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ONCE UPON A TIME: Georgina Haig on Wearing Elsa’s Dress, and Being Like Santa to Children

November 26, 2014 by  
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georgina-Georgina Haig (Elsa) has easily fit into the ONCE UPON A TIME family, but as surreal as it might be for some FROZEN fans to see the character come to life on the ABC drama, Haig admitted the magic wasn’t lost on her the first time she saw Elsa’s trademark dress, either.

“I was in the costume department and the crazy thing was they had made this dress based on not knowing who was gonna be cast,” Haig recalled while speaking to reporters on the show’s Vancouver set. “Because that’s how fast they have to work — I only got cast a week before we were shooting and obviously it’s quite a complex dress, they had to start it earlier than that. So anyway, I got in it and they kind of pinned it all in and it was just kinda magic seeing it. Because… I don’t know! It’s so beautiful and it’s real crystals and it’s right out of the cartoon, you know, as well. They modeled it so precisely, which is very difficult to make something a human can move in that is coming off a cartoon. That’s not easy. Yeah, so I was just kinda in awe of the whole department when I put it on and they’ve just kinda improved it more and more. They’ve changed the shape of the corset and… yeah. treacherous. They had to replicate this fabric, so they had to get it all hand-beaded in LA. I think [costume designer] Eduardo [Castro] calls it ‘the treacherous dress’ because it is an amazing amount of work, a lot of people go into making this dress.”

Of course, as gorgeous as the dress is, Haig acknowledged that its practicality is rather limited.

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