BONES’ Jonathan Collier on the Show’s Next Serial Killer: ‘This One You Don’t See Coming’

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BONES has taken on many serial killers during the show’s run, but since the show unraveled the FBI conspiracy earlier this season (following Sweets’ death), there hasn’t been one longer-running baddie the team has had to focus on trying to stop. But that’s going to change soon. When the show returns in 2015 there will […]

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Ian Somerhalder and Julie Plec Tease ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’

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On tonight’s brand new episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, it’s Christmas in Mystic Falls, and, well, things are going down. And while things are dramatic in the present, the show has found a way to make the hour a little bit lighter: viewers will see flashbacks of happier years when the friends were together (and […]

BONES: The Cast and Producers Share Memories From Their First Days on the Set

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BONES’ 200th episode is airing this Thursday, and as Fox Television Group Chairman and CEO Gary Newman pointed out during an on-set celebration, it’s one of only a few Fox shows to reach that incredible milestone. To celebrate how far Team BONES has come, I asked the cast and producers for their first memories of […]

FOREVER Midseason Finale Post-Mortem: Matt Miller on the Anonymous Caller Reveal and What’s to Come in 2015

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[Warning: This post contains massive spoilers for the FOREVER midseason finale, “Skinny Dipper.”] Tweet

The BONES Cast and Producers Tease Episode 200

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BONES is telling a different kind of story for its 200th episode — sure, a body is discovered, but the episode is set in Hollywood in the 1950s, and Brennan is a cop, while Booth is a jewel thief. And since the hour is bringing back a lot of familiar faces, I asked BONES executive […]

FOREVER: Matt Miller Teases Henry Meeting ‘Adam’

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The last episode of FOREVER left off on a sizable cliffhanger — Henry was kidnapped by the anonymous caller, “Adam” — and in this week’s midseason finale, the action picks up right where the show left viewers. “This is a very big midseason finale episode for us,” FOREVER creator Matt Miller teased. “It’s our biggest […]

THE ORIGINALS: Joseph Morgan, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Nathan Parsons, and Julie Plec Tease ‘The Map of Moments’

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It’s Christmas time on THE ORIGINALS, and for our characters, there is the potential for the highest highs (a reunion for Klaus and Hayley with baby Hope), and the lowest lows (Esther’s big plans). On the show’s Atlanta set, THE ORIGINALS executive producer Julie Plec, as well as series stars Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Phoebe Tonkin […]

BONES: David Boreanaz Talks Directing ‘The 200th in the 10th’

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BONES star David Boreanaz (Booth) has become the Fox drama’s go-to director for some of the show’s biggest hours, so, naturally, he stepped behind the camera again for the upcoming 200th episode, “The 200th in the 10th.” And while director-actors always have their work cut out for them, the 200th episode posed a different kind […]

RESURRECTION: The Cast Previews the Fallout From the Big Death

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Death has been a fairly moot point on RESURRECTION, but in last week’s episode, the show killed off someone who (seemingly) won’t be able to come back: Pastor Tom. On the show’s Atlanta set, series stars Omar Epps (Bellamy), Devin Kelley (Maggie), Kurtwood Smith (Henry), Matt Craven (Fred), and Samaire Armstrong (Elaine) teased the impact […]

CBS Announces Premiere Dates for BATTLE CREEK and CSI: CYBER

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CBS has announced March premiere dates for its new series BATTLE CREEK (from BREAKING BAD creator Vince Gilligan and HOUSE creator David Shore) and CSI: CYBER. Check out what CBS had to say about the scheduling… Tweet

ONCE UPON A TIME: Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig on Filming Anna and Elsa’s Reunion

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With the Spell of Shattered Sight unleashed on ONCE UPON A TIME, things aren’t generally looking up. But there is one exception to the doom and gloom: Anna and Elsa finally reunited. Viewers had seen glimpses of the sisters’ relationship in flashbacks — which also allowed ONCE UPON A TIME guest stars Elizabeth Lail (Anna) […]

BONES: Michael Grant Terry Previews Wendell’s New Love Interest

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It’s been a very long time since BONES’ Wendell had an on-screen love interest. And since love works in mysterious ways, in tonight’s new episode, Wendell meets someone who sparks his interest in the midst of his treatment for cancer. I spoke with Michael Grant Terry (Wendell) about the new lady who catches Wendell’s eye… […]

BONES: John Boyd Teases Aubrey and Brennan Working Together

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The newest member of the BONES family, John Boyd (Aubrey), has been spending a good amount with David Boreanaz’ Booth, but when I spoke with him recently, he acknowledged that “Aubrey has a side to him that’s a little bit Brennan.” And while the duo have had a few memorable moments, they’ll get their biggest […]

GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE: Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein Preview the New Bravo Series

Bravo is debuting its first scripted series, GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE, tonight, and not only is it filled with people whom television fans will recognize (the series stars HOUSE’s Lisa Edelstein, PRIVATE PRACTICE’s Paul Adelstein, 24’s Janeane Garofalo, RAKE’s Necar Zadegan, and CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR’s Beau Garrett) and written by Marti Noxon (BUFFY THE […]

SLEEPY HOLLOW Midseason Finale Post-Mortem: Mark Goffman on the Potential Deaths, Changing Loyalties, an Upcoming Test for Abbie, and More

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[Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the midseason finale of SLEEPY HOLLOW, “The Akeda.” Please do not read this until you’ve seen the episode.] Tweet