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BONES Recap: ‘The Purging of the Pundit’

October 9, 2014 by  

Hey BONES fans, how did you like “The Purging of the Pundit”? I liked it for the most part. It was nice to see a lighter tone alongside the team’s process of moving on from Sweets’ death and the FBI conspiracy.

After the usual “finding of the body,” the episode begins with Brennan finding Booth in the kitchen, after another night of (presumably) not much sleeping. She tells him she’s worried about him, but he says he’ll sleep when he’s tired. And instead of taking him by that loosely worn tie and dragging him back to bed (who needs sleep?), Brennan and Booth decide to go solve a murder. Noble souls. The least we can do is discuss it.


The Scene of the Crime: Two high school girls find a body under a bridge. Stoats (a weasel creature) are inside the body and moving it around, but the girls soon realize the body has been eaten. GROSS!

The Victim: Hutch Whitehouse, a physically and politically large conservative radio talk show host.

The Suspects:

  • Miriam Whitehouse — Hutch’s wife. They were somewhat separated, but not publicly. While they didn’t agree on everything politically, she insists she would never murder him.
  • Bob Gordon — Hutch’s producer. He says Hutch was turning into a diva and called in sick on the day he died.
  • Alan Spaziano — Hutch’s assistant and frequent target of mockery. His liberalism put him at odds with Hutch, but he insists that killing Hutch would put him out of a job, and he’s not that crazy.
  • William Byers — Hutch’s “super-fan,” he often sent Hutch hate mail, accusing him of not being conservative enough.
  • Selena Skarsgad — Hutch’s sometime dominatrix/therapist. When the team realizes Hutch was killed in his sexual safe room, Selena seems a likely killer.

The Case Progression

The team analyzes Hutch’s skeleton and notices signs of torture, but his oxycontin levels indicate he wasn’t too bothered by it — in fact, he seemed to enjoy it.

Booth questions Miriam Whitehouse, and she points him to Bob Gordon. When Booth and Aubrey visit the radio station, they find Bob and Alan fighting. Both seem shocked that Hutch is dead.

Angela and Hodgins examine Hutch’s hate mail and identify William Byers as a primary sender. Booth and Brennan visit his apartment and William tries to escape. Booth takes him down, and William officially refuses to recognize his authority. When Booth brings him in to the FBI for questioning, he quickly admits he killed Hutch. It’s his way of getting his name out there and proving to the US that other people will be next unless they agree with White Power. Booth quickly realizes Byers is out for infamy and eggs him on in his confession until he knows Byers is lying. Instead, he says he’ll be going to jail for planning a bomb.

Aubrey and Angela discuss Hutch’s billing history, and find out he paid big money to soundproof a room. B&B investigate and find many sexual torture devices. They also find bodily fluids, later identified to be those of Hutch and Selena Skarsgad. Fuentes and Angela figure out that Hutch was killed by a blow to the face while wearing a ball gag — causing his nose to swell and block his air passages.

Booth questions Selena at the FBI, and she openly claims to be a dominatrix, but she is shocked to learn Hutch is dead. She left him as part of his discipline, but all of his bondage included safety releases. She is a professional therapist and takes her role very seriously.

When Miriam’s alibi doesn’t fully check out, Booth talks to her again. She admits she was buying drugs, but she didn’t kill her husband. Hodgins finds traces of whitetail deer on Hutch’s pants and socks, leading Booth and Brennan to re-question Bob Gordon. He admits he transported Hutch’s dead body to the bridge and dumped it — after all, he couldn’t have the police or public finding Hutch in such a scandalous state. But he insists he didn’t kill him.

Hodgins, Cam and Fuentes examine the sexual accoutrements and determine Hutch was hit in the face with a cell phone. Meanwhile, Angela shows Brennan some results to voice analysis she’s done. She pulled a voicemail from Hutch to Bob and paired it with Hutch’s radio voice as well as Alan’s radio voice. The voicemail is a match for Alan, not Hutch.

The Verdict: Booth and Aubrey question Alan, who admits to making the voicemail. He found Hutch in his sexual bondage and took some footage on his phone. Hutch got free and they fought, and Alan hit him with his phone, breaking his nose and killing him on accident.

I liked Dr. Fuentes a lot more in this episode. In fact, I liked him quite a bit and would love to see more of him around the lab. I really enjoyed his scenes with Brennan. He was knowledgeable and confident, but more low-key, and it worked. I don’t love his flirting with Angela, but that has more to do with her reaction to it (especially regarding Hodgins! Oh, King of the Lab, there are so many other people who would be willing to be your loyal Queens!). But for the most part, I liked everything Hodgins, Angela and Dr. Fuentes did.

Cam’s comment that Hutch’s fans were likely low-educated was kind of a cheap shot, but I think it was based more on the poor writing of the Byers’ letters vs. conservatism. Or maybe not! Everything else Cam did was pretty good.

As far as Aubrey goes, I admit it just has been a little too soon for me to accept a new character so intensely. I like Aubrey a lot — I’m just not ready, LOL! So I liked that it seemed Booth was also not ready. Booth definitely compartmentalizes in relationships, and I think his reaction to Aubrey had more to do with Sweets than not trusting the FBI. Like we talked about last week, it’s clear James admires Booth, but Booth doesn’t really respond to the full court press of admiration/inserting himself into every part of Booth’s job/life, so to speak. He definitely will win him over by being good at his job, and I think it will work. I don’t need Aubrey at crime scenes AND in the field AND in the lab AND in the interrogation room, etc. etc., so I hope that evens out a little more, but I will say that as the episode went on, I warmed up to him more and more. What are your thoughts?


I really loved all of the B&B interactions in this episode. High points:

  • The previously mentioned opening scene. They were both in character and just gorgeous.
  • The scene in the SUV:
    • I like that Brennan reminded Booth of his core believes and that she wants to make sure Booth’s world doesn’t get too narrow. It was a nice acknowledgement that Sweets was definitely in his life. I don’t agree with some of the revisionist history in the fandom that Booth and Sweets were best friends (that distinction is definitely Brennan’s), but they were definitely close.
    • I laughed when B&B talked about sex — it was nice banter, playful and flirty without the angst of UST.
  • The scene at Hutch’s pleasure palace. Booth’s line about being willing to do two shades of gray but not fifty was classic. I thought that whole scene was very in character for both of them.
  • The end scene. I loved Booth making Brennan a drink called B&B. I liked the way they flirted with one another, and I liked how they reiterated that they work well together. I admit that I’m not as okay with the definitive idea of “Booth and Aubrey in the field and Brennan in the lab” as B&B seem to be — but what do you think?

And what did you like or not like about this episode?

The comments are open, so speak your mind!

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12 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Purging of the Pundit’”

  1. bountypeaches on October 10th, 2014 1:23 am

    Pretty much agree with everything you said Sarah! B&B were the high points of the episode. Brennan was an awesome wife– knowing Booth needed a little push. Booth tends to avoid difficult emotions trying to pretend nothing is wrong. He needed Brennan to realize he can’t just live the limited life he was living — he needs to open himself back up. This is why he needs Brennan because no one else would ever be able to push him.

    Brennan nibbling on his ear was gold. But I could use some more physical affection between B&B. More hugs, Booth’s hand on her lower back or shoulder while walking. Why do they always film the scenes with a table between them? One thing I loved about last seasons’ premiere was Brennan talking into his neck- I think they should do stuff like that more often. Or even tailing while BOTH of them are in bed.

    Love love love Aubrey— I loved his persistence with Booth. I also loved how Brennan told him she wouldn’t have her science dumbed down because he couldn’t speak latin.

    I definitely agree with your idea that Sweets wasn’t Booth’s best friend– that designation goes to Brennan as he told us last year. Sweets was Booth’s closest friend aside from Brennan. We all talk about how Brennan has learned to open herself up but there is rarely any discussion that Booth had even more of closed off life than Brennan. Brennan at least had a father figure in Goodman, a best friend/sister in Angela and a little brother in Zach– Booth had no one. He had relationships but they were all very shallow in nature. In fact it was Brennan that pushed him to open up to Sweets. I think if left up to Booth his world would just be his family so its important that Brennan push him to ensure he doesn’t limit his world.

  2. Carolyn Thomas on October 10th, 2014 12:08 pm

    I’m at my happiest during the Booth and Brennan scenes. I too, would appreciate a little more closeness and touching. My main concern is that Aubrey will be featured too much. I definitely want Booth and his “partner” meaning Brennan in the field. This show would not be the same without these two exhibiting the charisma that they have with each other whether in the car, home, or field.
    P.S. Please don’t dress Brennan so matronly. She is too young and beautiful.

  3. Paige on October 10th, 2014 4:07 pm

    I agree, more Booth and Brennan touches, especially if in big reunion scenes they cut away pretty quickly and don’t come back to some after time pillow talk. I’m also concerned Aubrey may intrude on Booth and Brennan scene time. I had that concern even with Sweets. Booth and Brennan are the main reason I watch. Even though I have been somewhat disappointed in how they are being written this season. I will continue to watch. The only reason I would stop is if they split them up.

  4. Jo on October 10th, 2014 8:19 pm

    I love this show the main attraction is B&B. My biggest disappointment is the lack of B&B showing the love they have for each other like back in season 5. Now that they are married they act like brother and sister. Haven’t seen a good hug in quite a while, like a great guy hug. They acted more like lovers in the past and it was great to watch, better then what we see now. I love the scenes in the beginning and the ending of the episodes but would like to see a little more intimacy.
    I waited for the premier of season 10 all excited expecting to see B&B falling into each others arms expressing their love for each when Booth was released from prison. Brennan was afraid Booth would be killed in prison and she blackmailed a district attorney to get Booth released. Where was the hug? HA. Booth didn’t hug her when she brought him home to their new house. He said it was wonderful from across the room. Then Brennan had to leave and they didn’t even kiss each other good bye. Somehow the fans need to wake up TPTB.
    I like Aubrey but I don’t want to see him as often as Sweets. Sweets was becoming Booths partner more than Brennan. I miss Brennan in the field with Booth asking why she couldn’t have a gun and Booth telling her to stay behind him. Plus what happened to Brennan’s kickass martial art moves she hasn’t displayed them in a long time. Booth has always wanted Brennan in the field with him. I remembered when Zack joined the Army and Brennan wouldn’t leave the lab. Booth begged her to come with him and wanted to know why she was mad at him, she ignored him. She blamed Booth for Zack joining the Army she was afraid Zack would be hurt. When Zack showed up at the lab, he was released from the Army, Brennan was happy to join Booth in the field. They have omitted some of the best parts of Bones, I’ll still watch the show I’ll never give up on Bones I enjoy it to much.

  5. Ronnie on October 10th, 2014 8:31 pm

    I loved this show in general, and agree that they should include a little more affection between the B&B. It doesn’t have to be gratuitous…little touches, etc. can go a long way.
    Only thing I didn’t like about the episode, for a show that includes so much technical accuracy, was the lack of it in relation to the ‘weasels.’ Yes, stoat weasels are a real thing, but that wasn’t what they used. They used ferrets, which are in the same family I believe but often domesticated. I realize stoats may have been hard to come by, but come on. Just say it was ferrets, or pick another animal. I felt like I was being insulted.

  6. Diana on October 11th, 2014 8:17 pm

    Some of the headlines for the last episode are “can Booth move on without Sweets”; am I the only one who still believes that Brennan is (and should be) the most important person in Booth’s life? Sweets was a great character – when he was in the shrink chair conducting couples therapy sessions. Those were hilarious; but then Sweets started dominating the air time, and basically took Brennan’s place! I hated that! I personally would like to see this show get back to it’s original (successful) formula, which was focussing more on Booth and Brennan’s relationship. The past several years, Booth and Brennan’s scenes together have been fewer and fewer. First, it was Booth and Sweets all the time – now it is going to be Aubrey. Either way, it ruins the show for me. It is kind of like Brennan is now just a reserve player that stays on the bench and only enters the game when the FBI boys get confused. She used to be Booth’s PARTNER – involved in every aspect of the case; that was her deal. Perhaps the people who call the shots on the Bones set need to review seson 1! Without that chemistry, the show is just another crime show; and there are better written crime mysteries/dramas on tv. The Booth and Brennan relationship was what drew me in 10 years ago, and now the show is way too B&B light. I wonder how long Castle would stay on the air if they split up Castle and Beckett, or cut their scenes together way down? It would destroy the show, because they are the heart and soul – the same is true for Booth and Brennan. They are the center (refer to season 3 – Booth’s own words)! I also think that the B&B romantic scenes are sverely lacking! B&B shippers have been severely cheated; there were more tender, heart to heart moments before they became a couple! There should be way more now – and they should be even better! When you don’t even get to see some romance in the honeymoon episode, there is something wrong! When we do get to see a kiss, it is only about a 2 second scene that is either interrupted, or the camera turns away – or is 100 yards from them! They can do better than that; if they really wanted to give something back to the fans, here are some suggestions! Perhaps you could forward this to the “powers that be”, especially Mr. Nathan! They don’t seem to want to respond to old fashioned letters.

  7. Diana on October 11th, 2014 9:00 pm

    Thank you to the other folks that have taken the words right out of my mouth. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who remembered what made the show successful in the first place. Thank you to the person who mentioned Brennan’s martial arts ability that we never get to see anymore. Makes you wonder why she didn’t protect Booth by kicking Pelant’s a@$ herself, doesn’t it? In season one, she never backed down from anyone; in fact, she beat up a gang leader in the FBI building- anyone remember that? At least they are not making her act quite as robotic and ignorant so far this season. They had gotten ridiculous with her character. She acted more human when the show started – she was able to connect with a foster boy to reveal a killer, she begged Booth not to make her scare the immigrant woman in “The Woman in the Garden”, she revealed some of her insecurities to Angela and Booth. The last few seasons they not only made her act colder, they also “dumbed her down”. The writers need to watch Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds and see what a genius is supposed to act like. If I was Emily, I would have been embarrassed and protested! I fealt like the integrity of the character had been compromised. SO FAR, what little we get to see of “Bones”, she has been better. Thank you to the other folks who have noticed the severe lack of B&B romance! It is good to know that I am not the only fan that is fealing cheated! Maybe if we all knock on the producers door, they will actually acknowledge our concerns – after all, we are the reason they have jobs!
    By the way, networks need to compensate for the commercial domination by giving our shows longer time slots so that we actually get to see some show! Writers can’t hardly give us quality shows when they have so little time to work with. Most of these episodes just about need to be 2 part episodes to actually get the quality. I get tired of tuning in to see nothing but commercials and agent Aubrey!

  8. Anonymous on October 12th, 2014 10:47 am

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  9. firefly on October 12th, 2014 6:02 pm

    somehow, it just annoyed me that they told us ferrets were stoats. They look so so different. That’d be the same as catching a rat and claiming it’s a mouse, and they look far more alike than a ferret/stoat.

    Seriously, could you take this show seriously if they were rats eating the body? but somehow they’d be showing us a cage full of mice? That is just such a bad bad bad mistake to make.

    I know it’s all fiction and they do take liberties etc. but, come on, to get the animal completely wrong? What’s next? they’ll be showing us a chicken claiming it’s a falcon?

  10. Dee on October 16th, 2014 10:48 pm

    I really enjoyed this episode! I liked seeing Bones being the one to give Booth advice and learn to start trusting again! I will be the first to admit I was devastated about Sweet’s death, but I feel they gave him a fitting good bye and I hope he will continue to live on in the Characters like he did in tonight’s episode plus their is always Daisy and his son! But I will admit I do like Aubrey and I am glad to see him and working with Booth it is just too bad we couldn’t have Sweet and him! I hope that even though Aubrey is becoming Booth’s field partner that Bones still gets to go out sometimes because that is always entertaining and she usually sees something that is insightful!

  11. Joel Rosenberg on October 19th, 2014 12:43 am

    Thank goodness for DVR as my wife and I just watched the episode titled, The Purging of the Pundit. To my chagrin the morons on the show used the domesticated fitch ferret as a European stoat. As a ferret owner for 27 years as well as ferret rescuer, they have done a total disservice to this harmless breed of house pet. Ignorance of the true habits of this social domestic critter only perpetuate falsehoods and misconceptions. Bones story lines and writing always bared a sense of intellect, light drama and easy storytelling. Unfortunately this episode truly brought my respect for Bones down a few notches.

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