SUPERNATURAL: Jensen Ackles Teases ‘Soul Survivor': ‘Things Get a Little Messy’

SUPERNATURAL star Jensen Ackles returns behind the camera to direct Tuesday night’s episode, “Soul Survivor,” but the hour is also a big one for his character, Dean, as Sam’s fight to remove the demon from his brother amps up. And, naturally, things don’t go totally as planned, so, as Ackles teases in the video below, […]

PERSON OF INTEREST: Michael Emerson Teases ‘Prophets’ and Guest Star Jason Ritter

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Jason Ritter is guest-starring on Tuesday’s episode of PERSON OF INTEREST as Simon Lee, a political pollster whose number comes up — and while Finch doesn’t necessarily trust Simon, series star Michael Emerson (Finch) pointed out his character is “capable of admiration for people with technical skills, programming skills. But also, people with a sound […]

ONCE UPON A TIME: Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue Tease Hook and Emma’s First Real Date

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ONCE UPON A TIME’s Hook and Emma are going on what series star Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) has dubbed an “old-fashioned date” in tonight’s episode, and it will allow viewers to see a new side to the duo’s relationship. “They’re trying to have some sort of normal relationship –” O’Donoghue told reporters on the show’s set […]

THE AFFAIR: Joshua Jackson on the Show’s Unique Format

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Showtime’s new series, THE AFFAIR, is unlike anything on television: yes, the show follows the unfolding of an affair — told via flashbacks while its two participants, Noah and Alison, are questioned individually about what led to someone’s death — but what viewers see is directly relating to how the two characters remember what went […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Cast and Producers Tease What’s to Come in Season 2

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  SLEEPY HOLLOW hit up New York Comic Con this past weekend, and the cast and producers dropped some interesting teases about what’s to come… Tweet

David Caspe Talks NBC’s MARRY ME and Lessons From HAPPY ENDINGS

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It may be inevitable, when describing David Caspe’s new NBC comedy, MARRY ME, to compare it to his ABC comedy HAPPY ENDINGS. Not only is Caspe drawing from the same acting pool (his real-life wife, Casey Wilson, plays female lead Annie, while HAPPY ENDINGS guest stars Ken Marino, John Gemberling, and Sarah Wright round out […]

THE FLASH: Tom Cavanagh on the Mysterious Dr. Wells

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For as many fun things that THE FLASH set up with last week’s series premiere, one of the biggest questions most viewers had coming out of the hour was what the heck was going on with Dr. Harrison Wells? At first, Dr. Wells appeared to simply be the S.T.A.R. Labs director, who’s helping Barry partially […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Tom Mison Previews Ichabod Learning How to Drive

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SLEEPY HOLLOW’s Ichabod Crane has learned many new things since he woke up in 2013, but in Monday’s new episode, he’s tackling one of his biggest tasks yet: learning how to drive. I spoke with SLEEPY HOLLOW star Tom Mison (Ichabod) about the task…and how his own driving in the scene freaked out one of […]

GOTHAM at New York Comic Con: Live-Blog

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GOTHAM is about to have a panel at NYCC, and Give Me My Remote is there to live-blog what goes on. Keep updating for the latest from planned panelists, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, and Danny Cannon… Tweet

ARROW Post-Mortem: Marc Guggenheim on the Premiere Shocker that Will Serve as ‘The Engine That’s Driving the Whole Third Season’

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[Massive spoiler warning: if you have not see ARROW's season 3 premiere, "The Calm," go watch it ASAP. This post has massive spoilers for the hour and shouldn't be read before you watch the episode.] Tweet

ARROW: Marc Guggenheim Teases a New-Viewer Friendly Premiere, Oliver and Felicity’s Explosive First Date, and More

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ARROW returns tonight for its third season, and while fans have been counting down for the show’s return, executive producer Marc Guggenheim told reporters that “The Calm” is accessible to new viewers, too. “I kinda feel like this episode is a really good jumping on point for new viewers,” he said. “We sort of closed […]

THE WALKING DEAD Renewed For Season 6

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We’re only a few days away from THE WALKING DEAD’s fifth season premiere, but AMC has made the move to renew the show for a sixth season. “We could not be more excited for October 12th as we share new episodes of THE WALKING DEAD with fans around the globe,” said AMC President Charlie Collier […]

GOTHAM: Erin Richards on Barbara’s Surprise Visitor, and What Comes Next

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[This post contains spoilers for the October 6th episode of GOTHAM.] Tweet

UTOPIA: Red on His Elimination, His Time on the Show, and Who He’ll Miss

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UTOPIA has lost a number of participants in its first five weeks of filming (due to injuries, breaking rules, and opting out), but the contestants finally had control over an exit when they had the chance to vote out the show’s first contestant in Friday’s episode…and handyman, Red Vanwinkle was the first person who got […]

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, and Robin Lord Taylor on the Penguin’s Return to Gotham

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At the end of the GOTHAM pilot, Jim Gordon seemingly killed Oswald…but Gordon, Oswald, and the viewers know that Gordon couldn’t go through with it and only warned the man never to return before he pushed Oswald into the river. But of course, Oswald couldn’t stay away from Gotham. So what will happen when Harvey […]