ONCE UPON A TIME: The Cast Teases Tension, Revenge, and More in 2013

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With Emma and Snow now safely back in Storybrooke, the first arc of the second season has been closed out. But with one solution comes a whole lot of new problems. Give Me My Remote visited the Vancouver set late last year and the cast teased what was to come to reporters…

Emma and Snow may have returned home, but there is no break in the drama: “There’s immediately new problems,” Jennifer Morrison (Emma) said. “It’s not like Emma gets a break. I think we have a party at Granny’s and then there’s all sorts of new problems.”

In fact, some of the biggest potential issues have just arrived in Storybrooke: Hook and Cora managed to return to this world as well and are (as of now) keeping their presence hidden.

“I think Cora is terrifying,” Morrison admitted. “To me, she’s the most terrifying villain we’ve had because she’s so sweet and so charming and easy to believe. And then is just completely cold-blooded without any sort of remorse for any of her actions. She’s just so one-tracked about what she wants and how she wants it and how things are going to be, and that is usually at the destruction of everything and everything around her.”

Rumple versus Hook: Hook’s quest for revenge is so intense that ONCE newbie Colin O’Donoghue noted that even making the transition from fairytale land to Storybrooke doesn’t faze him.

“His reaction to being there isn’t any different, because he still has his motivation, and his motivation is to get revenge on Rumpelstiltskin,” O’Donoghue said. “It doesn’t matter where that is or how it happens, he’s the type of guy who would be willing to die in the pursuit for [revenge]. That’s how single-minded he is.”

But for Rumple’s portrayer, Robert Carlyle, he doesn’t think his character will take the latest threat as seriously.

“I don’t think he’s concerned about Hook at all, really,” Carlyle noted. “I think the one he’s concerned about is Cora; that’s the danger. I don’t think Hook’s a real danger to him. I think he’s dangerous, but he can handle that, because ultimately [Rumple] has magic and [Hook] doesn’t. We’re talking about Cora having equal magic to [Rumple].”

Things aren’t getting easier for Regina: She may be trying hard to change her ways for Henry, but Regina is finding a ton of opposition from the people who are currently taking care of him.

“Snow is not as sympathetic,” Lana Parrilla (Regina) said when asked if there was any changes in the character dynamic after Emma and Snow interacted heavily with Cora. “There is zero dialogue between them. I don’t think Regina has any interest in speaking to Snow or even apologizing, any of that. What’s done is done, we don’t ever have to get along, is how I would see it.”

With Snow’s daughter, Emma, things get a little more…complicated.

“With Emma, Regina has done more to harm her than Emma has,” Parrilla noted. “I think because they share Henry, that relationship has to be figured out. It’s almost like divorced parents, it’s kind of how I look at them two. It’s like divorced parents. All the lesbians want us to be an item, and I’ll give them that they’re kind of like divorced parents when it comes to Henry. It’s like, ‘I wouldn’t have you in my life by choice, but it’s unfortunate if you are, and if you are, we gotta figure it out.’ That’s kind of how I see that relationship”

“There’s always a level of tension there with both of them,” Morrison allowed. “Obviously tensions are just high in general.”

And for Regina, viewers will get a little more insight as to how bad things have been for her in the past.

“In the return episode, something quite traumatic happens to the Queen,” Parrilla teased. “She is captured in fairytale land. It’s quite traumatic.”

ONCE UPON A TIME airs Sundays at 8 PM on ABC.


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