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PERSON OF INTEREST at New York Comic Con: Live-Blog

October 12, 2014 by  

It’s time for PERSON OF INTEREST at New York Comic Con! Follow along for the latest from the panelists (scheduled to be series stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Amy Acker and Kevin Chapman, and executive producer Greg Plageman)…

4:40 PM: We just saw a preview of an upcoming episode and it features one of the coolest fights the show has ever done. (Spoiler alert: Root is involved.)

4:42 PM: “I was upstairs and someone said, ‘Do the MATRIX!'” Acker says of the fight scene (which is a part of the fifth episode).

4:43 PM: “Let’s make it a superhero show,” Plageman says. They all get personas. The writers opt to make these crazy decisions by thinking things are too crazy and realizing they have to do it.

As for the team’s new hideout:  “Subway being underground felt like the perfect, perfect way for our guys to reassemble.”

4:45 PM: “Their relationship has been building,” Caviezel says of Fusco/Reese. He notes that as a cop, though, Reese has to go through a lot more red tape. “I really enjoy Kevin, he’s a swell fellow and a great actor.”

But Fusco is having some problems. “It’s hard for him to sit across the desk from someone who has been torturing him for the past three seasons,” Chapman says.

4:47 PM: “I think it’s a great opportunity for a number to come up on campus,” Plageman says of Finch’s cover story as a teacher.

4:48 PM: “I have at least 3 colors of hair this year,” Acker teases of Root getting to do things out of the norm for her.

4:49 PM: “It’s always more thrilling if they’re just on the edge of annihilation,” Emerson says of being OK the team didn’t succeed last year.

4:50 PM: “There were a lot of chapters that weren’t told in that process,” Plageman says of learning more about how Finch made the Machine. Also, the Brotherhood will become an issue and it’ll intersect with Elias.

4:52 PM: Acker laughs that she loves her scenes with Emerson because they have fun, and their dialogue always causes her to look up new things/ideas she didn’t know beforehand.

4:53 PM: “Oh, yeah, that’s going to come back around for sure.” Plageman says re: the missile.

4:54 PM: “All the time,” Caviezel says when asked whether he has problems keeping all the story strains straight. “I can’t imagine what it’s like for you all out there.” Caviezel says that what the main draw for fans is the characters, and he gets approached from fans all over the world.

4:55 PM: “They’re one of our non-AI criminal groups….they’re going to be a huge distraction for our heroes,” Emerson says of The Brotherhood.

“Elias is going to have something to say about it,” Plageman adds, noting they came into power once Elias became a fugitive.

4:57 PM: Chapman says he’s OK with being separated from the rest of the action, because he doesn’t

4:58 PM: “Sarah and I always wonder if when they wrote the [iron torture scene] whether they meant that as foreplay…I never know if she’s going to punch me in the face or something else is going to happen,” Acker says.

“They have tremendous chemistry together,” Plageman adds.

5:01 PM: “It demystifies the show to a certain extent,” Plageman says of giving the machines a voice. He says there’s something more menacing about a text.

5:02 PM “I was holding her body,” Caviezel says when asked about Carter potentially being alive. “There was no heartbeat.”

5:04 PM: Plageman notes that being in New York and filming on location was essential, because you can’t really have a tracking series while filming solely on a set. But the cold has been a problem.

“One time we were outside and we were trying to talk [and the words wouldn’t come out],” Caviezel  says of filming in the snow. “Lots of looping in that scene.”

5:05 PM: “See how he spoke?” Caviezel cracks after Emerson jokes. “He’s just like Finch.”

5:07 PM: “Stay tuned for a very special episode of Reese knee-capping kids on the playground,” Plageman cracks when asked whether we’ll get more childhood flashbacks.

5:09 PM: Plageman notes that the audience forgives the characters for a lot of things — Fusco was a dirty cop, Shaw and Root did massively questionable things, too. “Yeah, and she cut my hand with a razor blade,” Emerson adds. “Let’s not forget that.”

And with Elias, they view him as being slightly more on the side of our team at this point, but he is a criminal.

5:11 PM: Caviezel appreciates filming on the streets of New York, and he appreciates they aren’t in an office all day.

5:13 PM: Chapman loved “Fusco’s George Clooney moment” in the last episode, but he notes that the redemption arc has been great.

5:14 PM: Caviezel got presents from fans and they keep hugging and kissing him.

5:15 PM: “I think Root’s had a crush on Finch since she kidnapped him,” Acker laughs.

5:17 PM: Well, Caviezel was asked about whether Reese could love again. He said he thought the fan wanted a kiss. She did, so he kissed her.

5:19 PM: Ooh, Greer flashbacks are coming!

5:20 PM: “I don’t want to go to Samaritan!” Acker exclaims when asked whether it was possible to switch teams. Plageman teases we’ll learn the fundamental differences between Samaritan and the Machine.

5:22 PM: “I think it’ll be good in some aspects, but there’s always the downside of losing privacy completely,” Plageman says of the constant civilian surveillance going on currently. He notes that once everyone is aware they’re being recorded, you can’t undo that.

5:24 PM: How can Reese be a cop after being so wanted? Root’s bug fixed that issue in the server. And yes, Internal Affairs will be taking notice of him and Detective Riley will be forced to see a therapist. (Oh man, I can’t wait to see that.)

5:25 PM: What crossovers would they like to see if it was possible? Acker says ORPHAN BLACK. Plageman says VEEP, and they should have Jonah as Control’s assistant. Caviezel wants GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.

5:27 PM: Chapman gives credit to POI writer David Slack for coming up with “coo coo for cocoa puffs” for Fusco to say.

5:29 PM: “He has an uneasy relationship with the Machine, his child…I don’t think he’s surprised when the Machine does amazing things,” Emerson says. “That was always the idea. I think he’s still uncertain about the ethics of all of that. He’s having to make adjustments to his moral vision. But it’s nice to receive missiles and bags of cash.”

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