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LUCIFER Showrunner Joe Henderson on Joining the Series

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Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

LUCIFER is the latest DC Comics character — from THE SANDMAN comic and its spinoff, LUCIFER — to be adapted for television. (And LUCIFER is getting a prime slot on the schedule: the series will air Mondays on Fox in early 2016, paired with THE X-FILES’ return.)

But unlike the other DC shows currently on television, LUCIFER is focused on, well, a villain. And though the Devil is on Earth in LUCIFER (having abandoned Hell for Los Angeles), on paper, he’s a more complicated character to translate to network television than many others.

And for new LUCIFER showrunner Joe Henderson — who joined the show, officially, after the pilot was completed — he’s now tasked with setting the course the show takes.

“It’s a rare situation,” Henderson told reporters at Comic-Con.  “I loved the pilot, so my whole challenge was wrapping my brain around what worked so well about it, and taking a bit of ownership about the questions of where [the show goes]. Because I also read the comic…before even getting the job. So I knew the character, I loved the character. I loved this version of the character, who is very similar to both, but very much his own [being].”

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