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THE FLASH: ‘All Doll’d Up’ Photos

November 13, 2018 by  
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The hour airs at 8/7c.

ARROWverse: Check Out the First Official Look at Lois and Clark

November 9, 2018 by  
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Tyler Hoechlin returns as Clark, while Bitsie Tulloch joins as Lois.

ARROWverse: The CW Releases ‘Elseworlds’ Poster

October 16, 2018 by  
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The three-part event airs December 9-11.

The CW Teases Elseworlds Backdrop for the 2018 ARROWverse Crossover

September 26, 2018 by  
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The CW has revealed a tease—including a nifty graphic—for its upcoming ARROWverse crossover. The three-show crossover (FLASH, ARROW, and SUPERGIRL; it will also introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman) will be a part of Elseworlds. In the comics, “Elseworlds” tells stories that take place outside of the normal DCU canon. Check out the Elseworlds tease… Tweet

The CW Sets 2018 ARROWverse Crossover Dates

August 21, 2018 by  
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The annual event will also introduce Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

Grant Gustin Reveals THE FLASH Season 5 Costume

August 10, 2018 by  
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The new season kicks off on Tuesday, October 9.

THE FLASH at Comic-Con: Chris Klein Joins Season 5 as Cicada

July 21, 2018 by  
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Chris Klein is THE FLASH‘s new big bad. The actor has signed on to play the villainous Cicada in the upcoming fifth season, it was announced at Comic-Con. Per WB, Cicada is “a grizzled, blue-collar everyman whose family has been torn apart by metahumans…[he] now seeks to exterminate the epidemic — one metahuman at a […]

THE FLASH: Danielle Panabaker on the Threat of Zoom

November 10, 2015 by  
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In tonight’s episode of THE FLASH, Barry opts to take on Zoom. But not everyone is thrilled with Barry’s decision: Jay warns that Zoom is too dangerous for them to take on — and Caitlin agrees. “I think she’s really scared of Zoom,” Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin) told reporters on the show’s Vancouver set. “Obviously Reverse […]

THE FLASH Cast on Patty’s Relationship with Barry, Joe, Iris, and Caitlin

November 3, 2015 by  
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THE FLASH’s Patty Spivot is making her mark. Just a few episodes after her introduction, Barry and Patty will go on their first date in tonight’s new episode. And since Patty proved herself to Joe — and became a member of his (very small) metahuman task force — their partnership will be tested a bit as […]

THE FLASH Team on Francine’s Return, the Impact of Earth-2 Wells

October 27, 2015 by  
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THE FLASH has brought back a few potentially traumatizing people. Francine West — Joe’s ex and Iris’ mother — two episodes ago, and the last hour revealed the truth of what went down: she was a drug addict, who endangered her daughter…and then abandoned her family. Joe admitted his lie to Iris, who handled it […]

THE FLASH: Tom Cavanagh on Playing Wells vs. Thawne

October 20, 2015 by  
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[Warning: this post contains spoilers for the October 20th episode of THE FLASH.] Tweet

THE FLASH Writers on Wells, Patty Spivot, Francine West, and More

October 14, 2015 by  
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THE FLASH didn’t save its biggest shocks for the season premiere. In THE FLASH’s second episode of its sophomore season, The CW series dove into the Earth 2 of it all, revealed how Tom Cavanagh is playing into the show this year, brought back an important member of the West family, and more. The writers […]

THE FLASH: Teddy Sears on Playing Jay Garrick

October 13, 2015 by  
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THE FLASH introduced Jay Garrick at the very end of last week’s season premiere, as Jay arrived at STAR Labs to deliver a warning to Barry. It marked the first time Jay had appeared in a live-action story, something that delighted his portrayer, Teddy Sears. “It’s thrilling…I didn’t anticipate how thrilling it was going to […]

THE FLASH: What You Missed on Your Summer Vacation

October 6, 2015 by  
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THE FLASH season 2 kicks off tonight! Take a look at everything you missed this summer, including photos from tonight’s season premiere, an episode tease, and all the links you’ll need to catch up on what went down… Tweet

THE FLASH Season 2 Premiere Photos: ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’

September 17, 2015 by  
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Barry Allen is struggling with his newly recognized heroism in the second season premiere of THE FLASH. But based on these photos for the hour, “The Man Who Saved Central City,” that might be the least of his issues. Check out the pictures! THE FLASH season 2 premieres on Tuesday, October 6th at 8 PM […]