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DEXTER at Comic-Con 2012 Live-Blog

July 12, 2012 by  

DEXTER is at Comic-Con today, and given how last season ended, the session is sure to be filled with spoilery goodness. I’ll be live-blogging the session, so be sure to keep refreshing for the latest scoop from the panel!

6:20 PM – We’ve seen previews of “First Cut” and the new video game. Now we’re looking back on what has happened the series so far and what’s to come.

Take a look at the two-minute preview we just saw…

6:25 PM – So does Dexter think she’s going to buy this story? “He hopes so in that moment,” Michael C. Hall says.

6:26 PM – Yvonne Strahovski says her character meets Dexter during an investigation into an old murder. But aside from that, she can’t say too much about her character.

6:27 PM – “One step forward and ten back,” is how Jennifer Carpenter describes Deb’s discovery of Dexter. But in terms of the potentially icky incest-esque plot, Carpenter notes that Dexter stabbing someone in the chest trumps that.

6:28 PM – The EPs say that the Dexter reveal at the end opens up a whole lot of storytelling options.

6:29 PM – What advice for season 7 Dexter have for season 1 Dexter? “Don’t make any friends,” Hall jokes.

6:32 PM – A fan asks if there would be a musical episode of DEXTER. Hall says he thought it could be cool to have a final season with 12 possible finales, so he jokes that one of those could possibly be a musical hour. (But no, no plans for that.)

6:35 PM – A fan wants to know how Dexter and Hall are alike. “We look a lot alike,” Hall jokes. And while Hall notes that since he’s been playing this character so long that it’s only natural for the writers to add actor characteristics into the character, he says, “I try not to spend too much time assessing the similarities.”

6:38 PM – A fan asks about playing a beloved character who means so much to the fans and Hall says that Comic-Con is one of his favorite things to do. As far as the character, he says it’s a “once in a lifetime thing to play this part.”

6:41 PM – We’ll be seeing more Harry next season the EPs say. New flashbacks to Dexter’s childhood and obviously as Dexter’s consciousness.

6:42 PM – How will the characters be evolving this season? “This is the first season that I’ve felt lost,” Carpenter says of her character. “There’s no compass.” (There were also a couple of curse words, that promptly got cheers from the room. The poor kid behind me may be scarred for life.)

6:44 PM – While Hall says that Dexter’s denial can be strong, he doesn’t think Dexter REALLY thinks being a serial killer is good for Harrison.

6:45 PM – What’s Hall’s favorite Dexter kill? He jokes the kills are “like his children,” but points to Trinity’s death as being special for him.

6:47 PM – Strahovski says she knows her character’s arc, but she’s not really allowed to say anything. She’s only filmed a couple days so far.

6:49 PM – “I think if you do something this long, you know it on a cellular level,” Hall says of playing Dexter for so many years.

6:50 PM – Who was Hall most excited to work with on a fan level? “I was a big fan of the artist formerly known as Mos Def,” Hall says. He also points to John Lithgow as someone who made him go, “Wow, I’ve really arrived somewhere.”

6:54 PM – No, they don’t plan on working the real-life Florida bath salts stuff incidents into the series.

6:56 PM – Hall says he actually doesn’t get too many crazy fan requests. He mentions that sometimes people say that there are people THEY want killed, but for the most part, he says, “I regret that I don’t have more creepy [fan interactions].” (He’s kind of kidding.)

7:00 PM – What’s the worst like Hall ever told? “That was delicious!” (He’s kidding.)

7:02 PM – Favorite season? “The one we’re doing right now, because that’s all there is, baby,” Hall jokes.

7:04 PM – Most memorable or embarrassing moment on the show? Carpenter mentions a time she fell hard on an ice skating rink. Hall says he rammed “The Slice of Life” into a pier. (“Eight thousand dollars worth of damage…I didn’t have to pay!”)

And that’s it! Thank you guys for joining along!

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  1. Erik on July 12th, 2012 9:30 pm

    Though last season of DEXTER was full of missteps, I think most fans of the show have been waiting for Deb to discover her brother’s Dark Passenger. The preview clip was ideal in length and content, certainly enough to wet my appetite for the Season Premiere.