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The CW at TCA: Live-Blog

January 31, 2019 by  

The CW at TCA

The CW just renewed a gaggle of shows for the 2019-2020 season, and network president Mark Pedowitz will be talking with the press about that and more during his Television Critics Association executive session.

Follow along for updates…

2:51: “Now that SUPERNATURAL has been picked up, any other questions?” Pedowitz jokes.

2:52: IN THE DARK works on Thursday, per Pedowitz, because SUPERNATURAL has done well launching shows around it.

2:53: “We are going to go in May and figure out where everything fits,” he says about the DC shows. He isn’t sure if they’ll run all six DC shows at the same time.

2:54: “We are extremely proud of [ALL AMERICAN],” Pedowitz says. He says he’s very positive of it and “proud” to support the series. They’ll figure it out in May.

2:55: Pedowitz says he’s curious to see how ALL AMERICAN does with its potential Netflix bump.

2:57: “There is no world where that was not a safe place,” Pedowitz says of the allegations against BLACK LIGHTNING EP Salim Akil. Pedowitz says the issue was a “personal” one and not impacting the show itself.

2:59: “I don’t think there’s anything like it on broadcast or cable or streaming,” he says of IN THE DARK.

3:00: “It’s good creative when you have diversity of opinions,” Pedowitz says.

3:01: KATY KEENE won’t have RIVERDALE crossovers, at least in the traditional sense. It’s set years post-RIVERDALE, so if any characters show up, they’ll be aged up.

3:02: Will any DYNASTY actors appear on the reboot? If there’s a story.

3:03: The CW has experienced a Netflix binge bump. It doesn’t happen for every show, but they hope it happens with ALL AMERICAN.

3:04: Summer runs for the network includes THE 100, a non-competition talent show, BURDEN OF TRUTH, and more.

3:05: Pedowitz does not appear to be concerned that one of the allegations against Akil was plagarism.

3:06: “I’m a big believe in [unscripted shows]” like WHOSE LINE and PENN AND TELLER.

3:07: There’s been no discussion of “worlds colliding or characters appearing” with the DCUniverse shows.

3:08: “It will be the biggest, most complicated one they have done,” Pedowitz says of the 2019 DC TV crossover.

3:09: Pedowitz is very pleased about the expansion to Sunday nights, and he’s always thinking about doing more.

3:12: “As long as the ratings hold up and the guys want to do it, we’ll do it.” Hey, the renewal didn’t stop Pedowitz from saying his go-to SUPERNATURAL line.

3:14: “We’ve had a couple of conversations, but nothing has come out of it yet,” Pedowitz says of rebooting other shows. He’s not willing to reveal what yet, because it wouldn’t be developed until the following season.

3:16: “We’re going to have to think about the loss of JANE and CRAZY EX this season,” Pedowitz says of where they go next. But the next gem “sometimes appears on your doorstep…we know how to do superheroes really well. We love the idea we can do out of the box, quirky, relatable hour-long comedies.” They’re hopeful the JANE spinoff will follow the trend.

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