ONCE UPON A TIME: Robert Carlyle on Rumple’s Lies to Belle

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In this Sunday’s ONCE UPON A TIME, Rumple’s little lie weighs on his relationship with Belle as she tries to use the dagger to get Rumple to reveal some information he’s reluctant to disclose. Unfortunately for Belle, she still doesn’t know that Rumple swapped out the real dagger with a powerless replacement. “She still doesn’t […]

SHOWRUNNERS: Des Doyle and Ryan Patrick McGuffey Preview Their Look Inside the World of Showrunning

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SHOWRUNNERS — the first documentary shining the spotlight on the men and women responsible for putting our favorite television series on the air (and having them run as smoothly as possible) — is finally out today, and it promises to be a film any television fan will enjoy. With SHOWRUNNERS, not only will fans get […]

FOREVER Nabs THE GOOD WIFE Guest Stars for ‘The Man in the Killer Suit’

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FOREVER has nabbed THE GOOD WIFE guest stars Robbie Sublett and Katie Paxton for an upcoming episode of the ABC drama, a rep for the show has confirmed. Tweet

CASTLE: When Will Castle and Beckett Get Married?

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[This post contains spoilers for an upcoming episode of CASTLE.] Tweet

BENCHED: Eliza Coupe on Getting to Play Her ‘Dream Role’

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USA Network debuts it’s latest comedy tonight, BENCHED, about a high-powered corporate lawyer’s fall from grace after an at-work meltdown after she found out her ex-fiancé has gotten engaged, and that she won’t be making partner at her firm. In an attempt to start over, Nina (played by former HAPPY ENDINGS star Eliza Coupe) takes […]

THE 100: Isaiah Washington Teases Jaha’s Mindset in Episode 2

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THE 100’s Jaha is all alone on the Ark…or is he? At the end of last week’s season premiere, Jaha heard mysterious cries that sounded suspiciously like a baby. So what the heck is going on? I sat down with THE 100’s Isaiah Washington (Jaha) to talk about the noises Jaha is hearing, and how […]

ARROW: Katie Cassidy on Laurel Losing Sara, Keeping Secrets From Her Father, Training with Ted Grant, and More

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ARROW season 3 has barely begun and already Laurel Lance has been put through the wringer: her sister, Sara, died; Laurel’s kept the truth about Sara’s fate from her father; and now, she’s decided to train with Ted Grant after Oliver refused to help her. On the show’s Vancouver set, Katie Cassidy spoke with reporters […]

THE FLASH: Wentworth Miller Talks Playing Captain Cold

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Wentworth Miller has been (mostly) off our television screens since PRISON BREAK ended in 2009, but he’s back in a big way with an arc on THE FLASH that kicks off with tonight’s brand new episode. Miller — who is playing Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold– sat down with reporters on the show’s Vancouver set […]

PERSON OF INTEREST: Michael Emerson Teases Finch Going to Hong Kong, and Going Toe-to-Toe with Jessica Hecht

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While the PERSON OF INTEREST gang remains firmly in their cover identities, this week’s new episode, “Pretenders,” leads Finch far away from the rest of the group: he’s going to Hong Kong! I spoke with PERSON OF INTEREST star Michael Emerson (Finch) about Finch’s adventure, meeting up with someone there who might be Finch’s match […]

GOTHAM: Cory Michael Smith Reveals Which Villains He’d Like Edward to Interact With

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  GOTHAM has introduced a whole gaggle of iconic, established villains from the ‎DC Universe, but so far, there hasn’t been a whole lot of them intermingling. And in the case of Edward Nygma (the future Riddler), he’s still on the “good” side and hasn’t had any significant contact with the villains. But is that […]

SUPERNATURAL: Eric Kripke Teases the Musical 200th Episode, ‘Fan Fiction’

SUPERNATURAL’s milestone 200th episode is around the corner (“Fan Fiction” airs on November 11th), and the show is celebrating in style…with Sam and Dean stumbling upon a high school musical?! I spoke with SUPERNATURAL creator (and current executive consultant) Eric Kripke about what’s in store for episode 200, and his teases about the hour were […]

ONCE UPON A TIME: Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison Tease Emma and Regina’s Tension in ‘Breaking Glass’

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ONCE UPON A TIME’s Emma and Regina team up to search for the Snow Queen in tonight’s brand new episode, and the (one-sided) tension between the duo makes things a bit difficult. “Regina’s the one who’s mad at her,” Jennifer Morrison (Emma) pointed out to reporters on the show’s Vancouver set. “Regina is the one […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Matt Barr Teases Hawley’s History, Imagines a Trip to Vegas

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Rare artifacts dealer Nick Hawley, as played by Matt Barr, has been one of the most talked about additions to the second season of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Barr recently spoke with reporters on a conference call, and Give Me My Remote were there to get the scoop. Read on for the actor’s thoughts on Hawley’s motivation, […]

CONSTANTINE: Matt Ryan on Being Drawn to Playing John Constantine

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CONSTANTINE star Matt Ryan is taking on an established role by playing the show’s lead John Constantine (in addition to the “Hellblazer” comic book series, there was a 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves), and while he conceded while talking to press at New York Comic Con that there’s “a lot of pressure,” he also noted […]

THE 100’s Isaiah Washington on Jaha in Season 2: ‘It Gets Very Real’

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When THE 100 season 1 ended, it certainly seemed like Jaha was doomed: he sacrificed potentially going to Earth when he realized someone needed to stay behind on the Ark to detonate an explosive device which would lead to the various ships being propelled to the ground. Now, Jaha is trapped on the Ark, alone, […]