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GLEE Season Premiere: “The New Rachel” – We Want YOUR Thoughts on the Return of GLEE!

September 14, 2012 by  

The wait is over. GLEE is back!

With Rachel (and now Kurt) in NYC, Finn MIA (hopefully not literally) and the kids of New Directions being top of the McKinley heap (gasp!) – it’s safe to say that change is in the air for GLEE fans.

We covered a lot of ground in last week’s GLEE Premiere ‘You Ask, I Answer’, but now that the episode has aired, I definitely want to hear from YOU!

Was the premiere everything you hoped it would be? Were you digging the new NYC/Lima split?  How about tonight’s music? Did you welcome the GLEE newbies with open arms?

The comments are open and I would love to get your dish on the season 4 premiere.  Here are a few of my thoughts to get the convo started:

  • Concrete jungles where dreams are made of…oh how I love seeing Rachel and Kurt in NYC. It’s like all my dreams of a spinoff came true (minus Blaine’s absence). Kurt and Rachel have come so far in their friendship and now we get to see them live out their new lives together as roomies. When they finally were reunited in the park, I have no problem letting you know that I was a hot mess of tears. Lea Michele absolutely killed the scene when she finally breaks down with Kurt about what life was really like in New York, and for her to just turn around and find her best friend there…damn, I’m going to get emotional again.
  • Contrary to popular belief (or at least Twitter belief) I am not anti-Finchel. In fact, I’m pulling for their happily ever after! With that, I can’t automatically hate on Brody just because he’s not Finn. Shipper feelings aside, Brody seems like a good guy and he’s being a much needed friend to Rachel right now. She’s lost, sad and confused and he has done nothing but support her and guide her as she navigates her new life. Now will he guide her into his bedroom?  Only time (and Ryan Murphy) will tell, but for now, I’m kind of digging Brody. (Ducking for cover!)
  • Kate Hudson – wowza! I’ve never really been a huge fan, but she really surprised me in this episode. Not only was she slamming hot, but I liked Cassandra’s snarky playfulness opposite Ms. Rachel Berry. And did I mention how hot she looked? Those abs after two kids?  Bowing down!
  • It’s hard to really love an episode of GLEE when I spent half the episode wanting to slap the attitude from the remaining GLEE club kids. Glad they finally got it together at the end and realized they were being complete asshats.  Huge egos are nothing new to New Directions, but next time let’s keep them where they belongs…inside the choir room.
  • As for the newbies,  they are a bit of a mixed bag for me. It was hard to get super amped for them when I spent so much time wanting more from the original characters. But I’m going to give them a shot (not like I have a choice). I am so, so loving Marley! Not only is her voice beautiful, but her character has a smart sensibility and a sweetness that I really responded to. Is she the new Rachel? I wouldn’t worry too much about that…just let her be the new Marley and we’ll see how that goes.  I really just want to hug Jake Puckerman. He’s slightly damaged goods but with such potential! And don’t tell me you didn’t melt a little during his audition. Swoon! Not really feeling Kitty just yet. We get it – she’s Quinn Fabray meets Santana Lopez – snooze. Hoping they give her a little more depth because if not, she’s going to get boring fast. One character that I don’t think will ever get boring is Wade/Unique. I was a little weary of Alex Newell’s role this season (and I still am), but if the writers take care of this character and don’t make him one note (you know, full of attitude and bitching about every sols he doesn’t get), I think there is an interesting story to be told. I think Alex did a fantastic job at striking the balance between Unique’s confidence and Wade’s vulnerability.
  • No, we didn’t get enough Klaine. I wanted a more intimate and emotional farewell. I wanted at least a goodbye kiss. But hey, I will take what I can get, and what I got was a supportive Blaine loving Kurt so much that he pushed him towards his future despite it being away from him. That’s love. Who doesn’t love a signature Blaine Anderson courtyard serenade complete with some double-dutching, fancy step work and cup’ography? Adorable. It’s going to be a tough road, but hang tight my boys.
  • I was fine to sacrifice a Klaine airport goodbye in favor of another epic Kurt and Burt scene. Mike O’Malley once again ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped all over it. Are you kidding me with those swallowed tears?  What about the moment when he quietly confessed that he knew Kurt would never call Lima home again?  Oh sweet lord someone grab me a box of tissues.  Amazing! Despite Kurt being in NYC, I’m still hoping there is still plenty of screen time left for the full Hummel-Hudson family.

So much GLEE to talk about including Sue’s new baby, Brittana’s Skyping woes (hilarious) and some fantastic musical moments…hello “New York State of Mind”, but I’m going to turn it over to YOU!

The comments are open…let’s talk GLEE!

P.S. Stay tuned for lots more GLEE this week on GIVE ME MY REMOTE. I was lucky enough to catch up with the cast at the GLEE season premiere here in L.A. on Wednesday and I’ve got a lot of great moments to share with all of you.  Be the first to see our exclusive videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel at

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3 Responses to “GLEE Season Premiere: “The New Rachel” – We Want YOUR Thoughts on the Return of GLEE!”

  1. Adele on September 14th, 2012 10:18 am

    “..full of attitude and bitching about every solo he doesn’t get.”

    While I understand that Britney’s line about Wade being Mercedes with a haircut was a joke….the above description makes him/her not far off.

  2. andy on September 14th, 2012 10:30 am

    I think maybe Kurt leaving without a goodbye moment with Blaine could come up again in a few episodes, like how Kurt just went to follow his dreams and didn’t even talk to Blaine about it, ad Blaine was worried that Kurt would forget about him after graduating and that’s exactly what he did. Similar with Finn and Rachel – the writers always like to make Rachel the bad guy in that relationship so maybe Finn will come back and see that picture Brody and Rachel took and get all mad that she moved on to someone new while he was off . . doing. . army type things. Whether Brochel (or whatever the kids are calling them) happens I don’t really care, I just like that they have him being a supportive awesome friend who is a bit flirty rather than having Rachel and him getting together already.

    Ryan always said that Dianna Agron “ruined” Quinn because the character was supposed to be this bitchy cheerleader that we were supposed to hate but Dianna brought so much depth to it that you started to root for her. So I think Kitty is the revival of the original plan for Quinn, but I’m not super fond of her just yet. Jake and Marley are great, I believe they’ve said they’re planning on hooking them up but I’m glad that they were introduced seperately. Both of them had fantastic numbers this week! Wade/Unique was not intolerable in this episode – I think Alex’s acting has definitely improved since his few episodes last season. Overall I am cautiously (gratefully) optimistic for season 4, this was a very good episode!

  3. Jon on September 14th, 2012 10:47 am

    I think the episode was okay. The new characters are okay and if I had to pick then Marley and Jake are at the top. The Brody guy just seems like Finn to be honest as it seems the writers were giving him Finn type lines I assume so the audience will like him as they might be trying to form a legitimate triangle. The problem with that at this point is that the actor is not near good enough to act opposite Lea. I hope he gets quite a bit better as time goes on or the difference between Lea acting opposite Cory vs acting opposite him will be extremely obvious. I am willing to give him more chances but I am really getting a friendly vibe between them.

    Lea and Chris acting opposite each other it quite magical and I loved that final scene and it showed me once again what it was like to watch a scene that was performed up to the standards I need when most of the show is written pretty mediocre. The writing isn’t great and I hope they realize they need Lea and Chris and please bring Cory back and even Naya to deliver those mediocre lines. My wish would be those four in NY and I honestly would tell the Brody guy to get lost because I don’t want screen time taken up by him.