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BONES Recap: ‘The Twist in the Plot’

January 29, 2013 by  

Hello BONES fans! I liked this episode, “The Twist in the Plot.” How about you? While the surroundings of the murder investigation were a little kooky, the suspects and plot never turned to cartoon characters or hijinks, which created a nice balance, and also allowed for some good character work, especially for Booth and Brennan. AND it’s nice when the case organically inspires B&B BOTH to think about their personal lives — versus one of them learning a lesson, you know? The good eps have the right balance between case/B&B personal lives, and I think this one had that balance. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it!


The Scene of the Crime: A group of people on Segways are on a tour. One woman veers from the path and is followed by her video-taping husband. She falls from her scooter and onto a skeleton.

Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Cam arrive and scope out the area. Brennan quickly determines that the victim was a female in her 30s. But when she brushes away some additional dirt, she is shocked to discover a second skeleton.

The Victim: The team identifies the first victim as Rachel Knox, a “death doula,” whose body was buried with one of her patients, Monica Craig. Monica suffered from lung cancer, and Rachel was helping her through the process as part of Special Passages, an all-natural green death and body disposal/ preparation company.

The Case Progression: Booth and Brennan talk with Rachel’s co-worker and Special Passages business partner, Mizrah (played by CHUCK’s Vik Sahay). He is devastated over Rachel’s death and over the course of the investigation, B&B find out he previously had a tantric affair with Rachel. He insists it was over, and he was fine with their working-only relationship. He understood the terms — Rachel had a three month rule when it came to relationships with men, and his time was up.

Sweets talks to Dr. Craig, trying to determine if he had any insight into why Rachel would be killed. Meanwhile, Daisy figures out that Monica’s official cause of death wasn’t lung cancer;she and Hodgins find evidence of illegal bath salt recreational drug use. When Sweets confronts Dr. Craig about this, he insists that he didn’t kill his wife — he only did nothing when she chose to kill herself.

This put Monica’s death to rest, but still left the question of Rachel’s murderer unsolved.

The Verdict: When Booth realizes that Dr. Craig called Rachel for three months leading up to Monica’s death, he figures they had an affair and questions him. Dr. Craig confesses to it and also then admits he killed Rachel at the gravesite, contributing to all of his guilt.


I’m not a Daisy fan (Booth and I agree, which has to mean something), so I dreaded this episode. But it wasn’t so bad, in the Sweets/Daisy department. I found that I didn’t really care at all about their relationship, but I’m also relieved that they didn’t get back together and that it wasn’t full of unnecessary drama. It will be interesting to see if Sweets really does get his own place because of this. (Though I LOVED the scene in Booth’s office where Booth told him not to make any decisions for two weeks and a really drunk night!)

Hodgins and Angela were great, and since they were concentrating mostly on the case, it really worked. I liked Hodgins’ scenes with Daisy, and I liked Angela’s scenes with Brennan — up until the point where Brennan awkwardly explained Angela’s death joke, and Angela told her that normal people would just laugh, causing Brennan to apologize. Ugh. Not so much that Angela reacted that way but that the writers make Brennan act weird about jokes, just to make her a punchline for Angela’s sarcasm. Watch season one’s “The Man in the Wall” and get back with us, writers.

I was back and forth with Cam in this episode. On the one hand, it was nice that she consoled Daisy at the end of the ep, and her advice was really great. BUT she also brought it up unnecessarily, and since she was the one who chewed Sweets out in the last ep for coming around the Jeffersonian, it was weird that she was in favor of that in this one.


I really loved B&B in this episode, and not just the end scene. I liked their candid conversations about their own burial wishes and last will and testament stuff. It was refreshing that the dialogue didn’t stray too far down the over-trodden “Brennan has so much more money than Booth” plot path, and I really liked how, in the end, they both made changes for the other one.

My favorite B&B moment was actually when they were at Special Passages, and Mizrah was holding Brennan’s hand. She gave him advice on how not to hyperventilate, and after he said pain was just part of the process, Brennan & Booth shared a “is this guy serious?” look that completely cracked me up and is a good example of what I love about their partnership.

Loved Brennan’s cute braids and PJs at the end of the ep, and I loved the way she and Booth affectionately ganged up on Sweets at the beginning of it.

I don’t spend as much time as I used to analyzing every moment of a BONES ep, BUT one that stuck out to me in this episode was, during Booth’s heartfelt video speech, when he said that he would be lucky in life to have been able to spend time he did with Brennan and Christine, even if he died then or in fifty years. It reminded me of the 100th episode (which I loved), when Booth had the goal of being with someone for thirty, forty, fifty years (which I also loved). I think he still does have that goal, but now it’s more about being with Brennan, and not just the idea of her. I genuinely believed that Booth loved Brennan then and way before, and he does now…I’m not one to say that he was only in love with the idea of her — just that now, all the more, he’s able to be more comfortable with himself and their relationship, and I like that. Brennan likes it too, which is why she tackle-hugged him. The best!

Other points:

  • I agree with those on Twitter who said the ep would have been epic with a Jeffster reunion!
  • I liked that Brennan’s new last resting place was a volcano, harkening back to Booth’s description of her that she is Iceland.
  • It’s fun that Sweets makes really good coffee, and that it would be a reason why B&B want to keep him around.
  • As a literary nerd, I liked the title of the episode and the “Hamlet” references, even if I’m not 100% sure how they fit into the actual plot.

Okay, enough from me.  Thoughts from you? Did you like the case? Do you think Sweets and Daisy have officially moved on? And what about B&B’s last wishes? The comments are open — sound off!

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19 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Twist in the Plot’”

  1. Suan on January 29th, 2013 2:45 am

    Pretty torn by this ep, mostly meh, the case and Swaisy, Daisy is too good for Sweets, let her get on with her life, and Sweets STILL at the MH, unbelievable. The end scene, of course, made the show. At first I was annoyed that Booth didnt mention Parker in his vid to Christine since he did mention her mother, but thinking about it, it was a vid to one of his children. Parker needs to be more present, even if its just dialogue written. It has demeaned and belittled Booth to have him forget he has another child. Cant believe the Booth I thought I knew would emotionally abandon his child.

  2. Suzie on January 29th, 2013 3:31 am

    How could Booth, as a former soldier, not have a will? And how could he possibly leave Parker out of it? (Note that Brennan left most of her money to Christine and only a part of it to Booth.) Why didn’t he even mention Parker in his message to Christine – how hard would it have been to add “and your brother” to the list of his loved ones? More than any other episode before, this one made Booth look like a terrible father who has basically replaced one child with another.

    And why would Brennan, who has always said that funerals and death rites mean nothing to her, suddenly want an elaborate death ritual that she would know would be considered gruesome by the standards of her culture? (Oh right, it’s so that the audience can roll their eyes at her and Booth can get mad at her, making her see the error of her ways again.) Is there a golden rule for the writers saying “Thou shalt make Brennan look like an idiot at least once per episode?” The only thing that would really make sense for her character would be to donate her body to science. I’m sure they could have made Booth get mad at her for that too…

  3. DebsC on January 29th, 2013 6:57 am

    I loved this ep especially coming after last weeks epic. As you so eloquently put in your recap the Sweets Daisy thing was handled very well and pretty low key for them. The case would encourage conversations about funerals etc without them being forced.

    I adored the ending. It made me tear up and was fabulous acting from both David, particularly, and Emily. The love B&B have for each other fairly shone through the screen and as someone who can get past previous events this is something that I have always dreamed I would be watching with these two. This is all canon now guys:)

    Parker was mentioned twice in the episode and perhaps it is because I’m British but I don’t have to see Booth do a separate recording for Parker to be absolutely sure that he did. I have watched this character for 8 years so I know him pretty well without the writers having to use up another 3 minutes of the 42 they have telling me exactly that. The interview HH did with Marisa in this regard was very interesting.

    Keep it up Bones, I love every moment.

  4. E on January 29th, 2013 9:19 am

    Watched the episode and thought it was decent. I honestly feel that Daisy, though annoying at times, deserves better thn Sweets.

    I watched with two men who both asked why Booth did not mention his son in the video. Booth was always about family. I have letters for each of my kids if I die, in each letter, I mention their relationship with their siblings. It just felt wrong to me, especially saying that he was the luckiest man for having Christine and her Mom.

    I just feel the writers need to address Parker in conversations. Since he got together with Brennn, it just seems like Booth does not have another child. After six seasons of Booth and Parker and their bond, it seems like now that Daddy has his dream family, Parker has been replaced.

  5. JoeyM90 on January 29th, 2013 9:31 am

    I was really hoping that when Sweets and Daisy broke up earlier this season we would have seen the last of her. I’m glad they’re not getting back together, and that they’re both moving on. I missed most of last night’s episode because I was working late at DISH, so I will need to re-watch it this afternoon when I get a chance. I’ve been recording this season to my DISH Hopper so I can watch the show on my schedule. My Hopper has PrimeTime Anytime to record all the primetime shows, like Bones, from the four major networks automatically. I don’t have worry about setting timers, or dealing with recording conflicts, when keeping up with all my favorite shows.

  6. anon on January 29th, 2013 11:04 am

    wow. some of you guys, feels like I am watching a different series, you think that Booth, who adores his family more than anything, didn’t leave Parker a tape or you know actually told Parker in person how felt, cause you know Parker can converse and Christine is a baby, hence why the tape, incase he died before she grew up and he couldnt tell her in person…srly???… could the writers have included Parker in the tape, a big brother thing, of course they could of but that is a writers fail imo not a Booth fail.

  7. Pam on January 29th, 2013 11:23 am

    Booth and Brennan, and mainly Booth saved this ep imoI…. I am sick to death of Sweets. If he went to shrink camp for a few eps off camera and was absent for said eps it would be fine with me. I need a break from this character. Srly….I am sick of hearing about his breakup with Daisy (he broke her heart and dumped her, deal with it) sick of him living with B&B (grow a set of balls and rent any place, stop living his life through B&B, they aren’t his parents, he isn’t a baby duck, he’s a grown assed man) AND I am sick of him doing Booth’s job, questioning suspects by himself in every damn ep. What the frak is Booth? chopped liver? It makes Booth look like he can’t even be bothered to do his job at the FBI any more…..Booth is a kickass interrogator pity the writers don’t give a damn about that anymore…. The writers want to give Sweets more to do at the FBI well write him as a damn shrink and put him back in his damn office instead of taking over Booth’s job and scenes.. ugh .. FBI Booth » man child Sweets.

  8. E on January 29th, 2013 11:23 am

    Yes, a writers failure. As a mother, if you are going to speak to a child about moving forward, you would also give some mention of a sibling. I m sure if they discussed a Parker video, Booth would tell him to look out for Christine. The point is that the writers forgot that Chrstine has more than just Brennan.

  9. andrea on January 29th, 2013 11:51 am

    Pam -Booth did take over the interrogation from Sweets at the end which caused the husband to confess. (He thought Booth was really scary). Agreed, I think Booth needs to be in the interrogation room a lot more and maybe just consult with Sweets from time to time. Also, while Daisy was a lot more acceptable in this episode, I agreed with Cam that her acting like Brennan was creepy! But surprisingly, I felt bad for her, and I really don’t like her character! Also, I was surprised that Daisy discovered so much information that helped the case and that Brennan left a lot of the lab work to her-granted she did train Daisy very well.

    I wasn’t bothered by Sweets living with Booth and Brennan-he seems to know when to make himself scarce-he was no where to be seen when Booth was making his video to Christine thank god! I think Brennan summed it up that Sweets is scared of getting out there on his own, but I think when he saw that Daisy was able to move on, he will too.

    t really enjoyed this episode-I loved Booth and Brennan and the video that Booth left for Christine-and Brennan tackle hugging him! (her braids were so cute) I really like how Booth’s influence is having “undue effect” on Brennan-how she changed her will to consider Booth and Booth put more thought into his final words as a consideration for Brennan.

    Now about the video that he left, when I saw that scene I knew that a lot of fans would question why Booth didn’t mention Parker. I really don’t know what the “right” way for a parent to leave a video for a child is-should the sibling be mentioned? Should the parent only address that child separately? I guess that’s up to the parent. (or what the writers think Booth should do). I know that Booth didn’t “forget” Parker, he loves Parker and tried his best to be there, especially when Parker was little. But Christine, since she’s a baby and is part of his daily life, is foremost in his thoughts for now. Christine didn’t replace Parker imo, she’s just the focus because she’s so helpless! Parker is with his mother in England and no longer part of Booth’s everyday life especially now that he’s a preteen and has his own interests. I agree that this is sad and I do hope that the writers address Booth’s estrangement from his son and have them using Skype or show Booth emailing Parker or something in upcoming episodes. But on its own, “The Twist in the Plot” was a very enjoyable storyline. I’m looking forward to next week’s roller derby episode and am waiting to see “A Shot in the Dark” when Brennan “meets” her mother after being shot and nearly dying with much anticipation for an awesome episode!

  10. Pam on January 29th, 2013 12:23 pm

    @andrea thank you!!! oh i totally remembered that Booth did the end interrogation, he kicked ass at that and Sweets totally failed, he talked to the Doctor 3 times and still didnt get he was the murderer. Yet Booth talked to him JUST once and he got him to confess. …BUT it is a serious concern and annoyance of mine that the writers are having Sweets question the suspects more and more without Booth. It is totally underminding Booth’s role in his job and in the series…. Sweets shouldn’t be talking to any suspect unless it is shrink related. Booth should be questioning suspects at the FBI building and not Sweets it should be a given…. I feel like the writers need to remember who the male lead and FBI Agent of the damn show is and it’s not frakking Sweets. …Seriously I feel like starting a ”Give Booth his interrogating job back” petition. It has got that bad in S8 the lack of Booth questioning suspects at the FBI

  11. andrea on January 29th, 2013 12:53 pm

    Pam-I’ll sign that petition!

  12. Firefly729 on January 29th, 2013 12:56 pm

    I wasn’t upset about the Booth video, because like Anon mentioned above, the point of the video was for Booth to tell Christine things about himself in case something were to happen to him before she was old enough to remember what he was like. Parker is old enough and has spent enough time with Booth that he doesn’t need a video for Booth to explain that he likes hockey and was in the military. And we know that he already knows that.

    The only thing that really bothered me is the double standard the writers are using with Sweets/Daisy. If you recall in season 6, at the end of The Shallow in the Deep, Sweets and Daisy are in the diner, and they’re discussing all of the things they thought they had in common, and it turned out that they really didn’t have any interests in common. And they come to the conclusion that they enjoyed each other’s company when they watched the Saved by the Bell marathon together when Sweets was sick. The whole point of that conversation was supposed to serve as a parallel to Booth & Brennan – they may not have any outside interests in common, but being attracted to each other and the fact that they ultimately just liked being together despite their differences was enough for them to decide to be together. So the fact that the writers have just negated this parallel they used in season 6 to kind of illustrate why Booth & Brennan belong together is kind of like story line logic whiplash. And to add insult to injury on this point is the argument Cam uses on Daisy to convince her not to get back with Sweets, “As a scientist, have you ever seen something come back to life and be as good as it ever was?” Bringing a relationship back to life is exactly what you did with Booth & Brennan, writers, so I’m kind of confused as to what Show is trying to say. LOL

  13. andrea on January 29th, 2013 3:25 pm

    I think the difference is that Booth and Brennan weren’t really in a relationship and therefore couldn’t break up and then get back together the way that Sweets and Daisy did (twice). Yes, they were attracted to each other but didn’t have the “courage” to commit to being together. ‘Even though there seem to be some parallels between these characters, (i.e. being together despite not having the same interests or beliefs in common, etc.) Booth and Brennan are the real thing and now that they’re together and really in a relationship -they will hold! The center will hold.

  14. E on January 29th, 2013 4:25 pm

    Booth fell in love with Hannah, lived with her, proposed to her, and wa crushed by it, all after he “moved on” from Brennan. I guess I do not follow the writers logic with cams advice to Daisy when That s what happened to B @ B.

    But then again, the writing of the characters is not very consistent. They seem to change the characters to fit the particular episode.

    Also, Hogela was broken and look at them now. How does Cam really know how they feel. I think it is more that they find Daisy annoying and prefer them broken up.

  15. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on January 29th, 2013 9:00 pm

    For me, this:
    “it’s nice when the case organically inspires B&B BOTH to think about their personal lives — versus one of them learning a lesson, you know? The good eps have the right balance between case/B&B personal lives, and I think this one had that balance”
    …is what sums up this episode for me. I really like when the case and personal theme are united.

    I kind of got a kick out of how the husband confessed because FBI Agent Booth was definitely much scarier than FBI Psychologist Sweets. Plus, the 3 month relationship was a good clue to throw in there. I like watching the science stuff unfold, but since we can’t predict what will be revealed in that way, I appreciate when other clues come into play.

    I enjoyed Booth being the big brother/”wise” friend who just kept saying “No-no-no-no” to Sweets and any decision he was considering based upon seeing Daisy again.

    I know that you (and others) are not fans of Daisy, but I get a kick out of her *because* of how annoying and obnoxious she is. I like that she was not really herself and am taking heart that when/if she returns that she will heed Cam’s words.

    The juxtaposition of Brennan’s 312 page will and Booth’s sticky note was great and felt just right. Sure, realistically he would have a formal will, but I can easily let that go just for that characterization right there.

    Yes to this: “Not so much that Angela reacted that way but that the writers make Brennan act weird about jokes, just to make her a punchline for Angela’s sarcasm. Watch season one’s “The Man in the Wall” and get back with us, writers.”
    While Season 4 started to show Brennan in this light, I think it is true that S1-3 did not. I’d be happy to return to S1-3 Brennan and jokes.

    Very touching scene with Booth and the video to Christine and Brennan listening in. Loved her bombing him at the end and agree that both of them listening to each other and adjusting accordingly worked great.

    Solid episode.

    (BTW, wouldn’t it have been interesting to see how Hodgins’ will might have changed based upon him losing everything last week? Not a complaint, just a thought.)

  16. Judy on January 29th, 2013 11:38 pm

    This episode is the first one of season eight that made me glad there will be a ninth. Everyone has pretty much disected it and I thought about adding more of the same. However, I am just so grateful and pleased with David’s return to serious acting, that I just want to say, great job!

  17. Jo on January 30th, 2013 12:27 am

    I enjoyed this episode. I thought Daisy was very subdued she was trying to test Lance’s feeling toward her. She was sad but held her emotions in which is very unlike Daisy. At time’s her character would drive me crazy but then other times I enjoyed her outrages behavoir. I wouldn’t mind her returning to the show as long as she and Lance stay away from each other.

    I agree with Pam to much Sweets and not enough Booth. Sweets needs to stay in his office. Yes it fells like the TPTB have forgotten who the star of the show is. With out Booth in the lead roll there wouldn’t be a Bones. The scary thing is I’ve heard HH state that he really likes the chemistry between Booth & Sweet. We all know how entrenced HH becomes if the fans express discontent so I’m afraid we might have to put up with Sweet mucking things up for a while.

    I do have a major gripe about this season I feel like there is a disconnect between B&B. These two people have loved each other for years we waited for a long time for them to become a couple. Now that they are a couple I’ve been frustrated with each episodes end asking what happened to their special eye connection discussing disagreeing teasing or kissing It hasn’t been done as in seasons past ok no kissing in seasons past. What few scenes B&B have they just don’t have the special flavor they had in the past.
    It was so touching when Booth is making the video for Christine and Brennan is watching him and then lunges herself on to him. I was so pleased then I became disapointed she didn’t really hug him or put her head on his shoulder she flung herself on him & then just gets up and they go into the kitchen. I remembered the dream episode when Brennan sits on Booth’s lap & the eye connection is immediate she then tells him she’s pregranant. This time she could have at least looked up at him and said something to him. The writer’s are not writing Booth & Brennan’s character’s as they have in the past.
    I had to vent.

  18. Gaz on February 5th, 2013 11:26 am

    As far as Brennan goes, I can’t believe the writer of this has missed that the character of Brennan has Asperger’s syndrome. The way she is so literal with everything screams Asperger’s. The writers of the show don’t make Brennan act weird with the jokes so Angela can make fun of her. If you don’t think that’s what it is, download an episode of the English show Doc Martin and see if you can see the similarities. In that show, the character was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

  19. Laura Opper on October 17th, 2014 3:26 pm

    Of course Booth has a will, but he has to update it since becoming domestic partners with Brennan, and he did that with a sticky note.
    In a different episode Booth says he is in charge of the major crimes unit, so he is in more of a management situation and has to delegate interrogations and train agents. That would seem to be a natural progression, given how successful he has been in solving crimes. It’s great when he does interrogations, but that may not be a real part of his job any more.