It’s Official: THE X-FILES is Returning to Fox

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It’s official: THE X-FILES is returning to television. The limited series — which will consist of six episodes — will reunite original series stars Gillian Anderson (Scully) and David Duchovny (Mulder) with THE X-FILES creator Chris Carter. Tweet

BONES Season 10.5: The Cast Teases Tension, Exciting News, Facing Demons, and More

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BONES has been off the air for months, and the Fox drama finally is back this Thursday with the first of 12 new episodes. To celebrate the occasion, I spoke with many of the BONES stars to see what they could share about what’s coming up in the second half of season 10… Tweet

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Tom Mison on Fan Support and His Season 3 Wishes

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It’s been a month since SLEEPY HOLLOW ended its second season, and in that time, the show has been renewed for a third season and nabbed a new showrunner. “There was a lot of concern from viewers about season 2 — that it had drifted away from [what made it special in] season 1,” SLEEPY […]

CASTLE: Seamus Dever Teases His ‘Action Movie’-Esque Episode, the Return to Mythology, and More

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CASTLE’s Ryan is getting a big hour in the next new episode, “At Close Range.” “It was like an action movie we shot,” CASTLE star Seamus Dever (Ryan) teased. “It was mostly Ryan; the rest of the cast had a lot of days off. I was literally sprinting nearly every day [during filming]. There was […]

GLEE: The Cast Shares Memories From Their First Days on the Set

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GLEE is ending its six-season run on Friday, March 20th with a two-hour finale that looks back on where the characters started off — and where they’ll end up. For the cast of GLEE, the show has been an adventure: they’ve gone on concert tours, met President Obama, been on countless magazine covers, and so […]

ARROW: Marc Guggenheim Teases More of Andy Diggle, Fallout From Oliver’s Decision

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ARROW fans have heard about John Diggle’s deceased brother, Andy, since season 1, but they only saw him in the flesh (via a flashback) during the recent hour, “The Return.” But that won’t be the last we’ll see of him. Before the PaleyFest panel honoring The CW series, ARROW executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased they […]

PaleyFest 2015: GLEE’s Darren Criss and Lea Michele Preview a Special Series Finale Song

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We’re less than a week away from GLEE’s two-hour series finale, and there will be a special final song for series star Lea Michele (Rachel): “This Time,” a tune penned for her/her character by co-star Darren Criss (Blaine). “My main thing was to write this song for Lea, because any songwriter would be lucky to […]

MAN SEEKING WOMAN: Simon Rich Teases the Format-Tweaking ‘Teacup,’ Season 1 Finale, and Season 2

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MAN SEEKING WOMAN is exploring a different element of the dating experience in tonight’s brand new episode: after Liz and Leo split, she’s forced to navigate the modern dating scene…and deals with similar situations to what her brother, Josh, went through when the series started. “Most of the credit goes to our writer, Sofia Alvarez, […]

THE FOLLOWING Season 3 Premiere Post-Mortem: Alexi Hawley on the Twists and Turns to Come

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[Warning: This post contains spoilers for THE FOLLOWING’s third season premiere. Please don’t read this interview until you’ve seen the episode.] Tweet

THE FOLLOWING: Kevin Bacon and Shawn Ashmore on Season 3’s New Big Bad, the Ryan-Mike Partnership, and More

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THE FOLLOWING is back this Monday! And while the show’s return might be good news for fans, unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston: though Joe is behind bars, their problems are only getting started as they deal with new faces who are stirring up trouble, as well as a mysterious […]

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: Will Forte, Chris Miller, and Phil Lord Preview Fox’s Unique New Comedy

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It’s not uncommon for people associated with shows to claim they’re doing something that hasn’t been done on television before. Occasionally, they’re at least partially correct. But when talking about the new Fox comedy, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, it’s hard to think of any other series that has attempted something quite like this — […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Finale Post-Mortem: Tom Mison Weighs in on the ‘Bold’ Twist

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[Warning: this post contains major spoilers for the SLEEPY HOLLOW season 2 finale. Please don’t read it until you’ve watched the hour.] Tweet

CASTLE: David Amann Teases Death on ‘Mars,’ Castle’s Missing Time, Beckett Mythology, and More

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CASTLE has (seemingly) said goodbye to its 3XK arc, and now it’s time for the team to get a little bit of a breather…to solve a murder on Mars. No, the team isn’t going to space (though there are plenty of space/alien/sci-fi jokes in the hour), but the next episode, “The Wrong Stuff,” finds Castle, Beckett, […]

THE FOLLOWING: Alexi Hawley Teases Season 3’s New Faces

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THE FOLLOWING is shifting its focus from the Ryan Hardy/Joe Carroll cat-and-mouse game to a more Ryan-centric show in its third season. With the loss of Joe and his followers as the season’s central Big Bad, the show is bringing in new new faces to stir up trouble. ALMOST HUMAN’s Michael Ealy will appear this […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Tom Mison Previews the ‘Brilliant’ Finale, a ‘Very Different’ Ichabod

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SLEEPY HOLLOW — which had one of the best/most deliciously twisty season finales with last year’s “Bad Blood” — has set up quite the season-ender for its sophomore year: fresh off Henry’s death, a heartbroken (and very angry) Katrina cast a spell allowing her to return to 1781 via a portal, and she intends to […]