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Monday night is one of nights my DVR hates me the most, and even still, I ended up only watching a handful of shows because my priorities were slightly different than normal: playoff baseball! (Go Dodgers!)

And while that was totally worth getting wildly behind on TV to see that win, I only have a few shows to talk to you about from last night. But let’s get to it, shall we?

BONES: I’m really torn on last night’s episode. On one hand, I think the time was right for the Pelant arc to end, and I’m actually really intrigued by this “new” serial killer. I love when the team is working together, even if it’s using a body donated to the Jeffersonian to try and bait Pelant into coming out of hiding (which, BTW, ew)…the very best episodes are often when the team is actually used and they work together.

On the other, I do agree with Sarah that it felt like last night Pelant was catchable because the writers wanted to make him catchable; given that this arc has gone on for nearly two years, the conclusion felt weirdly rushed to me. And weirdly enough, I felt a bit underwhelmed by the new proposal, too. I didn’t need Booth to even get down on one knee, but B/B’s mutual declaration of faith in each other’s skills earlier in the episode was a thousand times more romantic and meaningful than the end “proposal.” Perhaps they didn’t want to overdo the mushy stuff since the wedding is (spoiler alert? I don’t even know at this point, no one is doing anything to keep any aspect of it a surprise) just two weeks away? It’s just a little disappointing that Booth — the man that told Brennan she was the standard even after she had initially rejected his plea to give them a chance and they were trying to date other people; the man who told her he knew she was the one from the start — used his “turn” to propose by being so nonchalant. Oh well.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: I just want more of this show. As I was watching last night’s episode, I kept thinking that if you had told me eight months ago that one of the shows I was looking forward to the most every week was a series about a time-traveling Ichabod Crane, I would have thought you were out of your mind. But it works so. freaking. well. I loved Ichabod’s dynamic with the Mills sisters. I basically just want more of this show in every way possible, but I also so respect that the network is keeping the show limited to 13 episodes a season.

CASTLE: I wish we could have kept Lisa Edelstein on the show longer, but I also respect that it wasn’t Beckett’s decision to leave D.C. to return to New York. Had she simply up and decided she was done with being an agent, it might have been a little wishy-washy, and I could see how that would have felt like a bit of a cop-out. In this case, she has to pay the price for doing the wrong thing for the morally correct reasons. I’m much more interested in seeing how this plays out than I would have been had she just simply missed NY.

So let me hear it — what did you watch last night and what did you think of it?

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One Response to “About Last Night…BONES, SLEEPY HOLLOW, and CASTLE”

  1. EL on October 9th, 2013 10:27 am

    Loved Bones. For me they did it right. On Castle, Lisa Edelstein was the one I watched every time she was on the screen. You don’t hold the screen with Hugh Laurie for all of those years and not learn something about screen dominance. I really hope they use her again.