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UNDER THE DOME: Neal Baer Teases Season 2

June 30, 2014 by  
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UNDER THE DOME is back tonight with a very special season premiere — Stephen King (who wrote the book the CBS series was based on) is penning the hour.

“Stephen writing the episode is really sending us off into a place that he feels really proud of and really loves and it’s his kind of ideas of how to go beyond the book,” UNDER THE DOME showrunner Neal Baer told reporters last month during a panel for the series. “And so that’s really special for us to have Stephen launch us this season. And…what’s better than having kitchen appliances and barbecues come to life? That’s so Stephen King.”

As the season 2 premiere plays out, a few familiar faces will meet their end (and one death is particularly violent), but some newbies will be joining the show to make up for the losses.

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