastardly deeds were the work of someone who Hannah counted as one of her best friends. But it’s that very friendship that pushed MonA over the edge.  Allison’s death brought Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily back together as friends and that meant MonA was once again left on the outside, all alone. She blamed the girls for taking Hannah away from her and as such turned against the foursome in the most horrific of ways.

So MonA admitted to being A, but it’s not as simple as that. Of course not.  MonA wasn’t working alone. That much we know.  And it appears that she wasn’t even the teen mastermind behind it all.  But who is?  And are there others that are part of what MonA called “Team A”?

Seems all suspects are back on the table my friends.  And if figuring the rest of the “A” saga isn’t enough, how about we throw in the mystery surrounding the death of Maya.

Isn’t is just like A to keep a on our toes.  More will be revealed when PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns this summer. (And no, I’m not sure I can wait that long!)

Well played. Well played!

So fellow fans – thoughts on tonight’s reveal of MonA as “A”? Who else do you think is part of Team A? Thoughts on Maya’s death?  Fitz finally going public with Aria?  The reunion of Toby and Spencer?  So much to discuss. Hoping you’ll join me in the comments.



14 Responses to “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Who is “A”?”

  1. Kim on March 19th, 2012 9:42 pm

    I’m pretty sure Jenna’s part of Team A. Wasn’t there a scene with her telling a mystery person (who I believe was Mona) that the girls were all going to be at the dance?

  2. Kath Skerry on March 19th, 2012 9:44 pm

    Wonder what Jenna and Lucas had to chat about at the dance. And we still don’t know anything about the Black Swan, do we?
    I almost want to go back and rewatch from the beginning to see if there were clues about Mona that I might have missed.

    We don’t know who Jenna was talking to…I’m not sure it was Mona. Mona would have that intel on her own. I think Jenna was talking to the Team A (can we just call them The A Team) puppetmaster…whomever he or she is!

  3. Dan on March 19th, 2012 9:47 pm

    At this point, I believe that “A” isn’t melissa, lucas, jenna, or garret. I believe that “A” is someone who we’ve met, but haven’t expected it to be like maybe Wren. I believen that “A” was the leader of melissa, lucas, jenna, and garret. There are many signs pointing to Wren. I found this theory on the internet and it seems really interesting:
    ‘A’ theories → Wren Kim
    A has been in it since the pilot, Marlene King has notified us she has known who A is since the pilot.
    Nosey Bitches Die was written on the wall in Dr. Sullivan’s office in the usual red colour. The only thing noticeable in this scene was that Nosy was spelt with an E, Nosey is the British spelling of the word Nosy.
    We know Garrett stole page 5 from the police station, but it hasn’t been said who stole it from the morgue. Wren works in the hospital.
    When Ian was dangling Spencer over the bell tower, someone saved her, Wren seems to like Spencer, of course he would never let her die.
    Out of all the girls relationships Spencer’s has been targeted the most, Wren likes Spencer, but it is clear that Spencer is in love with Toby, making Toby Wren’s biggest rival. One of A’s challenges was Keep Toby Safe. The only was she could keep him safe was by breaking up with him, Wren was there the second after she did so.
    In the interview with A they ask about A’s New Years Resolution, A’s answer is more cardio. Cardio refers to heart, cardiology is heart surgery. Wren is a doctor.
    Wren has access to the security cameras in the hospital therefore he was able to print off a picture of the girls.
    As we all know, in the pilot, Wren gave Spencer a massage for her bursa sac and she enjoyed it. In episode 2×10 A gives Emily a massage, and they are good enough to make her believe it was the masseuse.
    In the A interview again, A was asked who is now the weakest link, A’s reply was “I’m more interested in the strongest liar.” Spencer is generally considered the strongest liar, A was also asked which of the girls boyfriends are you most interested in, A’s reply was Toby.
    Peter Hastings hates Wren, and Wren seems scared of Peter. By letting Spencer know that she was related to Jason, he was pushing her away from her family and making her vulnerable. Wren seems to always be around when Spencer is vulnerable.
    When Spencer was arranging to meet Melissa at the bar, Wren just happened to be there. Coincidence or was he Melissa’s decoy?

  4. Kath Skerry on March 19th, 2012 9:52 pm

    Well…you have ME convinced. Damn. I’m liking where you are going with this. Speculation of course, but speculation that you can back up! I never ONCE considered Wren. But I did wonder what his role was in this whole story. Why was he even around as a character? Maybe now we know.

    Other theories?

  5. Dan on March 19th, 2012 10:01 pm

    Thanks, i don’t really know if it is him anymore because the last scene of the season finale. What guy would wear a red dress? lol. All the signs kinda pointed to him except that last scene, damn.

  6. Kim on March 19th, 2012 10:03 pm

    I had kind of assumed Jenna was talking to Mona and that Melissa was dressed as Black Swan (it did look like her), but I guess with a show like this you can’t assume anything. At this point I can’t see how Jenna & Melissa couldn’t be part of the A Team. They’re smart, conniving, have a grudge against the liars, and seem to have obsessive personalities.

    The Wren theory’s interesting. I could see that being the case.

    Did anyone else think it was weird that Toby knew where Dr. Sullivan was? And that he had to lie to Spencer about it until she came back right after the girls had the showdown with Mona? It almost seemed like she was waiting to come back until that moment, like she knew there would be a showdown with A that night.

  7. Kath Skerry on March 19th, 2012 10:03 pm

    Well he doesn’t have to be working alone.

  8. Kath Skerry on March 19th, 2012 10:06 pm

    @Kim – Yes, can we PLEASE talk about Toby and Dr. Sullivan. I thought perhaps I had missed something along the way. Why did Toby have to pretend to not be in love with Spencer? And what is HIS connection with Dr. Sullivan. Is Toby part of Team A, too? (please NO!) But it did cross my mind, especially after MonA’s creepy comment about how the girls were going to sleep with their windows open tonight.

    I think if Melissa were the Black Swan the girls would notice her pregnant belly, no?

  9. Dan on March 19th, 2012 10:13 pm

    I also did not catch the toby and dr.sullivan thing. Seems kinda weird that he knew where she was. For long term characters like paige and wren should have a reason for being there. It seems kinda weird that paige keeps showing up. Maybe “A” didn’t actually kill maya, but paige did because she was jealous about emily and maya relationship.

  10. Kim on March 19th, 2012 10:29 pm

    Maybe Toby had to pretend not to love Spencer anymore so that he could get closer to Jenna because he suspected she was up to something and he found out about Dr. Sullivan through Jenna. It seemed weird that he was suddenly so close to Jenna, even though he’s always disliked her. I also really don’t want him to be part of Team A. Spencer needs someone in her life who’s not a sociopath.

    I could see Paige killing Maya. She definitely seems crazy enough.

  11. Kim on March 19th, 2012 11:42 pm

    Crazy theory: Mona’s story about seeing Alison in Brookhaven was true, but she actually saw Alison’s twin (or Ali impersonating her twin – maybe that’s who Vivienne really was). Ali/Vivienne told Mona to be A if she wanted to be popular and THAT’S what Mona was referring to when she said “I did what you told me to.” At first I thought maybe the black swan had found and was wearing Ali’s Vivienne wig because I couldn’t think of anyone other than Melissa with long black hair, but maybe it actually WAS Vivienne. That would also explain why the mystery person visiting Mona was wearing red (they made such a big deal about Vivienne’s red coat).

    I didn’t come up with all of that on my own but the more I think about it, the more it seems possible (though it still seems crazy).

  12. Taylor on March 19th, 2012 11:59 pm

    Okay, so this is just a theory, and I’m pretty sure people will hate me for saying it, but I think Ezra is part of Team-A. I went back and watched the first few episodes of the first few seasons last week after I thought of it. My theory last week was that it is Mona and Ezra working together, and in the very first episode, there is a moment when Mona walks into Fitz’s classroom and calls him Mr. Fritz by mistake…I know this isn’t conclusive evidence, but there seemed to be an emphasis on this part which seems like an odd thing to emphasize if it’s not significant. I don’t know what Ezra’s motive for murdering Allie would be, but we know that Allie liked older guys, and Ezra is around the right age. Also, Ezra is constantly making literary references, and A is definitely partial to literary references as well. I know this isn’t a fully worked out theory, but I’m sticking by it until I’m proven wrong. I think he might be getting people like Mona to do his dirty work leaving him to obsess over Aria. I think Aria will be in serious danger from him at some point down the road.

  13. KD on March 20th, 2012 12:48 pm


  14. taylor on March 20th, 2012 1:13 pm

    The woman dressed as The Black Swan was Ashley, Hannah’s mom. No idea why she would be involved besides her stealing the money and in order to not be reported she had to join the A team. Or she is the main ‘A’ for some reason we don’t know.