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ONCE: WONDERLAND: Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis Tease the Potential Spinoff

April 29, 2013 by  

Comes the 2013-2014 season, TV viewers might be getting a lot more of the ONCE UPON A TIME world, thanks to a potential spinoff focusing on Wonderland.

“There’s been weird things written here and there, but I can tell you the truth: WONDERLAND takes place post-curse, so the pilot of WONDERLAND actually starts when magic comes and the wraith happens,” ONCE UPON A TIME co-creator Eddy Kitsis told reporters earlier today. “And then it runs concurrent. So we are in WONDERLAND, post-Queen of Hearts. And like we saw in the Enchanted Forest, there were pockets that were saved. And then we will flashback during the show to…how did Alice get there.”

But just because the potential spinoff is linked to the events of ONCE, that doesn’t mean you will have to keep up with OUAT to enjoy the new potential series.

“WONDERLAND touches ONCE UPON A TIME, but is intended to exist as its own thing,” ONCE UPON A TIME co-creator Adam Horowitz explained. “We touched on the world of Wonderland a few times in [ONCE] and were really excited about the possibilities of it, but we don’t want to overwhelm this show and shoehorn in Alice.”

What that means for the Wonderland character ONCE viewers are most familiar with — Sebastian Stan’s Mad Hatter — is still TBD, however, thanks to Stan’s other work commitments.

“If Sebastian has a week, we’ll take it,” Kitsis said. “[But] he could be free when WONDERLAND wraps. We’d love to have him back.”

The future is looking a little bit more bright that if the series goes forward, viewers will get the chance to get more backstory on Cora (the Queen of Heart), who recently met her demise in present day Storybrooke.

“Assuming that the show goes forward, and assuming she says yes, yes [she’ll appear],” Horowitz said.

“By the way, I still feel there are more Cora stories to be told, both young and old,” Kitsis added. “I don’t think that’s the last time Rumple saw young Cora, and I definitely think there are some other adventures to be had. Even though she’s dead, she’s very much alive in our hearts.”

Are you hoping ONCE: WONDERLAND makes it way on to your television next season? And if so, are you hoping we’ll get more Cora and Mad Hatter?

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