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Comment Policy

We want to be a place where people discuss and debate ideas that foster stronger communities. We expect people to differ — judgment and opinion are subjective — and we encourage free speech and the exchange of ideas. But you are participating in a community that is intended for all of our users and we prohibit profanity, vulgarity, racial, sexual and homophobic remarks, threats, harassment and personal attacks. We reserve the right to edit or remove comments that violate this policy.

Keep in mind that that we are talking about TV – keep that in perspective and we should be just fine.

Free speech…blah blah blah…here’s the deal, if you leave a comment that I think is just going to take a conversation down a dark path, and away from the general TV topic then I am going to respectfully shut down the conversation.

Important rules for GMMR comments – KNOW THEM. LOVE THEM.

  • Please use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Please use proper capitalization. (Sentences begin with a capital letter and end in a form of punctuation.) Capitalization can be used occasionally to make a point, but overuse will be banned.
  • SPOILERS of any kind are NOT allowed in the comments unless the post you are commenting on explicitly states that the post may contain spoilers.  I’m not kidding about this one.
  • SPOILERS – Once an episode airs on the West Coast, information about that episode is no longer considered a spoiler. However, as a courtesy, spoilers will never appear in headlines. However, it’s up to the reader to avoid reading about an episode that has already aired if they don’t want to be spoiled.
  • Please stay on topic.  If your comment is not related to the particular topic it will be deleted.
  • Please don’t use the comments to promote your own personal website.  That’s just rude. Use the ‘Your Website’ field in the comment box.

In general, if you are reading this you most likely at least made it to the 6th grade (if not, then your parents should really be monitoring your internet use).  Don’t leave comments that make me question whether or not you are still in elementary school.

Questions or comments about this new policy? Contact me.