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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Sometimes a Great Notion – The Final Cylon Revealed

That fizzing sound you hear might be the sound of my brain trying to figure just what happened during last night’s season premiere of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. So much to take in, and for me, so many more questions.

If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, I’d stop reading right about now because we are going to be talking about some big time stuff. Go watch and come back later to chat. (The entire episode including full commentary with Ron Moore is available on’s Sci Fi Rewind.  After I post this I’m going to watch the ep with the commentary and probably find out just how off base I am about my take on the episode).

As for those of you who have seen it, can we please discuss what the frak happened?

The Holocaust that obliterated Earth over 2,000 years ago completely wiped out the human race that inhabited Earth. But hold the phone. Last night it was revealed that the founders of the 13th colony weren’t human, but rather Cylon. Say what?!

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