SLEEPY HOLLOW: Mark Goffman Teases a Midseason Cliffhanger, and a Mysterious New Character

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SLEEPY HOLLOW’s second season is exactly two months away, and when the show returns, fans will get a nice run of uninterrupted episodes. “We have 18 episodes [in season 2]: we’re running 11 in a row, and then seven, starting in January,” showrunner Mark Goffman explained. “So we’re really looking at is as two halves […]

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Robin Lord Taylor, and Cory Michael Smith on the Show’s Comic-Con Premiere

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Comic-Con is just around the corner, and one of the biggest scheduled events is the Saturday night DC/Warner Bros. mega-panel…which includes the only screening of the new Fox drama, GOTHAM. I sat down with GOTHAM stars Ben McKenzie (James Gordon), Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock), Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin), and Cory Michael Smith (Edward […]

THE HOTWIVES OF ORLANDO: The Cast Talks About Their HOUSEWIVES Familiarity

Hulu’s newest original series, THE HOTWIVES OF ORLANDO, may be a parody of the HOUSEWIVES franchise, but you don’t have to be familiar with the reality shows to appreciate the comedy of what’s going on. Heck, some of the actresses involved with the Hulu comedy hadn’t seen the show before they agreed to be a […]

BONES’ Stephen Nathan and Jonathan Collier Tease Season 10: Episode 200, the Conspiracy, ‘Big’ Lifestyle Changes, and More

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When BONES’ ninth season concluded in May, executive producer Stephen Nathan pointed out, “We’ve never quite been in a situation that has affected these characters this much by external forces.” And when the show returns in September, Booth will be in jail, and Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian gang will be struggling to […]

SUPERNATURAL: Jensen Ackles on Directing His Season 10 Episode

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SUPERNATURAL star Jensen Ackles (Dean) has stepped behind the camera for a handful of episodes throughout the show’s first nine seasons, and he returned to the director’s chair for the show’s upcoming tenth season. As per the show’s tradition, Ackles directed the first episode of the show’s production, but it will actually air a few […]


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SUPERNATURAL will start season 10 this fall, and to celebrate that, The CW has brought Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Jeremy Carver to the Television Critics Association press tour. Following along for the live-blog… Tweet

CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe and David Amann on Their Job Shifts

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CASTLE underwent a public changing of leadership last month, but when ABC boss Paul Lee spoke to the press today, he emphasized the transition wasn’t as big of a deal as many might have thought. And when I caught up with CASTLE creator, Andrew Marlowe, and new showrunner, David Amann, at ABC’s Television Critics Association […]

ABC at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

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ABC Entertainment Group president, Paul Lee, will be talking with reporters about the state of the network and the upcoming slate of shows. Keep refreshing to see the latest comments from Lee… Tweet

Exclusive: Watch the QUICK DRAW Season 2 Trailer!

QUICK DRAW — a Hulu original series/western comedy that follows Sheriff Hoyle (played by John Lehr, who also co-created the series) and his exploits in Kansas in the late 1800s — returns to Hulu on August 7th with new episodes, and as you can see in the exclusive season 2 trailer below, things are as crazy […]

RUSH’s Tom Ellis on His Complex Character: ‘He’s a Good Guy, He Just Makes Some Bad Choices’

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On Thursday, July 17th at 9 PM, USA Network is debuting their new drama, RUSH, and the series is a slick, fun — but also complex — show that explores the world of a disgraced physician, Dr. Rush, who makes specialized house calls. (Think ROYAL PAINS meets RAY DONOVAN/SCANDAL…he has to deal with some seriously […]

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Manny Coto on the Time Jump, the Finale, and More

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY concludes on Monday with a jam-packed finale, and while the hour includes a number of highly emotional scenes and incredible action sequences, the series is also pulling off a first: they’re doing a time jump during the hour to help conclude the day’s events. “We’ve always had, since pretty early on […]

Fox Announces Fall 2014 Premiere Dates

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Fox has announced its fall 2014 premiere dates. For more info on when SLEEPY HOLLOW, BONES, GOTHAM, UTOPIA, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, GRACEPOINT, and more will debut, check out their official release… Tweet

GRACEPOINT Exclusive Video: David Tennant on Filming in Victoria: ‘You Need the Location to Be Just Right’

Fox is debuting GRACEPOINT — a moody, 10-part murder mystery event series (adapted from the British series, BROADCHURCH) — this fall, and to get the tone of the show right, where they filmed the series was an important decision. “Gracepoint, the place, is very much a character in the piece,” GRACEPOINT star David Tennant (Detective […]

GMMR TV Awards: The Winners Revealed!

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After weeks of nominations and voting, you have determined who should take home the fourth annual Give Me My Remote TV Awards! Before we get to the winners, I want thank everyone who participated in our annual contest. Without your nominations and votes, it would just simply be me saying what I loved the most, […]

RECKLESS: Anna Wood on Jamie’s Struggles, the Push-Pull with Cam Gigandet’s Roy, and More

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CBS is embracing the steaminess of summer with its new series, RECKLESS, a soapy drama that follows City Attorney Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet) and defense attorney Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) as they bicker — and banter — their way through cases…including the season-long arc of a former police officer, Lee Anne Marcus (Georgina Haig), who […]