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AWKWARD Recap: My Love is a Black Heart

July 27, 2012 by  

Hey AWKWARD fans! Sorry I missed the recap last week. Feel free to discuss that episode and Jenna’s church camp woes in the comments if you want to. As for this episode, “My Love is a Black Heart”, the show continues to inch its way through the school year–the premiere featured Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and now we’re up to Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air, and like always, Jenna is trying to figure out her new relationship with Jake with her old relationship with Matty. To make things worse, Matty seems to be actively interested in the freshman blonde he sniffed his pits to in last week’s episode.

In this episode, Jenna was somewhat self-centered. She wasn’t selfish necessarily, but she assumed that most of what went on was about her. When Matty approached her and wanted advice on the perfect date, Jenna thought Jake had sent him over for some intel. Oh, Jenna. No.

When Matty then brought Freshman Blonde (Courtney is her name, but I reserve the right to also call her FB) on a Valentine’s date to the exact same restaurant Jake brought Jenna to, Jenna figured he was giving Courtney ‘her’ perfect date as a way to make Jenna jealous. Not impossible, but that theory takes a hit when Matty tells Jenna later that he doesn’t want to screw things up with Courtney like he did with Jenna. Do you believe him? If he’s not being sincere, then this is the most intensely played sabotage of all time.

This, and the fact that Matty does seem to making his relationship with FB public, leaves Jenna feeling bummed out and rejected all over again, despite the fact that her very excellent boyfriend Jake planned a very perfect evening–complete with a cute stuffed beetle (a love bug) and calla lilies. I was reminded of when she told Matty under the bleachers that she was done feeling like his secret and that he made her feel bad about herself. I was hoping that moment would help her get past Matty (even though I am still Team Matty 4Life!) because Jenna needs to be strong and stand up for herself. But it seems like she still lets Matty’s actions control her emotions. When Tamara says “it’s hard when someone moves on before you”, Jenna realizes she moved on with Jake but wonders why it’s hard to see Matty move on.

Of course, Tamara is referring to Ricky Schwartz…who really is the worst. Tamara attends the BHP (Black Hearts Party) with Ming to show Ricky up. But it backfires when she catches him making out with Sadie in the bathroom.

What do you think about Sadie and Ricky? I find it believable in the sense that Sadie is awful, so she really might have kissed Ricky in a skanky bathroom to make Tamara crazy, but I’m not sure. I just hope the show isn’t going to use Sadie for all of its evil moves–that would be a poor use of character.

Jenna’s self-centeredness also trickles into her family life. Since Lacey and Kevin are still split, Lacey has no plans for V-Day and Jenna sort of makes fun of her about it. But after her date with Jake, Jenna gives Lacey the love bug Kevin left for her. Lacey was appeased, and I think it’s interesting that Lacey is as emotionally ‘swayable’ as Jenna is. What do you think? Like mother, like daughter?

This season, Jenna told Jake she is no longer in love with the guy she was once in love with and she is totally invested in her relationship with him. We talked before about how ‘invested’ is not the same as ‘in love with’, and it was clear in this episode too, after Jake confessed his love for Jenna. Her response? “Awesome”. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think it goes back to Jenna’s self-centeredness. She likes having a guy that is in love with her, but she’s not able to reciprocate. Maybe because she IS still in love with Matty? What do you think? Was it me, or did Jake seem a little let down by her response? Thoughts?

Other awesome moments:

  • Sadie and Lissa’s conversation about Scrooge and ‘heavy flow’ related increases in bitchiness
  • Val thinking Jenna is jealous of the lunch she had with Lacey
  • Ming getting some action at the BHP with Fred Wu
  • Matty knowing about Jenna’s food allergies

How did you like this episode? Has Matty really moved on, and will he get serious with Courtney, despite Jake’s claims that Matty doesn’t date? Is Jake going to be satisfied with Jenna’s response to his ILY? Is there something really going on between Sadie and Ricky or is Sadie just out to make Tamara and Jenna’s lives miserable? And what are your thoughts on Lacey and Kevin? There is a lot to discuss, and the comments are open. Sound off below!

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