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CASTLE’s Jack Coleman Previews Bracken’s Return: ‘He’d Love to be Able to Erase [Beckett] at Some Point’

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CASTLE welcomes back a familiar face in the next episode, but it’s one Beckett may not be too thrilled to have in her life — Senator Bracken, the man responsible for Kate’s mother’s death.

Jack Coleman’s Bracken goes toe-to-toe with Beckett in a big way in Monday’s “Recoil,” and when I spoke with Coleman, he teased that the power between the two “keeps on shifting.”

Keep reading for more on what Bracken’s return might put Beckett through…and if this is the last we’ll see of him…

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GLEE, BONES, NEW GIRL, and More: Check Out Some Behind-the-Scenes Pictures!

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Want a sneak peek of what goes down behind-the-scenes of your favorite Fox shows? Check out some photos from the production of this week’s episodes of NEW GIRL and GLEE, plus previews of next week’s episodes of BONES, THE FOLLOWING, TOUCH, THE MINDY PROJECT, RAISING HOPE, and NEW GIRL.


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BONES: ‘The Shot in the Dark’ Photo Preview — Brennan Gets Shot!

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Things get very dangerous for BONES’ Brennan when a late night at work leads to her getting shot in her lab. (And that also experience allows for her deceased mother to come back into the picture.)

Take a look at some photos from the dramatic hour, “The Shot in the Dark”…

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Scandal | 10pm on ABC

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Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in.

30 Rock | 8pm on NBC

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1 hr Series Finale: As Jack takes stock of his life, Liz struggles with her new role as a stay-at-home mother; Kenneth settles into his new job; the cast and crew come together for one last episode of TGS.

SUPERNATURAL’s ‘As Time Goes By’ Post-Mortem: Robert Singer on Where Dean and Sam Go From Here

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[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the SUPERNATURAL episode, “As Time Goes By.” If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now and then come back to see what executive producer Robert Singer had to say about what’s next.]

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ONCE UPON A TIME: Guess Who’s Returning?

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Death may stick on a lot of shows, but that’s never kept anyone off ONCE UPON A TIME for long — ABC has confirmed that Jamie Dornan (who played the doomed Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman in OUAT’s first season) will return for an upcoming episode.

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FRINGE: Seth Gabel Reveals What You Didn’t See in the Series Finale

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FRINGE fans were delighted when the series traveled back Over There one last time during the show’s two-hour finale event, and they weren’t alone: when I spoke with ARROW guest star, Seth Gabel, he told me he was equally thrilled to pop back in to play Lincoln again.

“I was very happy, that on some level, you got to see Lincoln was happy in the other universe with a family, married to Olivia, who he was in love with,” he told me. “But also in that episode, you see a glimmer of doubt and wondering whether or not if he had stayed in our universe, if he could have possibly made a difference between Peter and Olivia, maybe have helped in some way and maybe have stopped all of this terrible stuff from happening in the first place.”

Speaking of that newly revealed family that Lincoln and the other Olivia have, Gabel confirmed that he and Anna Torv (Olivia) filmed a little scene with their fictional son that ended up being cut from the finale.

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Graham Yost Previews The New FX Series THE AMERICANS

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FX debuts its newest drama, THE AMERICANS, tonight, and while on the surface the series a drama about KGB operatives going undercover to live the American dream during the Cold War, very quickly it becomes apparent this show isn’t just about espionage.

“It became clear this was not just a show about KGB spies in 1981, it was also a story about a marriage,” THE AMERICANS executive producer Graham Yost recently told reporters. “And it’s interesting, because the set-up is you have an arranged marriage: [Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Keri Russell (Elizabeth) were] put together, they’ve never known each other before they went to training for KGB back in the early ’60s. And they were sent to America and had to pose as a married couple…[in the pilot] you realize they’ve been married for this long, they have teenaged kids, running a traveling agency…doing all these dangerous mission. And you really see the beginning of them start to fall in love. And so it’s the story of a marriage, of two people who have been married for 15 years, and now they’re actually coming together. And it’s espionage, and it’s kick-ass fights, and it’s Keri Russell driving a guy’s head into a wall and all that kind of fun stuff…But the season is about the marriage and the ups and downs and the roller coaster. Doing what they do, they have to not only romance potential agents, but they have to have sex with them. And yet they go home [to each other].

And while the real-life outcome of the Cold War isn’t a secret, Yost is hopeful the other components of the series will keep viewers guessing.

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It’s Official: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Renewed for a Ninth (and Final) Season

It’s official: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER will return for a ninth and final season. According to CBS,  the entire cast will return “for the final season when audiences will final learn the identity of the ‘Mother.’”

“Through eight years, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catch-phrases,” said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment in a statement.  “We are excited for Carter, Craig, Pam Fryman and this amazing cast to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.”

“We‘re thrilled to have the entire and incredibly talented HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER cast back for one final season to bring the series to a proper close,” said Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen of 20th Century Fox Television.  “Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are masterful and hilarious storytellers, and we have no doubt that they will guide one of the greatest comedies of the last decade to a gratifying conclusion when they finally reveal the identity of the Mother.”

Just yesterday, Thomas and series star Cobie Smulders (Robin) participated in a conference call with reporters and expressed optimism that that show would continue on.

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CASTLE: ‘Reality Star Struck’ Photo Preview — The Squad Deals with Reality TV and Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day on CASTLE, and Beckett, Castle, and the rest of the NYPD have their hands full with a dead reality star.

Take a look at some photos from “Reality Star Struck,” set to air on Monday, February 11th on ABC…

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SMASH Season 2 Premiere Clips

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SMASH returns for its sophomore season next Tuesday (February 5th at 9 PM), and while you can still watch the first hour of the two-hour premiere now, if you’d prefer to just watch clips we’ve got you covered.

Check out a little of what you can expect from SMASH season 2…

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The Americans | 10pm on FX

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Series Premiere: Married KGB spies pose as Americans in Washington, D.C. after Ronald Reagan is elected president.

ARROW: Seth Gabel Previews The Count Going Toe-to-Toe With Oliver in ‘Vertigo’

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ARROW’s Oliver has faced his fair share of villains, but with his sister, Thea, getting wrapped up in the mayhem of a new street drug, Vertigo — which caused her car crash at the end of the last episode — Mr. Queen is out to make someone pay. And if Oliver’s angry, that doesn’t bode too well for The Count, the man responsible for this dangerous drug.

I spoke with ARROW newbie Seth Gabel — whom television viewers may remember from his time as Lincoln on Fox’s FRINGE or Jeremy Darling on ABC’s DIRTY SEXY MONEY — about playing The Count (a role he’s previously called “the most fun I’ve ever had”), getting to tap into his darker side, on-screen fighting, what viewers can expect from “Vertigo,” and more…

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SUPERNATURAL: Robert Singer on Casting Henry Winchester, the Returns of Castiel, Benny, and Charlie, and More

Over eight seasons, SUPERNATURAL fans have learned quite a bit about Sam and Dean’s parents, plus their maternal family, the Campbells. But in Wednesday’s episode, “As Time Goes By,” viewers will get to meet Henry Winchester, the paternal grandfather of our boys.

The CW hosted a screening of the hour earlier today, and after, executive producer Robert Singer talked about finding the right actor for the important role, teased a few upcoming returns, and the possibility of season 9…

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